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March 16

Violet Aura Meaning

What Does A Violet Aura Say About A Person?

Those with violet auras want to save the planet and to inspire others to lead more compassionate lives. To discover some of the key traits which people with violet auras share as well as some of their biggest obstacles, simply continue reading. This is especially important if you have a feeling that you may have a violet aura yourself!

What Does A Violet Aura Say About A Person?

They Are Very Empathetic

They are natural empaths and can intuitively pick up on other people's emotions.

If a friend or family member is going through a particularly tough time, they'll be the first person to provide the person with exactly what they need. Whether it's a shoulder to cry to, someone to vent to, or someone to distract them with a fun outing.

Due to their innate gift of empathy, some choose to become physics, spiritual healers, or counselors.

Those With A Violet Aura often have Psychic gifts:

They often have innate psychic gifts which they will learn to hone and develop over their lifetimes. For example, they may get intuitive guidance about people or future events.

Those who choose not to pursue careers in a spiritual field, often use their gifts in leadership positions.

For example, they may use their psychic abilities to found and run a charitable organization, which will grow as a result of their psychic insights.

They Have A Special Connection to the spiritual world:

Violet Aura

The individuals in this group have a special connection to the spiritual world and are often aided by their spiritual guides.

For example, their guides may communicate with them through unusual coincidences or through signs in their dreams.

If they learn to listen to the guidance which they are given, they'll be able to achieve their goals quickly and effortlessly.

They are more sensitive than most:

As they feel others' emotions deeply, they are more sensitive than most people and may frequently feel upset or overwhelmed by others' emotions as well as their own emotions.

Because they are so tactful when they speak and always think about the impact that their words can have, they can't understand when others make unnecessary rude or hurtful comments.


One unique quality which they share is a desire to be open and to share their true, authentic selves with the world.

In their families and social circles, they will often initiate deep, meaningful conversations with others, in a bid to get to know their friends and family members on a deeper level.

They Hold Themselves to Higher Standards

This group of individuals hold themselves to high ideals and genuinely want to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Some common values which they share include honesty, generosity, loyalty, and integrity. While some people choose to follow a religion or culture's ideals, they march to their own beat and choose to follow their own ideals which they usually discover at a young age.

Life purpose, They Want To Make A Difference:

These individuals are motivated by their passion to make a difference in the world. For this reason, many individuals with a violet aura seek out careers as humanitarians or choose to volunteer with charitable organizations in their free time.

One of their life goals is to teach others to live more compassionate lives and to take care of other people, animals, and the environment. You may not be surprised to learn that many visionaries have violet auras.

They're born with Charisma and star power:

They are born with star power and the type of people who instantly command attention. When they speak, everyone stops what they are doing and listen to their every word.

Some decide to become actors or musicians in order to acquire a public platform to share their thoughts and ideals. This is why so many entertainers such as George Clooney and Angelina Jolie end up becoming humanitarians


They quickly make new friends due to their generous, empathetic natures. However, they usually end up having small circles of friends.

This is due to the fact, that many of their new friendships dissolve quickly due to an imbalance in emotional intelligence. Unfortunately, the average person doesn't have their ability to tune into others' emotions well, as a result, they often end up feeling misunderstood or neglected by the new friends that they make. It can be hard to be the friend who gets everyone else but is not understood by their friends.

Another reason why they have trouble holding on to friends is that they can see straight through the masks which people put on to protect themselves and many individuals aren't ready for that level of vulnerability in a friendship.

Romantic relationships:

They are usually attracted to people who are equally inspirational and are proactively taking steps to make a difference in the world. They also look for partners who passionate, loyal, open, and who enjoy deep, meaningful conversations. In general, the first thing that attracts them to a person is their soul.

Challenges They May Face:

There are a few key challenges of having a violet aura.

Firstly, people in this group who fail to pursue their life purposes may become disillusioned, confused, and depressed. They need to actively make a difference in the world in order to feel balanced and centered.

When they are imbalanced or going through difficult times they may also become overly critical of other individuals. Who they may see as lacking their intelligence, skills, and vision.

One of the best ways for these individuals to stay balanced is through regular meditation sessions, which will allow them to connect with their higher selves and to become balanced and grounded.

Some of the best crystals for this group to use during their meditation sessions include purple crystals such as amethyst, purple fluorite, charoite, and grape agate.

In conclusion:

People who are lucky enough to have violet auras are gifted with a profound level of empathy as well as psychic gifts and were born to inspire humanity and to help make the world a better place.

If you a part of this special group, it's definitely well worth following the divine guidance which you receive from your guides in order to fulfill your life purpose.

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