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March 15

Yellow Aura Meaning

What Does A Yellow Aura Mean?

People with yellow auras are impossible to miss as they brighten up every room that they walk into. If you suspect that you may have a yellow aura or you're interested in better understanding a friend or family member, continue reading to discover a handy guide to understanding yellow auras.

What Does A Yellow Aura Mean?

Yellow Aura Personalities

Individuals with yellow auras tend to be confident, positive, and happy. They typically have two sides to their personalities:

  1. They come across as friendly, sociable, and fun-loving.
  2. But they also enjoy spending time alone and tend to very self-aware.

Despite their fun-loving, social natures, they often value their own freedom above all else and don't like to feel tied down.

They often gravitate towards traveling the world and prefer to work for themselves, instead of holding down a traditional 9 to 5 job. Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are part of this group.

They exude confidence and aren't the type to dim their light in order to fit in or to please others.

While some people change the way they behave to please others, they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd or to march to the beat of their own drums.

Instead of wasting time worrying about what other people think of them, they invest most of their energy into proactively taking steps towards their long term goal as they know that life is too short to be concerned with petty drama and that it's best to seize every moment and to take every opportunity to have fun.

What It Means For Friendship:

They tend to be very generous and genuinely enjoy having light-hearted moments with their friends and family members as well as having deeper, philosophical conversations. As a result of their pleasant natures, people tend to gravitate towards them and they never have any issues making new friends.

They naturally gravitate towards becoming close friends with other individuals whose auras are yellow, as they prefer spending time around people who also have positive, upbeat energy.

What It Says Of Their Intellectual capabilities:

They are known for being highly intelligent and having a high degree of mental clarity. Due to their impressive intellect, they're able to quickly analyze and understand complex ideas. For this reason, they often excel as engineers and scientists.

Alternatively, some choose to pursue careers as philosophers, writers or teachers, in order to share the knowledge which they have picked up through their life experiences and education, with others.

They have an amazing ability to inspire others:

They are natural-born leaders and have the potential to be able to inspire other people to pursue their goals and dreams.

As leaders, they prefer to inspire by example and are the type of people who actively practice the advice which they freely give to others.

For this reason, many people in this group choose to become entrepreneurs and end up founding innovative, world-changing companies.

They are Very Creative:

As they are usually highly creative a fair number end up working in the entertainment industry and pursuing careers as musicians or actors.

They tend to excel in creative fields such as the entertainment industry as they are charismatic and instantly win over legions of fans.

For this reason, they also have the potential to do well as social media influencers. Especially as they prefer to work for themselves, instead of working for a traditional employer.

Possible downsides:

Individuals whose auras become muddied can unknowingly become too analytical, negative, and critical. While some people whose auras are yellow become hyperactive as a result of not having a life purpose or direction to channel their energy into.

In the worst-case scenarios, they may start to demand perfection in every area of their lives and may become overly self-critical to their own detriment.

Some individuals may also find that they fall prey to energy vampires, who want to unload all of their burdens onto them.

Due to their friendly, genuine natures, some individuals will see them as easy targets to unload their burdens onto. For this reason, they need to learn how to protect their energy and to say no to toxic individuals.

Compatible crystals:

Crystals for Yellow Chakra

They may benefit greatly from using sunstones and carnelian stones to manifest their desires and Angelite and aquamarine to focus their energy.

Individuals with unbalanced auras should try using labradorite and rainbow fluorite, to balance their energy and to strengthen their gifts and talents.

Different shades of yellow:

The shade of a person's aura can tell you a lot about their personality traits and motivation in life. As well as their current challenges and goals.

Pale yellow:

These individuals are often starting a new phase of their lives and are open to new experiences and adventures. In some cases, such individuals may be in the process of going through a life-altering, spiritual awakening.

A pale yellow aura often evokes hope and endless possibilities.

Bright yellow:

While yellow is usually a positive color, these individuals may have unbalanced energy or blocked chakras that need to be healed, so that they'll be able to make the most out of their lives.

Especially if they're struggling with their mental health. However, they can clear up their auras by making time to spend more time in nature or by completing regular meditation sessions. Such as sun-based meditations.

Golden yellow:

Some examples of people who fit into this group include natural-born leaders, skilled healers, and spiritual teachers, they tend to be spiritually awakened and often have opened up their third chakras. As a group, they tend to be extremely compassionate and generous and are more than willing to share their innate gifts with the world.

Muddy gold:

These people may have overworked themselves and may be feeling tired and stressed out. Especially if they've over-committing themselves to a variety of different pursuits.

In conclusion:

Individuals who have yellow auras are particularly lucky as they tend to be confident, charismatic, self-assured, sociable, creative, and intelligent.

As well as being business orientated. If you have one, count yourself lucky as there are a wide variety of advantages of having a positive, yellow, aura.

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