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Do you acknowledge that we are not alone in this world, and angels can guide us to make the right decisions? Then you should consider a free angel card reading from our online psychics.

For centuries, human beings have longed to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Having a sense of where you are and where you’re headed through the use of cards has been a long-term tradition that continues to gain popularity by the day.

Angel cards are among the most popular types of cards used today to give us a better understanding of past, present, and future expectations of life.

Because of this, an angel card reading allows us to channel our spiritual energy into the deck to search for answers by drawing down intuitive thoughts and responses from our guardian angels.

What Are Angel Cards?

As the name suggests, they are inspired by divine angels. They’re similar to Oracle cards, only with a specific theme. These cards typically feature motivational words and inspirational phrases with a pack consisting of 36 to 100 or more cards. Packs are often illustrated with pictures of divine angels or other beautiful images of love & light that may reference the words on the card.

Unlike the more popular Tarot cards, these are much easier to use and understand. Anyone can use them within minutes of opening the pack.

Most packs also feature a booklet or write-up with more information about each one or suggestions about ways they can be used.

Angel Card Reading

Angel packs are always infused with positive and motivational messages. Your cards may have inspirational words, affirmations or messages of guidance. When a negative situation is mentioned, it usually comes with positive outcomes.

Do you acknowledge that we are not alone in this world, and divine angels can guide us to make the right decisions? Then you should consider a reading from our trusted & proven online psychics.

What Questions to Ask In Your Angel Card Reading

When it comes to a reading, the key is to ask straightforward questions. 

  • For example, rather than asking will I ever find my soulmate?
  • Ask, what can I do to find my soulmate?

Some of the typical questions to ask include:

  • How can I be a better person?
  • Is this career change in my best interests?
  • How can I find the strength to achieve this goal?
  • How can I remove myself from this negative influence?

You’ll notice that these are deep questions that require in-depth answers.

What You Can Expect During Your Reading

Angels can give insight into various aspects of one’s life, ranging from family and work to relationships and career advice or finances. 

This type of reading links you directly with the angels to bring guidance and insight. It will give you peace of mind when you need reassuring support and bring clarification when you’re facing tough times.

They differ from Oracle cards in that they have clear messages from Angels.

The guidance is obvious and purposeful so that recipients receive a message without a doubt.

People find comfort in Angel readings as it gives them a clearer picture and teaches them to help themselves.

People also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have unconditional love and support from the angels.

Are You Ready?

We all have questions in life for which we seek answers. These can be a great resource to get answers, especially on specific issues. There’s no harm in buying your own deck.

Still, an interpretation from an experienced Psychic can be enlightening. It also helps clarify certain issues, and a one-on-one session with a psychic may be just what you need.

If you’re seeking a path to better clarity and peace of mind, then a free 3-minute psychic reading from our real online psychics can give you the clarity and peace of mind you need.

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How to Do an Angel Card Reading Yourself

The First Thing You'll Do Is Choose a Card Deck

They are available from online stores, bookshops, and new age and crystal stores. Mind, body and spirit festivals will also usually have a much bigger selection than you’d find in a regular shop. You might choose a particular pack purely from the words or the images.

Consider asking a question then pick a card at random. 

Does the card speak to you?

Don’t worry if you’re unable to touch the cards in person.

Online stores will often show a selection of images that give you a feel of how the cards look and work.

There are numerous Angel authors and experts that have created various packs, so you’re likely to find something that suits your style and personality.

They can still be used in the same way as other divination cards. However, there are a couple of differences. Tarot cards allow you to choose from various card spreads, but the angel card readings are usually relatively firm.

  • Oracle cards adopt a more flexible approach, allowing you to ask more questions. 
  • Angel cards are more like oracle cards as you can read the cards in your preferred style and for any purpose.

How to Begin The Reading Yourself

Some people will start the process by meditating to help clear their minds and prepare their energy.

Something as simple as a prayer should suffice. For instance, you could pray to the angels and seek guidance in getting the most of your experience.

1) Ask Your Angels to Connect & Offer Their Guidance

Quick Prayer

This is the best way to start. Take a moment to focus your awareness, streamline your thoughts, breathe and invite the divine angels of light, love and healing to enter into your time and space.

The invitation can be by thought or said by word of mouth.

Consider looking for a quiet place without any distractions and taking the time to center your thoughts so you can tap into the vibrations and energy of your session.

You have the freedom to choose what you do with the information revealed. Keeping pure intentions will also help guide you towards the right interpretation of your experience.

2) Ask Your Angel Messenger A Question to Focus Your Reading

Think of a question you want to ask the angels and focus on it. Unless you want to, you don’t have to speak the question aloud since angels can hear your thoughts.

If nothing comes to mind, simply ask the angels what guidance they have for you at the moment.

Steer clear of yes or no questions and aim for guidance, information and insight from your angels.

Similarly, those seeking help shouldn’t expect to get a simple yes or no answer; instead, the cards are used to guide the recipient towards making a decision. Be sure to keep an open mind to receive the full benefits of them.

3) Shuffle Your Angel Cards

Shuffle Your Cards

Shuffle your deck in whichever way you find comfortable while focusing loosely on the question you have for your angels.

As you shuffle, imagine light flowing in and all around the deck. Trust your angels to help you choose the right card and connect with you through the reading.

4) Choose an Angel Card

Choosing An Angel Card

A traditional way of reading cards is using a spread.

This is when you make a pattern of the cards face down on the table.

  • You then select the meaning for each card in advance, then turn them over and read them one at a time.
  • There’s plenty of freedom to create your own patterns and meanings.
  • However, there is no right or wrong way to choose a card, so that shouldn’t be a cause for worry. Just pick a card and trust that the angels will guide you to select the right one.
  • Whether you go for a card that sticks out when shuffling or randomly choose a card from the deck, all is well.

It also helps to record your experience either in a notebook or on a computer.

This ensures you have a record of your readings to check back and see if the messages were indeed helpful.

5) Notice Your First Intuitive Impressions

Once you’ve chosen a card, observe it carefully. Notice the image and title, then focus on any immediate insights and how they relate to the deeper meaning of your question.

Clear your mind, be introspective and open your heart to tune into the love, direct guidance and presence of the angels available for you.

6) Read the Expanded Message in the Guidebook

Your next step is to seek more clarity by reading the expanded card description in the guidebook. However, it’s essential to respect your own intuition as your angels will often give you additional insights directly.

Whenever you draw a card, quiet your mind, open your heart, and tune into your angels’ direct messages without needing insights from the guidebook. 

Using Angel cards may seem difficult at first, but they’re easy to use once you get the hang of it.

As long as your intent is clear, there’s really no real right or wrong way to use them.

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