Free Online Fortune Teller Readings (Love, Wealth & More)

Free Online Fortune Teller Readings

If you are considering speaking with a professional psychic or perhaps want to make an appointment with an online fortune teller or tarot card reader, we put together a detailed guide on what to look for.

The question, "What will my future look like?" is as old as humans have been on this Earth. The hunger to know what comes next and what we can expect from life is one of humans' defining characteristics. It drives us to work hard, raise families, build wonders, and create legacies.

Over the years, some individuals have demonstrated abilities and knowledge to study the signs and energy fields to discern glimpses about what the future might hold. Throughout history, these people have been called psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, oracles, prophets, and more. In reality, they are people who possess a distinctive vision and the ability to put together fragments of clues to enable them to visualize tomorrow's fabric.

Fortune telling has been incredibly popular throughout history. History has left records about how many great leaders relied on the advice and prescient readings of some of the most powerful psychics of those times and cultures.

As a form of divination, fortune-telling has undergone many transformations but is still present today. Modern mediums use tools and techniques otherwise unavailable to their historical counterparts to guide and provide insight to their clients.

The connection between the psychic and the client is essential to a positive relationship, accurate readings, and satisfactory service. If you are considering speaking with a professional psychic or perhaps want to make an appointment with an online fortune-teller or tarot card reader, we put together a detailed guide on what to look for.

The Definition of Fortune Telling

What is a Fortune Teller?

Before we get into details about preparing for your first fortune-telling experience or how to choose the right psychic for you, let us help you understand what fortune-telling is. Fortune-telling is a form of divination that uses various methods and techniques to gain insight into future events and occurrences of a particular subject.

Divination is conceptually very close to religious practice and rituals since it includes invoking spirits and deities as guides and partners in the process. Because of this, divination has been the target of severe scrutiny and prosecution by all major religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) and is often portrayed as heresy, devil-worship, and witchcraft.

Fortune telling does not include any of the divination elements connected to the invoking of spirits or deities. Instead, it uses esoteric tools to create a connection with the client to gain insight into their future.

As such, fortune-telling is not a 100% accurate scientific method but rather an interpretive guide and set of ideas and signs concerning what you should be aware of when it comes to your future. More experienced and knowledgeable mediums with a strong gift can often provide more accurate and detailed readings, as well as guidance and advice on how to approach those events.

Before you rush into booking an appointment or a reading with a psychic, make sure to check their credentials, look into customer testimonials, and, most importantly, do not feel that you have to choose a psychic that everyone else thinks is the best. It is an individual process, and every person has a different energy.

What Are the Different Types of Fortune-Telling Methods?

Numerous methods of fortune-telling, as well as the tools used in the readings, exist. It is impossible to keep track of all of them.

Each psychic uses different tools or objects to connect with a client or intuitively "feel" their energy.

To better understand fortune-telling methods, all you have to know is that fortune-telling seances are often either reading based on signs, "Yes/No," or "Quiz-Type."

Readings Based on Signs

The art of “reading” the lines in people’s palms, interpreting tea leaves arranged in a cup, assigning symbolic meanings to choices of cards from a deck (such as Tarot cards), or interpreting the constellations of stars as a divination of a person’s destiny are all long-held practices among fortune-tellers of many cultures, from the Greek oracles to Romani (“Gypsy”) fortune-tellers. 

Yes/No Fortune Telling

Yes/No fortune-telling puts the clients at the center of the process and lets them choose which questions they want to ask about their future. The psychics then use their tools and methods to deliver a short Yes or No answer. In addition to the Yes/No answer, psychics might provide additional insight. 

Quiz-Type Fortune Telling

Quiz-type fortune-telling is the complete opposite process from the Yes/No method. In this case, the client will tell the psychic why they have come and what they want to find out about. The psychic will then ask the client a series of questions to get a better picture of and connection with the client. Only then does the psychic deliver a reading, which includes insight into the client's topic.

