Free Psychic Chat Reading: Anytime On Your Phone Or Computer

Free Psychic Chat Reading: Anytime On Your Phone Or Computer

Learn more about your past, future, and present with an authentic psychic reading from any location, day or night. MediumFinder is the leading psychic source that is trusted by thousands of truth seekers. Contact us for the best psychic readers who provide genuine readings—your first three minutes are free.

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As a gift to you, we're offering a FREE 3-Minute Psychic Reading with each new psychic until you find one you like!  Chat with them all if you like, we know you'll love the experience! 


Thank you for the AMAZING reading! I have so much more clarity on everything now, thanks to you!  Super Kind & Intelligent, I'll be back!

Alexus / Hollywood, CA

Amazingly Accurate, she was absolutely spot on about my love life & told me what I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to.

Stephen / Laguna Beach, CA

Loved everything about our session. She put my mind at ease and was pretty accurate in my situation. Will be returning very soon!

Isabella / Sedona, AZ

What Exactly Is A Free Psychic Reading?

Free Psychic Chat Online Text or Email

It's free, what gives, right?

Well, I'll be honest - I KNOW you're going to love your free psychic reading so much that you'll want to continue PAST the free session, OR you'll come back as a paid customer soon!  

Our psychics are 2nd to none, and our customer satisfaction is at an all time high! 

Prove me wrong, I dare you!

Our discreet professionals connect you with experienced psychic readers (free) via online or phone chat, or a one-on-one webcam session. Our site is accessible on all phones and computers. For energy healing, relationship advice, life questions, and world-class intuition, try our free psychic reading online today.

A psychic reader uses heightened senses and abilities of perception for insightful answers to all types of questions. You may wonder about your career path, love life, family, or another specialty, and you can trust our free psychic chat readings for direction and closure.

Our free psychic reading online has a satisfaction guarantee—we connect you with skilled psychics online who provide free readings and enjoy excellent reviews. Select your advisors from our variety of readers and ask as many questions as your free session can accommodate.

Our website offers many benefits, including someone who will listen to burning questions and restore your peace mind. Take deep breaths and ease your anxiety with a free psychic session online today.

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Who Will Perform My Free Psychic Reading?

Some talented psychics are clairvoyant, while others are clairsentient, claircognizant, or clairaudient.

  • Clairsentient psychics read people through their feelings, while clairvoyance sees beyond what most individuals perceive.
  • Claircognizant psychics use the information you provide to reveal unknown truths about your person.
  • Clairaudients provide answers by listening to both the audible and the unheard.

Our team consists of only real psychics, some with specialties or subject expertise, who perform online readings with the following techniques:

Free Tarot Card Readings

Each card carries a symbol that a gifted reader can interpret to answer your questions and explain events in your past, present, or future. Our chat session can provide you with a free psychic reader that specializes in tarot readings, astrology readings, and many other disciplines. A talented psychic also uses revelations from a tarot reading to guide you spiritually.

Regular free online psychic tarot readings are key to avoiding misfortune and taking advantage of solutions to pressing dilemmas. Find clarity regarding your secrets and shape your future with guidance from our experienced tarot readers.

>> Schedule Your Free Tarot Card Reading

Gypsy And Fortune Teller Readings

Romani or Roma people, also called gypsies, have provided psychic readings and fortune-telling services for centuries. Some have even served as soothsayers and spiritual consultants to royalty and other formidable leaders.

Fortune tellers have the gift of predicting information and anticipating responses or details in your life. Most fortune tellers, especially gypsies, perform readings by communicating with spirits or receive insights through visions. Others work through touch, tea leaves, and other ancient methods.

You do not need a cultural gypsy to read your fortune, but we can connect you with one if that’s your preference. Access our qualified online fortune tellers today for any question or other purpose.

>> Fortune Teller Reading

Oracle Card Readings

Like the tarot card option, oracle card reading is an ancient technique that provides detailed insight about a person’s destiny, and more.

Oracle card psychic readings involve cards with symbols that represent stories and signs. However, oracle cards are more complex than tarot and have a more diverse deck for a broader range of inquiries.

Seek answers to your innermost questions with our free online Oracle readings, including about health, a soulmate, ambitions, and the universe.

>> Oracle Card Readings

Psychic Reading

Psychic readings use energy and spirit to unlock the truths you seek. Regular readings guide you toward a more satisfying life. It also reveals opportunities, dangers, and other factors stopping you from achieving your goals.

