Clairsentient Meaning, Do You Show Signs of Clairsentience?

If someone has ever told you to “follow your gut” or “trust your gut,” they might not be wrong. Some people have a natural ability to read people, their feelings, motives, and maybe even their future decisions. If this describes you, then you might be clairsentient.

What Does It Mean to Be Clairsentient?

Clairsentient Meaning, What Can They Do?

Clairsentient, a rough translation for the French term “clear feeling.”

Out of all the intuitive gifts, clairsentience is the most sensible.

Almost everyone experiences some form of clairsentient feelings in their lifetime; whether it’s a gut feeling not to eat at a restaurant or a sense that your partner has mixed feelings about your relatives, clairsentience is familiar in all of us.

In simple terms, clairsentience is the ability to sense other people’s past, present, or future feelings and emotions without any help from your five senses.

Clairsentience might be able to receive information from an internal source about the actions inside a house, office, or other building that’s not physically visible. Many people refer to the instincts as “the sixth sense.”

There’s no single thing that signals someone’s abilities; however, one of the most apparent triggers is a sudden change in energy. The energy could come from another person, object, spirit, or even events that will take place in the future.

In short, someone with these traits and abilities has a sensitivity to energies that they can interpret into predictions or feelings in their body.

What about Empaths? What’s the difference?

People often confuse empaths with clairsentience. 

  • An empath can sense specific energies from other people, animals, and objects. 
  • Those who are Clairsentience can also feel energies but have access to a broader array of energies and emotions than empaths.

Therefore, all clairsentience are empaths, but not all empaths are clairsentient.

Someone with these abilities can not only feel emotions and energies from other people, but they can also gather more in-depth knowledge about feelings.

Empaths can sense the feelings and energies of other people, but only when they are nearby. Clairsentients can detect the energy and emotions of others, no matter where they are.

Additionally, clairsentients can detect whether someone is in danger or experiencing a great deal of physical pain. Someone with this sense can even recognize the energy and emotions from spirits if the circumstances are right.

If you experience a similar phenomenon, then you might also display clairsentience.

What Are the Traits of people with clairsentience?

  • Most are calm, soft-spoken, and gentle. 
  • You might notice that many like to blend into the background and try to avoid the spotlight.
  • They tend to be more shy because large crowds can easily overwhelm them due to their ability to feel the energy of those around them.
  • Also, they may be over-sensitive, especially when watching movies, listening to music, or hearing a sad story.
  • Many of them react this way because they can connect with people or other emotions in a stronger way than others.
  • Although these are common traits of them, not all of them are the same. There are numerous clairsentients on TV, in politics, and in classrooms.

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In this post, you’ll discover what it means to be clairsentient and what signs to look for to see if you have this wonderful gift.

If you are one, we’ll also cover how you can use your talent to help people. Continue reading below to learn whether or not you are one.

How to Tell If You Are Clairsentient 

  • Has there ever been a moment in your life where you were able to understand something, and you have no idea how or why? 
  • Do you sometimes feel vital energy but don’t know where it’s coming from?

Well, these are two big signs that you maybe have these abilities.

Below are a few more signs that could mean you possess the gift of being clairsentient.

You Can Feel Strong Energies

Let’s see if this sounds a bit familiar to you. You or someone walks into a room, and you feel an overwhelming presence of positive or negative energy. All of a sudden, something good or bad happens. The catch is you’ve never seen the person before and had no prior knowledge about the event taking place.

There is actually an explanation for this, and it’s known as “leftover energy.” Leftover energy is one of the most significant signs that you may possess these abilities. You can tune into the unseen energy field of people instinctively. Since most others can’t do this, they don’t understand how you can know things before they happen.

You Are Uncomfortable in Large Crowds

Since clairsentients can feel the energy from people around them, it’s no surprise that they often feel overwhelmed when in large crowds. If you notice you have difficulties interacting with large groups, or it makes you feel drained, you might be clairsentient.

Your body is continuously reading the energy of the person next to you; imagine if there were several people in the same area. Note: this isn’t to be interpreted as ochlophobia, or the fear of large crowds.

People with these abilities tend to feel uncomfortable in places like concert halls, swimming pools, nightclubs, and sporting arenas. These places are frequently packed with too many people, which might deplete you of energy and make you feel nauseous.

You Have Sudden Mood Swings

Everyone has a mood swing every now and then. However, clairsentients have them far more often and with greater intensity. If you have random feelings of happiness, sadness, anxiety, stress, or fear, it might be your gift trying to make itself apparent.

One example would be if you’re in a good mood for the entire day, but you enter a room, and all of a sudden get a wave of anxiety. This sudden change is a common occurrence for clairsentience.

Not every mood swing you get can relate to clairsentience. You have to evaluate what’s influencing your attitudes and analyze when the swings happen. If they occur whenever there are new people around, then it’s likely related to your clairsentient abilities.

You Can Instantly Read People’s Emotions

If someone you care about is having a bad day, you can tell right away. People with clairsentient abilities can read people’s emotions, even when the other person is trying to hide them.

Their emotional radar helps them understand people’s feelings and try to offer solid advice.

You Are Overly Sensitive to Emotional Movies

Seeing Bambi’s mom die is enough to make even the toughest person shed a tear. The job of any film director is to create something the audience can empathize with. They are easily affected by emotional films.

They will connect with a movie on a higher level of emotion than non-clairsentient people. If you have these abilities, you’re likely to connect more with characters and even feel their pain.

Since many movies use emotions like fear, sadness, and loneliness, it can be difficult for clairsentient people to watch a movie without becoming overly emotional.

People who display clairsentience also have a hard time watching the news. They can easily pick up on the negative emotions experienced by people in the news and can physically feel the pain people are experiencing.

