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April 2

What Is A Twin Flame Relationship? 9 Signs You’re In One

Twin Flame Relationship

If you've always felt as if something or someone is missing in your life and you're wondering what a twin flame is, or want to know if you're in a twin flame relationship, you've come to the right place.

Below you'll find what I like to call my handy dandy twin flame guide.  In it, I'll share with you multiple ways to identify your twin flame and the steps which you'll need to take in order to enter a soul reunion with your twin flame.

As armed with the right information, you'll be able to decrease the time which you'll spend separated from your one true love.

What Is A Twin Flame:

A twin flame connection describes when two people have a deep, eternal spiritual connection and are drawn to spend their lives together.

Some people believe that twin flames share the same soul and are two halves of the same soul that have been split into two different bodies.

As twin flames are so closely connected, they tend to mirror each other's experiences, feelings, and thoughts.

It is thought that twin flames have a soul mission to reunite with their other half but can also reunite with the other half of their soul when they've grown as an individual and faced their inner demons.

Usually, once twins have grown and matured enough to put their egos aside and to enter a lifelong union with the love of their life, they'll be able to work together in order to fulfill their soul missions, their true purpose on Earth.

Especially as most twin flames have shared soul missions, which require two sets of complementary skills to achieve.

10 Signs You've Met Your Twin:

If you're curious about whether or not you've met your twin flame or not, continue reading to discover a few twin flame signs.

Even if you are yet to meet your twin flame, you'll learn signs which will help you identify your twin flame when they walk into your life and forever change your life.

1) You feel an instant connection:


When you meet them, you'll instantly feel an instant connection.

Some people believe that twin flames are destined to meet in multiple lifetimes and there is a chance that the instant level of comfort and familiarity that you'll feel when you meet your twin flame, is due to the fact that you've spent lifetimes with your twin.

If you don't believe in reincarnation, the deep connection which you feel may be attributed to the fact that you and your twin flame are two halves of the same soul.

2) You share a lot of common experiences and interests:

If you meet someone who is passionate about your interests and who can relate to a lot of your life experiences, you may have met your twin flame.

For example, if your parents are divorced, your twin flame may have grown up in a separated family. 

Even if your experiences aren't identical you may have experienced similar emotions such as abandonment or self-worth issues.

3) You have plenty of narrowly missed connections:

If you meet someone that you have a strong connection with you may later find out that you have plenty of narrowly missed connections.

For example, you and your twin flame may have visited the same vacation spot as kids. Or you may have mutual friends.

4) You balance each other out and make a strong team:

Build Strong Relationship

As twin flames complete each other and balance each other out, your twin flame may have skills that you may lack and vice versa.

For example, you may have great social skills and will help your twin flame come outside of their shell, while they may be a great organizer and can help you make plans to reach your goals.

5) You are always drawn back to them:

Once, you've met them, you'll always be drawn back to them like a magnet. When it comes to twin flames, time and distance, can't weaken a true twin flame relationship.

6) You feel a passion that you've never experienced before:

When you meet your twin flame , you'll feel a burning passion that you've never experienced before.

However, unlike lust, your passion will be more heartfelt and will be based on an emotional connection.

7) They inspire you to be the best version of yourself:

After meeting your twin, it's likely that you'll suddenly be inspired to make changes in your life and to become the best version of yourself. Not to impress them but out of self-love for yourself.

As you know that you are worthy of true love and deserve a lifetime of happiness with your twin flame.

Your twin flame will also support you in achieving your goals and will also work on becoming the best version of themselves possible.

8) You may feel insecure due to your own insecurities:

While your twin flame won't do anything to make you feel insecure, the strength of your connection may make you worried about losing your special bond.

This fear is no reflection on how your twin flame feels about you and is based on your insecurities, which need to be healed, in order to complete your twin flame journey.

If it makes you feel any better, your connection will also force your twin flame to face their own inner demons.

10) You know that they are the ones:

If you have a strong gut instinct that an individual is the love of your life and frequently see signs which confirm your feelings, congratulations you've met your twin flame.

What is a Twin Flame Separation:

Twin Seperation

Unfortunately, the vast majority of twin souls are destined to go through a difficult and lengthy separation from each other.

This is due to the fact that once twins meet, they will be challenged to face their insecurities and inner demons, in order to become better people.

After initially meeting and falling love, twin flames will usually separate in order to go through a process of inner healing, before reuniting to spend their lives together and to achieve their shared soul mission.

Twin Flame Stages:

Below, you'll see the step-by-step process that most twins go through before they reunite for good. In total, there are 8 key steps in the twin flame journey.


