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November 8

The 8 Stages of Love New Couples Go Through

The 8 Stages of Love

Love consists of several stages and no matter where you are in the world; there is a general pattern in relationships.

Being aware of the stages that a relationship goes through as it develops helps to provide insight into this spiritual experience.

Love progresses at different rates because each couple is unique and all relationships go through their own special journeys.

The process of establishing a union with someone is a challenging but fulfilling aspect of life. From bliss to healing, each stage is crucial and identifying where you are at every step of the way is useful for nurturing better and healthier relationships.

Along with knowing what your current situation entails, it is important to understand what you should do to move forward and take your connection to the next level.

Summing up the 8 Stages of Love

1. Paradise

New Lovers

In general, new relationships begin blissfully based on each person's belief that their partner is perfect and they are compatible. You spend quality time together and you both make an effort to communicate regularly. It feels like paradise at this point and the attraction is electrifying. There are no annoyances or triggers that make you angry or disappointed.

This level creates the foundation of the relationship and establishes the connection. However, as amazing and dreamy as this moment feels, it seems to vanish eventually. Fortunately, this does not always spell doom for the union.

While it may seem like the relationship is starting to crossover to the crumbling stage, this does not mean that you are with the wrong person. It may simply indicate that you are going through a natural process of change that will deepen your connection further.

2. Doubt and Fear

Doubt & Fear About Love

Most couples can relate to how it feels when the inevitable change in a relationship occurs. This is the moment when one person seems to be losing interest or pulling away. The sweet messages may reduce or cease altogether and a distance starts to form between the two of you.

There is a major change when people become comfortable in relationships and are no longer watchful or careful. This creates the ideal opportunity for fear to arise and as soon as the first text message is ignored or travel plans are cancelled, negative emotions kick in and abandonment issues are triggered.

In many situations, people do not understand these feelings or what is actually going on. They may think that their partner is behaving differently but in reality, fears from the past are consuming the relationship. Past traumas that date as far back as early childhood can creep up on you and if you lack self awareness, these issues can infiltrate your relationship. You start feeling abandoned, unloved, unwanted and unfairly treated.

Doubt and fear are not unusual and this may be a step in your partnership that you have to face bravely instead of fleeing from it. If one or both partners choose to run away without trying to pick up the broken pieces, the relationship will not flourish.

Communication is Key

Communication is Key

Spiritual work, healing and research can help you learn about how important it is to express your emotions and embrace your fears.

Starting a conversation is a vital step and you can do this by commenting on the changes you have noticed in your relationship. Talk about how worried and anxious you feel about the situation.

Whenever you feel discouraged, this is the moment to raise your concerns and let your partner know you are experiencing doubt and fear regarding where the connection is heading to.

There is nothing to be ashamed of as these are perfectly natural emotions that people feel in any type of relationship, including family, friends and colleagues.

The doubt and fear is essential for your growth and when you own it and talk about it, you avoid the downward spiral of blaming someone else for how you feel. Opening up your heart allows you to heal and prevents your past from interfering with your current or future relationship. It helps you cleanse and detoxify your spirit in order to move ahead in a healthy way.

Seeing how your partner handles a challenging situation is important because bonds do not only thrive in bliss. If a relationship is always easy, there is no chance to experience deep and genuine intimacy with someone else. You need to learn how to support each other through anger, anxiety and pain.

As time goes on, you can feel like you truly know a person because you have been through a lot of things together. The good times are great and the difficult ones reveal more layers of who you are, which is necessary for authentic relationships. Both you and your partner are allowed to be vulnerable and grow in unison.

Remaining connected to the essence of who you are and communicating truthfully enables your partner to see beyond the surface and enjoy every moment of fostering a deeply satisfying spiritual connection.

Understanding the Stages of Love

3. Excitement

Excitement is Key

When people envision a deep and spiritual connection with someone, the blissful stage is usually what they have in mind. Everything seems perfect in the world, the sun shines brighter, nothing can bring you down and you feel happier than ever.

This usually happens when you go out with someone for the first time but the passion may fizzle out when you discover who the person really is after they take off their mask. In order for you to be able to get through this passionate stage successfully, keeping your third eye open is essential. Taking a spiritual approach to your love life can go a long way towards protecting your heart.

4. Reality 

Reality Sets In

Discovering more about your soulmate as time goes on can be an amazing experience but it can also lead to disappointment along the way. With time, the perfection that your partner displays wears off and the person you thought was the best thing since sliced bread turns out to be a flawed human being. Getting through the stage of discovery and disappointment involves identifying what you expect from your partner and embracing the reality of who they are.

5. Commitment

Commitment to Relationship

After developing a better understanding of your soulmate, the next stage is commitment. This level of a relationship stems from being confident and sure about the person you want to spend your life with. It is a great transition from the lack of security and clarity that tends to plague the early stages of love. However, a new challenge arises in the form of boredom and predictability.

Some couples let their guard down at this point and stop making an effort to sustain their relationships. Romance is thrown out of the window and there is nothing to look forward to. One of the best ways to make it through this is by communicating with each other consistently.

6. Control 

Control Issues

Control issues may arise prior to settling down into a committed relationship.

  • Each partner has an individual desire to exercise their power in the relationship and be able to have a level of control. 
  • One person may be dominant when it comes to doing activities that they enjoy or running the home in a certain way.
  • The most effective way to get out of this situation is by acknowledging the fact that you are individuals who need to cooperate.

7. Growth

Relationship Growth

The next stage involves growing and reinforcing your commitment to each other. Lovers that are destined to be together are often strengthened by difficult or traumatic circumstances. A relationship that was going through turbulence can evolve into a strong connection based on the objective of aiding each other's growth and development.

At this stage, soulmates and twin flames can learn from their past and work towards changing behavioral patterns that disrupt their unions. This is generally a slow moving phase because it takes time to learn how to compromise and communicate effectively.

8. Maturity

Happy Couple

When couples have spent a lifetime together and successfully worked through the initial stages of love, they advance from the passion of young love into the romance of a mature relationship that is characterized by security, chemistry, communication and contentment.

The main challenge at this point is maintaining the ongoing intimacy and expressive love to avoid taking several steps backwards when problems come up.

Making it through the Storm

Relationships are vulnerable to disastrous situations that range from sickness to infidelity. Being able to recover and move on requires partners to steer away from the need to take out their pain and anger on each other under these circumstances.

Such situations are hard for both individuals, which is why they need to be conscious of the way they react and treat each other. Fortunately, if you make it through the storm, you will have gained the benefit of learning how to work as a team.


Going through the stages of any relationship is an important spiritual component of the bond that couples share. You will discover not only who your partner is, but delve further into the relationship you have with yourself. After all, the most important connection that anyone has in life is within their core. This prepares you for the road ahead with someone else in the divine journey of life.

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