You Have Strong Intuition (Gut Feeling)

If you always have a strong feeling in your gut about people, situations, or even future events, then you might be clairsentient.

They can learn a bunch of information about someone just by having them nearby. This intuition is one of the most useful things about clairsentient abilities, as it can save you or a loved one from a dangerous stranger.

You Can Easily Understand the Perspective of Others

“Put yourself in their shoes” is the advice people give, but it’s a lot easier said than done.

However, they generally have a stronger ability to understand the perspective of others, mostly because they can relate to people on a much more personal level. Having a skill like this is incredibly useful, especially in relationships.

You Can Feel People Are Present Even If You’re Alone

While this one might seem scary at first, it’s entirely normal for those with clairsentience. This is likely due to their ability to connect with spirits and foreign entities.

For example, if a clairsentient person visits a historic site, they might be able to understand more about the reality of what happened in that location.

If you show clairsentience abilities, what next?

One of the biggest misconceptions about clairsentience is that they just have some form of mental health problem. 

As a result, many people hide their gift out of fear of being judged or labeled as crazy.

However, the feelings you get in your head might be a direct effect from your surroundings.

Therefore, it might be better to start paying more attention to your environment. Once you learn how to control your ability, you’ll quickly see how much of a gift it truly is.

Not only will your abilities help you, but it will also help your loved ones.

Having the ability to detect someone’s pain or discomfort, and then finding a way to make them feel better, will make you a better human.

Here are some ways to help you deal with living with clairsentience:

  • Welcome your gift with open arms.
  • Try to learn as much as you can about your gift and figure out what your feelings mean.
  • Connect with other clairsentience.
  • Try not to be afraid of your feelings, but instead, figure out how you can use them to help someone.
  • Don’t be scared to express yourself and use your gift.

It’s important to know that what you have is a gift, and people who don't share this gift or understand clairsentience will have a hard time understanding how you feel.

That’s okay.

Several clairsentience out there won’t mind sharing a thing or two about their experiences.

Get connected with others who share your abilities to feel more at ease about your “sixth sense.”

How to Harness Your Full Potential


Now that you’re sure that you are clairsentient, how do you make your powers stronger?

There are numerous things you can do to keep your abilities warm and even improve them. Just like any other skill, your readings will take time and practice to master.

Here are four ways to strengthen your clairsentience:

1.) Stay In Tune With Your Surroundings

It’s essential to be well-aware of your surroundings if you want to perform readings successfully. If your mind is constantly distracted by an abundance of material objects, people, or noise, try changing to a place where you can focus on your abilities.

One of the biggest influences of clairsentience abilities & thoughts is a positive environment. You want to make sure you’re in a place that’s comfortable, such as your home or your favorite nature spot.

Once you find your golden area, you can focus on meditation and other exercises to sharpen your skills.

2.) Try Reading Somebody

This can be quite intimidating and nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time. However, practicing your ability to read someone is the best thing you can do if you want to strengthen your skills.

You can start by talking to an open-minded friend. Ask them if you can try to read them or talk about someone they know and see if you can accurately depict that person’s personality. Most people will be thrilled to get a reading; you just need to have the courage to ask.

3.) Try Reading an Object (Psychometry)

Reading a person is one thing, but can you read an object you’ve never seen before? Ask a friend, family member, or antique store owner for an old item. Then, try reading it to see if you can sense any energy from the previous owner. If you do feel something, ask the owner of the object if your reading was accurate.

You may not be able to do this successfully the first time. However, over time and with a lot of practice, you’ll get better. The best objects to use for this are clothes and jewelry since people usually have a closer bond to these than other items.

4.) Meditate


If you don’t already meditate, it’s strongly recommended for clairsentients. Meditation is a great practice to get in touch with yourself and create an air of comfort and self-appreciation. Also, it makes your intuition stronger, therefore, making you more in tune with your clairsentience.

Fortunately, there’s tons of material online on how to meditate. You can start by watching videos on YouTube, reading books, or even asking someone who does it habitually. Meditation isn’t a short-term solution; it’s something you need to do regularly to see the benefits.

Clairsentience Feels Like a Curse, but It’s Not

We understand that being clairsentience isn’t always great. Sometimes you become overwhelmed by emotions and feelings and have difficulties communicating with friends and family. As a result, these abilities can feel more like a curse than a gift.

However, it’s essential to know that energies and emotions come and go, and you won’t be stuck with them forever. Readings done with clairsentience give you insight into what it’s like to be someone else. You learn about how they feel, what they are afraid of, and more about their personality.

With these abilities, the good you can do is practically unlimited. You can help people through tough times, warn them of destructive energy that they may have overlooked, or encourage them with stories about their ancestors.

Why Is Clairsentience an Underrated Ability?

Whenever people think about psychic powers, people want to learn about their future fortune or the prediction of catastrophic events.

More people are interested in the events of the future rather than present energy.

As a result, clairsentience are often underrated or less popular than other kinds of psychics, which can be disappointing considering the potential their gift has to help people.

Clairsentients are masters of social dynamics and have an inherent gift to read people who walk into the room without speaking to them. A clairsentient person can instantly connect with you on an emotional level, even if you are a complete stranger. They are incredibly useful and make great friends.

If you’re close to someone who is clairsentient, you can be sure they are looking out for you, mostly because they can also feel your pain and understand what it’s like to live with your struggles.

It can be challenging to talk about your feelings.

If you’re communicating with one, they will understand more sincerely.

Final Thoughts

what next

Whether you have these abilities or not, reading a person or situation is a substantial gift that can be incredibly helpful.

One of the best ways to discover if you’re clairsentient is to speak to a psychic. They can understand more about your past and present emotions and interpret the emotions you’re feeling in a way that you can understand.

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