Before you meet your twin flame, you'll experience an intense longing for them as if half of your soul is meeting.

One reason why most people rush into the wrong relationships is that they are desperate to reunite with the other half of their soul.

If you haven't met your twin flame, you can decrease the pain which you feel in their absence by writing them letters in a journal or trying to communicate with your twin flame in your dreams.

As twins sometimes have the ability to astral travel to connect with each other in their dreams, while they're separated.

First communication:

During this stage, you'll either communicate with your twin flame in the fifth dimension, before you meet them in the 3D realm. Or you may bump into your twin flame during a real-life encounter.

Regardless, when you first meet your twin flame, you'll instantly know that they will have a special significance to your life.

Some people who experience love at first sight and know that they've met the love of their life, without speaking a word to them, feel so strongly because they've just met their twin flame.

Falling into love:

When you start to fall for your twin flame, expect to fall harder than ever before.

Even if you try to deny your feelings, you can't run from your feelings and you'll eventually realize that your twin flame is an important part of your destiny.

During this phase, you will feel a strong urge to spend time with your twin and to get to know them better.

Entering a twin flame relationship:

When you first enter your twin flame relationship, you'll be shocked at how easy your new partner fits into your life and how well your personalities mesh.

For the first time in your life, you'll experience what it's like to be in a relationship where your partner understands you on a soul level and is able to anticipate all of your wants and desires.

The challenging period:

After the initial bliss which you'll enjoy, your shadow side and your twin flame's shadow side may negatively impact your relationship. Especially as twins often mirror each other's pain.

For example, during this period you both may have trouble being vulnerable with each other, due to the pain which you both experienced during childhood.

Or if your twin flame hasn't learned to love themselves unconditionally they may care more about appearing successful to acquaintances and may begin to neglect your relationship.

While this stage can be incredibly difficult, once you address the issues which come back up you'll be a much happier person and will become the person, that you were born to be. Instead of living with insecurities and fear.

Cat and mouse:

Breakup Period

During this period, it's highly likely that you'll experience a separation period from your partner.

As twin flames are often pulled apart, in order to emotionally heal themselves and to experience life-altering periods of growth.

You may find that at times, you may reach out to your twin flame, to rekindle your relationship and they may ghost you, and then when they are in the right headspace to contact you, you may be emotionally unavailable.

Don't worry though, as your game of cat and mouse will eventually come to an end.

If you want to decrease the amount of time that you're separated from the love of your life, your best option is to give them space that they need to heal and to work on your own healing.

As twins mirror each other and if you spend time healing your insecurities and learning to love and accept yourself on a soul level, you'll energetically encourage your twin flame to do the same. This may mean that you'll be able to reunite with your twin flame for good, sooner rather than later.


When you have both learned your soul lessons and are ready to put your ego aside, the universe will allow you to reunite with your twin and to enter a happy, healthy, mature relationship.

If you try to reunite with your twin, before you have both worked through your shadow sides, you may end up repeating the cat and mouse stage of your twin flame journey.

However, if you are truly ready to enter a lasting, relationship you'll both let your guards down and you'll be able to share your wounds and insecurities with your partner.

In this act of vulnerability, you'll open yourself up to experiencing, true everlasting love.

Soul reunion:

Finally, you'll come into union with your partner for the long term and you'll be able to work together in order to meet your soul missions.

Usually, twin flames have shared soul missions.

For example, one pairing may found an environmental organization together, by utilizing each of their skill-sets.

While another pair may share a soul mission of building a loving family together.

In order to experience a soul reunion, you'll need to be prepared to put your ego aside, in order to experience a joyful existence with your twin.

One benefit of finally letting go of your ego and becoming one with your partner is that you'll be far happier in every aspect of your life.

As your ego doesn't serve your best interest and once you let it go, you'll be able to live a peaceful, happy life.

In conclusion:

Hopefully, you now have clarity about whether or not you've met your twin flame and how twin flame relationships evolve over time.

Remember, that while the twin flame journey can be a challenge and full of emotional ups and downs, if you work on healing yourself and putting your ego aside, you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your life, with your twin flame love by your side.

If you haven't met your twin yet, don't worry as they'll walk into your life at exactly the right time in your life and there is no way that you can miss your opportunity to reunite with your twin flame.

If your gut tells you that you have met your twin flame, start working on healing your shadow side in order to allow your twin flame to do the same which will help to fast-track your reunion. 

Once you've healed yourselves, you'll be able to spend forever together.

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