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March 20

What Are Runes & How Are They Used?

What Are Runes & How Are They Used?

What Exactly Are Runes & How Are They Used?  Great question, so read carefully! ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you are interested in learning key information about the future, which can help you make the best possible choices in your day-to-day life, you may be interested in learning how to read runes. Especially if you've already tried tarot and oracle cards and are searching for a new divination tool to experiment with.

What Exactly Are They?

Runes have been used as a divination tool for over 1000 years.

Runes were used to predict the future by Germanic-speaking populations in Europe, between the 3rd century and the 17th century. 

In fact, runes have been found in weapons, rocks, and jewelry pieces from the 3rd century.

Some regions in Europe where runes were commonly used include Britain and Scandanavia.

During this period, the Vikings also used runes to cast spells and as protection totems.

If you have questions about your future that you want to be answered, you may want to learn to use runes as a divination tool.

Types of Rune Sets You Can Use:

You may be drawn to a simple set that features wooden runes or pebble runes.

Alternatively, If you enjoy working with crystals, you can opt to purchase a crystal set, such as a rose quartz set or an amethyst set.

Historically,  stone sets and wooden sets were the most common, however it's a great idea to opt for a set that you personally feel drawn to! 

When you purchase your first set, it should come with a handy booklet that will tell you what each specific rune means. However, if your set doesn't come with a guide, you can find detailed rune guides online.

The Elder Futhark Rune Alphabet:

Stone Rune Set

The Elder Futhark (pictured above) is the oldest runic alphabet and features on most contemporary rune sets.

There are 24 runes in a set of Elder Futhark runes, each of which features a different letter from the Elder Futhark alphabet.

The letter on each rune has several meanings which can apply to different situations.

Each Elder Futhark rune also has a corresponding time of day and time of the year. So if you ask your runes what time of the year you should search for a new job, you'll receive a clear answer.

As each rune also corresponds to a specific number, you can also ask your runes how many children you may have or how many true friends you have.

Examples & Their Meanings:

The Fehu Rune:

Fehu Rune Stone

Fehu is the first Elder Futhark rune and is associated with the manifestation of wealth and can represent wealth that is earned or gifted.

If you draw this rune, in relation to a question about your finances, it's likely that your finances will increase in the near future. However, Fehu can also indicate social success.

So for example, If you ask your runes about whether you should attend a social event and draw Fehu, your guides or higher self may be guiding you to accept the invitation.

The Kenaz Rune:

Kenaz rune stone

Kenaz is the sixth Elder Futhark and is represented by a flame or a torch.

If you draw Kenaz it may be a sign that you are currently being guided to find your life purpose or that you're on the right track, when it comes to achieving your goals.

In other situations drawing Kenaz may mean that key information which is currently being hidden from you, will soon be revealed and will help you make future decisions.

The Nauthiz Rune:

Nauthiz rune stone

Nauthiz represents your soul's needs. If you draw Nauthiz you are being called to consider whether your needs are being met or whether you've been neglecting your basic needs.

As an example, if you're working too hard and are not giving yourself ample time to rest, drawing Nauthiz may be a clear sign that you need to take some well-needed time off work.

On the other hand, you may also want to consider making changes to your daily routine, to ensure that you have more downtime to relax.

These are just for example of course, there are 24 in total but these detailed guides take a bit of effort to write and put together. 

If you'd like me to update this post to add them, share & like this post, and comment below to let me know! 

If I get 10 comments requesting it, I'll start writing up on the full set! ๐Ÿ˜Š

The Younger Futhark and the Anglo Saxon Futhark:

There are two lesser-known rune alphabets:

Both of these alphabets stem from the original Elder Futhark alphabet.

Do they give definitive answers?

While runes can provide you with useful information which can help you make well-informed decisions, the answers which you'll receive are not set in stone.

So for example, if you ask a question and receive a disappointing answer, you have the power to change your destiny, by taking proactive steps to alter your fate.

While most tarot cards have concrete meanings, runes can be correctly interpreted in many different ways, and each person's intuition will guide them to find the answers that they're searching for.

What Are Rune Reversals?:

Rune Reversal

Whether you choose to read reversals or not is up to you.

If you drew the rune Fehu (pictured above) in a reversed position, you could choose to read it normally or you could read it as a warning that you may be about to experience financial setbacks or that you have friends who can't be trusted. 

If you believe in the power of intention and manifestation, you may prefer to refrain from reading reversals.

This is especially true if you want to focus on positive energy and want to manifest wealth, health, and happiness.

How they help you connect to your higher self:

As each rune has multiple interpretations, your intuition will guide you to choose the right interpretation for each draw.

Remember that your higher self, already knows the direction which you should follow in life and which decisions to make, in order to realize your life purpose.

So it's safe to trust your intuition when it comes to interpreting runes.

The more often you listen to your intuition, the stronger it will become and the easier it will become to connect with your higher self and to activate your third eye.

So if you're interested in connecting with your higher self or your spirit guides in order to learn key information about your future, which will help you make wise choices in the present, it's a great idea to learn how to use runes.

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