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November 8

What Is A Starseed? 12 Traits of Being One

What is A Starseed?

What IS A Starseed? Starseeds are enlightened spirits who have traveled countless light years in order to grow as spiritual beings and to assist spirits on Earth to evolve and to fulfill their destinies.

If you've always felt different and grew up struggling to find your place in the world, you may be a starseed who is destined to undergo a spiritual awakening and to help guide individuals on their spiritual paths.

Most Common Starseed Traits, Could You Be One?

To discover whether or not you're a powerful starseed, simply continue reading in order to learn about some of the most common starseed traits.

1.) You're Very Empathetic:


Have you always been able to imagine yourself in other people's shoes with little effort? If so, you may be surprised to discover then most individuals struggle to see situations and understand life from someone else's perspective.

This is due to the fact that they are naturally empathetic and are capable of understanding other people's feelings.

For example, you may often feel emotionally drained and upset when a close friend or family member goes through a challenging situation.

Having empathy is a great gift, which you should share with the world as a starseed as if individuals were more compassionate and understanding of one another, the world would be a much more peaceful planet to live on.

2.) You're An "Old Soul:

If you're constantly told that you're an old soul and are wise beyond your years, you may be a starseed. As most of them have already experienced numerous lifetimes on their home planets, before incarnating in human bodies on Earth and therefore tend to be more mature than their peers. As they have a wealth of experience and innate wisdom.

You may also notice that your friends and family members may rely on you for life advice, as you're able to see situations calmly and logically and can easily see past the petty issues and drama which most people fixate on.

Furthermore, in your friendship group you may see yourself as the protective, supportive "parent" of your friend group.

3.) You're Always Right About "Gut Feelings":

Trust In Your Intuition

Do you often have strong gut feelings which turn out to be right?

If your intuition continually leads you to make wise life decisions, you may be a starseed. As they often have the innate ability to sense information which the average individual is unable to access.

A couple examples:

  • A starseed may have a gut feeling to avoid driving down a road, where an accident is about to take place.
  • Or they may have a gut feeling to attend a social event, where they'll meet the love of their life.

4.) You're Free spirited:

Starseeds tend to place a high value on personal freedom and are not afraid to question authority. Especially if they are given directions by an authority figure such as a boss or a parent which challenge their personal beliefs and values.

At their core, they believe that no spirit should be controlled by another spirit and that each individual should have freedom over their thoughts, choices and actions.

If you prefer to forge your own path in life, rather than to follow the path that you're expected to follow, congratulations you may be a starseed.

5.) You're Spiritual:

Starseed Traits

If you find yourself drawn to spiritual hobbies such as astrology, numerology, crystals, tarot cards, meditation or yoga, there's a high chance that you may be a starseed.

As starseeds are more likely to see the value of spiritual hobbies than most individuals and often use spiritual tools in order to learn about their unique path as a starseeds. If you want to activate your unique talents and abilities in order to fulfill your soul's mission, it's a great idea to pursue spiritual hobbies, which will provide you with the tools to undergo a spiritual awakening.

6.) You're Knowledgeable:

Starseeds have a thirst for knowledge and tend to be life long students of life. You may enjoy getting lost in a good book, watching documentaries about ancient civilizations or researching interesting topics on the internet.

As a starseed, you may be drawn to exploring foreign countries, learning new languages and developing new skills.Instead of fixating on a single interest, they tend to be interested in a diverse range of subjects and hobbies.

You may also find it easy to find common interests with each individual that you meet as you're knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects.

Furthermore, you may have innate knowledge that you accumulated in previous lifetimes, which you know to be true.

For example, some claim that they have detailed knowledge of living in the mysterious, legendary city of Atlantis. If you have memories from previous lifetimes that come to you in dreams or when you're meditating, you're definitely a starseed

7.) You're Self assured:

Self assured

Most people spend their lives trying to obtain the love and approval of other individuals and struggle to provide themselves with unconditional self love.

This is why most people find it difficult to spend time on their own and are likely to put up with unhealthy relationships and friendships in order to feel accepted and wanted. While other individuals spend their lives focusing on accumulating material wealth in order to impress others.

If you believe that you could be a starseed, you may enjoy spending time alone and working on self development as much as you enjoy spending time with close friends and family members.

As starseeds tend to be self assured and content being left alone with their thoughts. When it comes to friendships, it's highly likely that you prefer to have a small group of close friends who you trust with your life, rather than a large circle of friends.

8.) You're Always Thinking about The Philosophical & Spiritual:

Do you find yourself thinking about philosophical or spiritual questions such as the meaning of life and the nature of the human spirit, on a regular basis?

If so, it's well worth researching more information about starseeds as they are usually deep individuals who care more about personal growth and the evolution of mankind, than their peers. For example, if you enjoy late night conversations with friends about your life goals, hopes and dreams instead of engaging in idle gossip, you could be a starseed.

9.) You're Inspiring & Spiritually Awoken:

Spiritual awakening

Once starseeds go through a spiritual awakening and shed the insecurities and programming of their human upbringing, they are able to inspire others to go through the same process and to follow their soul missions.

As one of the primary reasons why starseeds were sent to Earth, is to guide the spiritual evolution of human kind.

If you identity with being a star seed you may be guided by the universe to take up a leadership position, in order to teach others the spiritual lessons which you've learned over your multiple lifetimes, especially as most starseeds hopes and dreams are associated with the making the world a better place.

10.) You're Passionate:

Starseeds have boundless energy and are passionate about making real changes in the world.

For example, some starseeds are passionate about safe guarding the environment for future generations, while others are committed to helping individuals overcome poverty.

If you're the type of individual who fights for what they believe in and isn't afraid of hard work, you may be a star seed. Particularly if you're fond of thinking outside of the box and coming up with innovative ways to solve problems that you care about.

11.) You're Very Generous:


As starseeds have a strong aura, they often attract troubled individuals who are in need of guidance. 

As a result they often spend most of their free time helping the individuals who walk into their lives. 

While most people know when to say no and to have firm boundaries in order to stop themselves from burning out, most starseeds are generous to a fault and find it extremely difficult to say no when someone needs their help.

This may be due to the fact that deep down starseeds know that they have a mission on earth to help as many individuals as they can.

12.) You're Idealistic:

If you have an idealistic utopian vision of how the world you should be, you could be a starseed.

Many starseeds have great difficulty understanding why the world is the way it is and why there is so much corruption, cruelty, intolerance and hate in the world.

As most come from planets where the beings are a lot more evolved than mankind and have long outgrown their dark sides. Many people believe that starseeds are destined to reincarnate on Earth multiple times in order to continue guiding the world in the right direction. So that one day, Earth may become the utopia that other planets, light years from Earth have become.


If you have a lot of the common starseed traits which are listed above it's highly likely that you're a starseed and have a mission on Earth to help society evolve for the better by inspiring individuals to grow as spiritual beings.

After all, just like starseeds human beings also have special gifts that they have to offer the universe!

If you'd love to be able to harness your innate spiritual gifts in order to become more spiritually intuitive, be sure to study all of the traits listed above to see if you may be a starseed.

If you're still not sure, or are just in search of more answers, we welcome you to chat with a live psychic for further assistance.  

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