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May 11

Interview with Tammy from Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts

Interview with Tammy from Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Tammy Petruccelli, from Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts.

Their goal is to teach you a new awareness of your body, mind, and spirit and help you gain the knowledge and the ability to heal yourself from within whether you have physical ailments, emotional stress, and baggage or spiritual needs.

If you're a reader of my blog, then you know that Reiki energy can offer you the opportunity to "feel" how your body and mind can improve your well-being, and that's what Tammy & Pine Creek Reiki bring!

Tammy, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me, let's get started!

- Tell us about yourself, please!

Hi I'm Tammy Petruccelli, Reiki Master/Teacher/Medical Reiki Master, Evidential Medium, Author, Non-denominational minister

- When did you first realize you had unique abilities?

At the age of 55, I decided to open my own Energy Healing Center, Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts Ctr and as I was giving reiki treatments, spirit began opening to me.

- Can you tell me about Amethyst Bio Sessions and what people can expect from that session and experience?

The Amethyst Bio-Mat is a wonderful tool for healing using infrared heat and crystals. I use it separately or during reiki sessions. The infrared light heats up the bamboo mat filled with amethyst crystals which distribute a radiant heat evenly through the body, soothing aches and pains. There are different settings so it can be used therapeutically for different symptoms. I slept on it nightly for two years to bring my body to a fever level of heat as part of a cancer treatment.

- What is the most popular type of reading with those you help?

The loss of loved ones. Many feel there are unanswered questions, closure and the need to know that our loved ones actually continue on. Including our pets.

- For you, what is the most DIFFICULT part about what you do?

Not being able to give someone an answer they want, or the type of closure they need. Many times our loved one's come through to apologize or work on their human "stuff". Not everyone is ready to hear those apologies or from those people. They may not be ready to work on that yet. So they will shut down having a conversation with that person. For me, readings are about healing, for ourselves and our loved ones in spirit.

- How have things changed for you during the pandemic, and how have you adjusted?

At first, I was almost frantic. I was so used to getting up and being controlled by my schedule, I didn't know how I was going to keep a business, but then I relaxed and liked the break and it gave me time to re-adjust how I worked. Some things are online now, meditation, classes, zoom readings, and I opened back up slowly, taking less in person clients. I found it worked better for me personally, allowed me to do all the things I need to do to keep myself and my clientele safe and follow state guidelines to protect my business. Running my business from home has been a blessing because it meant I didn't have to pay rent while unable to work.

- Any final words of wisdom or parting thoughts for our readers in these trying times?

Look at the world situations in a different light. We see and feel all the negativity, sadness, confusion all around us. There are reasons for all of this craziness, the earth is responding to the mindset we have become as a society. Take the opportunity to make the changes in your life to better your life for yourself and your loved ones. When you get back to "normal" make it a happier, healthier normal. Get off the rat race treadmill, we found that we can do a lot with less.

Thank you VERY much for your time & energy! I'll get this posted up within a day or two once I get the answers back, and send you a link to review for yourself!

Thank YOU for considering me, and keep doing what you are doing!!!!

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