Find predictions and free psychic readings at your convenience with reputable psychics on our platform.

>> Psychic Reading


A psychic medium uncovers answers through conversation with spirits, the dead, and other unseen entities. Working with a medium also gives you closure. For example, a medium may connect you with a deceased loved one to say goodbye, or ask for help or forgiveness.

>> Chat With A Live Medium


Clairsentient psychics sense emotions, energy, and the attitude of people, spirits, places, and things. Performing such readings reveals information that helps you improve relationships or make a better decision.

>> Chat With A Clairsentient

Astrology, Numerology, Or Horoscope

The stars have guided people to love, happiness, and success for millennia. The position of the planets, sun, moon, and other celestial bodies on your birthday also says a lot about your personality and destiny.

Astrology divines information about you and the events surrounding your life. A daily horoscope read can guide you towards short and long-term goals or push you to the verge of positive changes in your situation.

Are you looking for accurate online psychic readings? Our psychic source lets you chat with real people that perform readings, and you’ll love our free service.

Start an online chat now with our free psychic and other mediums.

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Why Choose Our Free Psychic Online Chat Reading?

Securing a reading from a respectable psychic is often tedious and expensive, which is why our mobile app and website provide affordable experts and convenient connections. We eliminate the hassle by providing a free reading, anywhere and anytime—log in, select a seer, and begin your reading.

If you are shy about intimate in-person conversations, psychic readings via phone or chat is the way to go. Our platform also offers video call psychic readings for an interactive experience for tarot and oracle cards.

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Are Free Readings The Same Quality As Paid Ones?

Yes. Our online free reading psychic platforms are as good as any paid or in-person psychic service. It is also more convenient, providing the service when and how you want it.

All readings from our psychics are honest, deep, and meaningful, regardless of the reading type. Our psychic source also lets you try readers for free until you find a favorite.

Tips For The Best Online Reading Psychic Free

Enjoy the full value for our professional services by applying the following tips to your next free psychic reading:


Stressful thoughts cause distractions and make you harder to read. It will lead to inaccurate results, which isn’t what you want when asking a psychic about your career, love life, or anything else.

If you are nervous, acknowledge the feeling and tell the psychic. Your reader will help you feel at ease to ensure a successful session.

Be Open

A closed mind disrupts the reading process. Put yourself in a physically, emotionally, and mentally open state by breathing, calming yourself, and staying focused on what you want to achieve from the session.

Lower your defenses and be open to the connection the reader is trying to create with you. It also helps if you are receptive rather than suspicious of what a reader reveals and advises you.

Be Truthful

Don’t waste your free session pretending. It will mislead the seer and lead to an incorrect reading. Put aside all facades and express yourself truthfully to your advisor so that you can benefit from personalized guidance that leads you to the fulfillment you seek.


Before talking to our free reader, prepare for the session with questions or worries. The free session is over a limited time, so the sooner you ask your questions, the faster you will find answers.

If the answers you receive contradict your expectations, have faith that it is in your best interests, and will place you on the right path.

Comfort Is Key

Enjoy your free online session in a quiet place that’s safe from interruptions. Being comfortable puts you in a receptive state and ensures that you and the adviser have each other’s undivided attention.

What Questions Can I Ask During A Free Session?

You can ask your free psychic anything you want, but we recommend making the most of your limited time. Ask questions that you are sure will bring you closer to happiness, closure, direction, or satisfaction.

Before the session, make a list of inquiries and topics to explore. Prioritize the most pressing questions so that you can hear answers before your free time expires.

Common inquiries from truth-seekers include:

  • Will I be successful?
  • Will I get a new job or promotion?
  • Will I find love, and who is my soulmate?
  • Should I remain in my current relationship?

People also ask about deceased loved ones and their state in the afterlife.

In Closing... is the most dependable psychic source for a satisfying and authentic experience. Our psychics provide quality, honest, and precise readings. You can also contact them for spiritual guidance that can lead you towards fulfillment.

During your free session, your questions will be the primary focus, ensuring you find good value with every reading. You can connect with our psychics via calls, chat, and other online options.

Get a free three-minute reading right now from the real online psychics listed here.


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Hi All, My Name is Yasmin Cunha, I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil but now live in New York City.   I am 3rd generation natural psychic and created Medium Finder with the sole purpose of giving you the most realistic, reliable & authentic psychic & medium experiences possible! 

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