Essentially, all fortune-tellers either use one of these methods or a combination of them. What differs are the tools and objects they use in the process. These are some of the most popular ones in use today:

  • Palm Reading – Instead of using objects, the psychic directly connects with the clients by looking at the lines in their palms. The position, shape, and length of the lines provide the psychic with the necessary information to deliver a reading.
  • Pendulum Reading – This technique is very popular in Yes/No fortune-telling. The pendulum swings one way or the other to deliver a yes or no answer.
  • Tarot Reading – One of the most popular methods, the psychic uses a deck of tarot cards. The psychic mixes the cards and draws a certain number of cards from the deck. The combination of the cards' symbols and the energy that the psychic feels during the process influence the client's reading.
  • Cartomancy – This approach is similar to a tarot reading, but instead of a tarot deck, the psychic uses a regular deck of cards.
  • Astromancy – This technique is a process that includes reading the position of the stars. Psychics can base the reading on the stars' arrangement at the moment of the reading or during important moments in the client's life, such as birth.
  • Crystallomancy – This approach involves using a crystal ball or other crystal artifacts to deliver a reading to the client.

The list does not end here.

If you find a psychic who might be using a method or object we did not mention in the list, do not fear. As they develop their talent, psychics will identify particular objects and artifacts that can aid them in the process of fortune-telling.

Why Should I Book an Appointment with an Online Fortune Teller?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is, "Why do I need to get in touch with a psychic?" To help you out, please know that there are no right or wrong answers here.  Fortune-telling is an incredibly personal process, and the reasons for seeking guidance and insight from a fortune-teller are very diverse. Whether your love prospects seem grim and confusing, or you seem to be getting nowhere at your job, each reason is valid.

To better grasp the situations that veer people towards asking guidance from a psychic, we put together a shortlist of the main reasons people book an appointment with an online fortune teller.

You Feel You Are Stuck

By far, the most common and popular reason why people seek guidance is that they feel immobile in their lives. The feeling of being stuck and not being able to move in any direction creates desperation. They seem to have lost control of their life, so their decisions make little or no difference to their overall happiness and progress. Perhaps they have a job that is an endless source of stress, a toxic relationship, or general unhappiness with where they are in life. The feeling of being stuck is closely associated with fear, particularly the fear of change. A knowledgeable psychic can help you understand this situation better and show you how to use your fear as a motivator to make changes in your life.

Only Bad Things Happen to You

Whether it's losing your wallet on a subway, finding it raining right after you wash your car, or feeling that every single decision you make comes back to bite you in the ass, perhaps life seems like an endless cycle of unfortunate events that always work out poorly for you. You seem to lack vision and understanding of why these things are happening to you or how you can stop them from occurring in the future. A psychic can clarify why these events are happening and what your role in them may be. They can also guide you about how to bring more positive change into your life.

You're Planning a Major Change

Change is scary. Whether you’re planning to take a new job across the country, embark on a lifelong journey with a new partner, or make an important family decision, you will often seek clarity to understand what that change means for your future and how to deal with it. With guidance from a psychic, you can prepare for the upcoming changes, carry a positive attitude and approach, and have a healthy relationship with the fear of change.

If you Feel Like Nobody Loves You

Perhaps your romantic history is full of disappointments and unfortunate choices. You always end up being the one hurt and left alone. Lately, you're starting to feel that finding a soulmate is elusive and maybe just not in the cards for you. These and other love-related issues face millions of people worldwide right now, and the modern way of creating relationships is not helping.

Psychics who specialize in romantic/love readings and fortune-telling can help in these situations—from helping you to create a different outlook on your search for a soulmate to helping you take responsibility for your previous failures and decisions.

You’re Having Doubts About Your Relationship

Currently, you may be in a relationship, but you may still not feel at ease. You might even be having reservations about your future and happiness, with nagging doubts about whether your choice of partner will come back to haunt you in the future. Doubting and evaluating your choices and relationships are perfectly normal. This process is one of the defensive mechanisms that we humans use to protect ourselves.

