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March 17

Pink Aura Meaning

Pink Aura Meaning, Everything You Need To Know

Pink auras are rare as most people are not willing to be vulnerable enough to wear their heart on their sleeves. To discover the dominant personality traits and innate gifts which are shared by people who share pink auras, simply continue reading.

What Does A Pink Aura Say About Somebody?

Nurturing nature:

They have nurturing natures and are the type of people to make everyone that they meet feel welcome, safe, and cared for. They are naturally nurturing, they make great, supportive parents.

Protective streak:

Besides being nurturing they also have a strong protective streak and won't think twice about throwing themselves in harm's way in order to protect a friend or family member.

While they may seem sweet-natured and gentle, they have a strong survival instinct and will act quickly to safeguard their own life or a loved one's life.

Calm personalities:

These individuals are known for being calm under pressure. In fact, in high-stress situations, their calming energy is usually strong enough to keep the people around them calm.

In families and friendship groups, they often act as mediators and help both parties find a suitable compromise. Especially as they rarely get angry or frustrated and are incredibly patient.

Unconditional love:

They love unconditionally and are not afraid of showing their affection for their partners, family members, and friends. While some people are afraid of appearing soft-hearted or soppy, they don't hide their emotions and frequently let their loved ones know how much they love and appreciate them.

Furthermore, when they give their time, effort, and energy to others, they don't expect anything in return and choose to give from their heart.

In fact, they are so supportive that they won't think twice about answering a friend's late-night call for emotional support or hosting friends and family members in their house.


Not only do they show unconditional love to their friends and family members but they also treat themselves with love and kindness and refrain from thinking negative thoughts about themselves.

Instead, they are confident in who they are and often think highly of themselves, their traits, and their accomplishments. In life, they are their own number one fan.

Love of art:

They have a deep love of art. While some will use their own creativity to create unique works of art, other people with pink auras become lifelong art collectors.

Many choose to decorate their homes with paintings that feature vibrant, bright colors which instantly put them in a good mood.


They are eternal optimists and always see a glass as being half full, instead of half empty. Even in the most challenging situations, they will focus their attention on the good in the situation and how they can grow from the situation.

Since their energy is so positive, they tend to attract new people into their lives on a regular basis as everyone loves to spend time with an optimist.

Healthy lifestyle:

One of the ways that they show self-love is to take incredible care of their bodies as well as their mental health. Most, exercise on a regular basis and like to eat clean, healthy foods which are packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients.


While they make loyal friends and partners, they still love being independent and having the freedom to be spontaneous. For example, they may often change their plans at the last minute, in order to take up a last-minute opportunity. This behavior may be seen as flightiness, by others.


One of their biggest desires is to meet their soul mate. Someone who will reciprocate the love which they have to give and who is just as generous, compassionate, and nurturing as they are.

However, even though their souls yearn for romance, they are selective when it comes to dating and have high standards. They have enough love for themselves to know what real, unconditional love is.

Shades of pink:

Light pink Aura:

They are less connected to the Earth and more connected to the spiritual realm than most people. Many are blessed with the gift of clairaudience and have the rare ability to hear sounds and words which the average person can't detect.

One challenge which they often face is feeling connected to other people as they usually focus on abstract ideas and the spiritual realm. You may notice that they care little about status and material goods and instead focus on energy and spirituality.

Bright Pink Aura:

They have a strong sense of self and are selective with the people that they choose to spend time with, as they demand loyalty and a high level of commitment from those who they let into their inner circle.

Those who are part of their trusted inner circles are well rewarded with affection, generosity, and unconditional support. 

This group often includes individuals who are deeply spiritual yet grounded at the same time and have no difficulty relating to people, like those who have a light pink aura.

Magenta Aura:

This small group of people have hints of blue and red in their auras and tend to have bold, eccentric personalities.

Compared to the other shades of pink which are listed, they have a fiery streak and are more independent and less nurturing than most, which boast a pink aura.

Dark Pink Aura:

People who have dark pink auras, often have issues with being honest or display immature tendencies.

Thankfully these individuals can lighten their auras through addressing their issues and through practicing meditation and participating in Reiki energy healing sessions. Fortunately, dark auras aren't permanent and can be lightened through positive actions.

In conclusion:

Those with pink auras include some of the most nurturing, loving souls in the world. People whose calm, supportive presence helps others feel comforted and at ease.

If you happen to have a pink aura, continue to live with your heart on your sleeve and to brighten the lives of every person which you meet.

As contrary to popular belief, there is nothing weak about being loving and vulnerable and it takes a lot of self-awareness and maturity to love freely and openly.

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