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April 6

What Are Precognitive Dreams and Their Symbols?

What is Precognitive Dream?

Well, If you're lucky enough to clearly remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning,  it's well worth learning about precognitive dreams.

As there may be a chance that your dreams may be giving you psychic insights about your future.

To discover a guide to understanding precognitive dreams and how you can use them to your advantage, simply continue reading.

What Are Precognitive Dream:

Simply put, precognitive dreams are dreams that provide you with useful insights into the future.

As an example, you could dream that an individual which you trust, is untrustworthy and will betray you in the future. 

Or you may have a dream, in which you meet a stranger, who you end up being introduced to a week later.

Are the psychic insights in precognitive dreams always negative?

No, the insights which you can from your dreams, can be positive or negative.

For example, you may be warned of the death of a loved in one a dream or you could be shown that you're about to embark on a trip of a lifetime.

Popular Examples  In History:

Carl Jung:

Carl Jung, who was a famous Swiss psychotherapist, described three dreams he had at the start of 1914, in which Europe was in the middle of a period of darkness, devastation, and poverty. 

Just a few months later on the 23rd of July, Europe was plunged into WW1, and the scenes of devastation which Jung experienced in his dreams, played out in real life.

Abraham Lincoln:

As you may have heard, former US President Abraham Lincoln experienced a prophetic dream about his assassination, just two weeks before he was murdered

In his dream, Lincoln took a walk through the White House and was shocked when he came across his own lifeless corpse in the East Room. 

While some people would write off such a dream as a nightmare, Lincoln strongly believed that his dream was a premonition and shared his dream with his wife and a few of his friends. 

When he was assassinated two weeks later, his body was kept in the East Room, until the day of his funeral.

Does everyone have it?

No, recent studies have found that only 50% of people experience precognitive dreams. 

However, if you struggle to remember your dreams and would like to access psychic information through your dreams, that can help you make better decisions in your life, you may be able to start having precognitive dreams by opening your third eye.

Which will unlock your innate intuitive abilities and will allow your higher self to communicate to you through signs in your dreams.

Is there any way to find it ?

Keeping a dream journal and making a habit of out jotting down insights from your dream is a great idea. As you'll be able to keep track of how many of your insights actually come true.

If more than half of your predictions come true. you're incredibly lucky as it's likely that you have the ability to receive physic messages from the universe and your higher self, through your dreams.

However, as not every event in your dreams will be a psychic prediction, you may want to use a different color pen or a highlighter to mark the parts of your dreams, which you think are psychic insights.

Another way that you'll know that you have the ability to have precognitive dreams is if people that you know, utter the same exact sentences as they do in your dreams, in real life.

During these occasions, it's likely that you'll experience deja vu. As while your partner, friend, family member, or colleague may be speaking words into reality for the first time, it'll be the second time that you've heard them say the same exact thing.

How to tell which parts of your dreams are psychic insights:

Usually, when a person has a psychic insight in a dream, they are shocked at how real their dream feels.

In many cases, when people receive warnings in their dreams, they are well aware that they're being given a glimpse into the future. While in other scenarios it's possible for people to overlook the signs that they are being shown in their dreams.

Are the events in precognitive dreams set in stone:

Not necessarily, if the universe or your higher self wants to give you psychic information in the form of a dream, it's highly likely that you're only be shown what will eventuate if you keep following the same path that you're on.

Without making any changes. In many cases, being given a glimpse into the future will allow you to make key changes, that will change your fate.

Using the example of being betrayed by a close friend, you'll have the opportunity to end your friendship, before they can stab you in the back.

Or if you believe that they'll betray you as they believe that you've wronged them, you'll be able to openly communicate your feelings with them. Which could heal your relationship.

Obviously, there will be some situations, which you'll want to play out exactly as they were shown to you in your dream.

In these cases, know that you're already on the right path and don't need to make any changes for a positive event to play out like it did in your psychic dream.

How can you use the information which you're given to your advantage?

Being given access to information about the future early, puts you in a privileged position as not only can you make changes, to alter the outcome of your fate, but you'll also have extra time to prepare for certain events.

For instance, if your dream tells you that in a few months, you'll meet the love of your life.

When they finally cross your path, you won't be overcome with nerves as you'll be expecting their arrival into your life.

As another example, you may wake up from a dream, knowing that you'll be offered a career opportunity in another city or country that will change your life for the better.

If this happens, you'll be able to emotionally prepare yourself for the possibility of restarting your life in a new destination.

Can you get insights from Precognitive dreams that will help other people:

Will your higher self, will usually provide you with insights into your own future, sometimes the universe will provide you with prophetic insights that you'll be able to use to help others.

Usually, if you have a precognitive dream about someone else, you'll dream about the future of an individual that you have a close soul bond with such as a partner, parent, or child.

If you get a psychic insight about a loved one,

You may be unsure of how to use the information which you've been given in order to help them. 

If they are open to spirituality and the idea of psychic gifts, you may feel comfortable telling them about your dream.

However, if their mind is closed off to the idea of the spiritual world and spiritual concepts which can't be fully explained by science, you may want to use a different approach to helping them.

As an example, if you had a dream where your partner was made redundant and decided to launch their own business, instead of getting another job, the best way to help them may be to start setting aside some of your own money,

Which you'll be able to give them when they decide to start their own business. In this circumstance, you can also help out your partner by opening them up to the idea of getting into business for themself before they are made redundant.

So that they quit their job on their own accord and save themselves a lot of heartache or so they start their own business as a side hustle.

So that when they get made redundant, their business will already be up and running and they'll already have a steady income stream coming in.

Don't worry though as the more often you get psychic insights in your dreams, which can help your loved ones, the easier it will be to know how you can use your insights for their benefit.

How to get precognitive dreams on a regular basis:

The more you trust your intuition, the more often you'll start to receive useful precognitive dreams.

As when you trust your intuition, you'll awaken your third eye. Alternatively, you may find that practicing meditation, yoga, and breathwork will help you experience psychic dreams on a more regular basis.

Another way to increase your chances of having useful insights in your dreams is to meditate with a crystal on your third eye which may help boost your intuition.

In conclusion:

Now that you're fully aware of what precognitive dreams are and how you can use the insights which they provide in order to better your lives and the lives of your loved ones.

 It's well worth keeping a dream journal to jot down any insights which you get in your dreams. So that your future will be as bright as it can be!

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