A seasoned psychic can help you identify patterns in your relationships and provide guidance on how a new relationship might look down the line. After all, some choices that we make at one point in time might make little sense as we evolve and change.

You're Seeking Direct Answers About Your Future Prospects

You might not be bothered with any of the previous issues we mentioned, but you may still want to know what the future will bring to you. You like to stay in control. Knowing the answer to questions about your career, family, romantic prospects, or health will go a long way in providing you with worry-free sleep or needed motivation to work hard on changing your opportunities.

In these cases, please think of the psychic as a performance coach, providing you with the answers to all the hardships you're about to face and offering techniques to help you change them.

Of course, your reason for booking a free online fortune-teller reading might be something entirely different. It's not the psychic's role to judge your choices or evaluate your reasons but, instead, to do their best to provide you with an accurate reading and adequate guidance.

What Can I Expect From My Fortune-Telling Session?

Once again, each experience is unique and individual. Your choice of a psychic, the reason you are there, and the actual reading can all drastically alter your experience. Be sure to look out for frauds and impersonators who are advertising their psychic abilities. It's essential to visit a psychic who has reliable references and plenty of customer testimonials. You can find these through our Medium Finder services.

The actual session will consist of our psychic asking you questions, or vice versa, as a part of the fortune-telling process. Psychics may also use different objects in the sessions, or they might ask you to visualize something to make a connection, which helps them deliver a reading.

Going in, be sure to manage your expectations and understand that a psychic can't deliver a 100% accurate retelling of your future, regardless of how good they are. You are not going to get answers that will paint every single detail of your future.

An initial reading can provide you with insight about one or more issues and signs to pay attention to in your future. Along with it, you may receive some sound advice and guidance about what those signs might mean and how to act upon them. Psychics understand the future's fluid nature, which can change as you make different choices, in turn influencing a new outcome.

How to Prepare for Your Session

Most of the sessions with psychics tend to be short and very focused. Because of this, you should come to each session prepared to get the most out of it. The process is the same for first-timers as it is for return clients. Prepare for the sessions by memorizing some key questions you would like to ask, and then talk to the psychic about your expectations.

Make sure to keep an open mind going into sessions. You never know how a session will go, or whether you will receive the answers you like or want. Understand that psychic reading is not setting the future in stone—rather, it is an interpretive insight into your possible future. You can still make decisions and changes that can influence the outcome of your future.

Communicate with your chosen psychic, and don't be afraid to share your worries, issues, and topics you would like to explore. Listen to their suggestions. They might recommend a different type of reading than what you are used to, or perhaps they would like to discuss some things you did not plan to talk about. Cooperate with your psychic, and the results might surprise you.

Once you receive your reading, feel free to ask more questions and seek further advice from the psychic. Understand the advice and guidance you received and try to apply it in the future.

If you follow this advice, the chances are that you will have a positive experience and an open mind about future sessions.

Differences Between Online and In-Person Fortune Tellers

In-person fortune-telling is the traditional standard for psychic readings. It ensures a connection and a personal touch to the sessions. However, modern technologies enable psychics to reach far larger audiences and make their services available more widely. Each method has its pros and cons, but either should work for most people.

Online fortune tellers are available 24/7, and you can seek their services whenever you feel you need them the most. At the same time, your location may limit your access to quality psychics. Online readings do not require travel, and you have a much wider choice of psychics from which to choose. Rates of online fortune tellers tend to be lower, as well.

Some people might feel that an online reading cannot replace an in-person reading. However, online readings happen in a controlled environment, allowing the psychic to better control the session. This environment may enable you to feel more comfortable and willing to have an open mind, which is key to successful readings and happy customers.

If you would like to book an appointment with an online fortune teller, you're at the right place.

We provide a selection of experienced and knowledgeable psychics who specialize in various areas. You will receive the first three minutes for free as a welcome gift if you're a first-time customer.

We encourage you to schedule a risk-free psychic reading at Medium Finder and explore our premium services. We believe in delivering accurate and reliable readings with a personal touch. Let us guide you into a better tomorrow.

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