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April 20

Interview with Animal Psychic Kara, From Pet’s Eye View

Interview with A Pet Psychic, Kara From PetsEyeView

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Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Kara, from  According to Kara, "Animal communication readings involve the transference of words, pictures, feelings, sounds and even smells between your pet and me. It is the foundation for any other work you do or that we might do together, as an animal communication reading lights the way to better understanding of your pet’s perspective!"

Kara, thanks for speaking with us today - let's get started!

Tell us about yourself please! 

I am an animal communicator and energy worker. I think of myself as an Animystic: a mystic who sees life in all things. 

Animism means all things are imbued with spirit and some sense of sentience.

I have been a practicing Western mystic since I was 28 years old.

As a child, I talked to the trees, the bugs, and my cat followed me to the bus stop every morning and was waiting there for me at 3:15 most days, which all my friends thought was magical.  I just thought he was my friend. 

As an adult, I always believed in the metaphysical, and directed will came naturally to me, but I started formal training in animal telepathy around 2011, and have been a working animal communicator for nearly a decade.

When did you first realize you had special abilities?

I suppose I always knew. I would tell my mother things that were going to happen, how a surgery was going to feel, and I experienced a lot of deja vu as a child, but I grew up in a very normal family, so to them it was just my imagination. It is a delight to me, that my parents, both in their eighties, know that I am an animal communicator after a long career in PR, and are fully supportive! 

When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

My inspiration was my first dog as an adult, Jayce, a sable Shetland Shepherd.

He was a true soulmate, a human soul in a dog’s body, and he lived to almost 15.

I read a book by Penelope Smith, who I am honored to know today, and said to myself, “If there is any kind of intuitive work I could do, it would be this.”  

The through point of my life is and always will be animals. I have saved cats with broken legs who people mistakenly have thought were mine, dogs, birds, whatever.

Jayce inspired me, and you can see his silhouette in the eye of my logo for Pet’s Eye View.

It looks like you offer a few pet related services: Death & Dying, Chakra Clearing, Etc - What is the most popular type of reading with customers?   

I don’t know that there is one particular more popular than another.

I do a lot of energy work on anxious animals and their frazzled humans, helping improve the bonds between two pets who don’t get along very well, and do several weekly energy sessions on animals with chronic health conditions.

Some people just call to talk to a deceased pet.

Some bring me a new puppy that they want to know what to name--I love those fun, joyous calls, but I do spend a fair amount of time in what I call Animal Soul Therapy--deeper issues to unravel with a mix of telepathy, metaphysical energy work, and practica animal knowledge. 

How have things changed for you, if at all, during the pandemic? 

The pandemic has just made all of my work online, through Zoom or FaceTime, and I don’t see a change, other than that people have more time to focus on their animals and work out any kinks that they could ignore when they were not working from home. 

What do you love the most about what you do?  

I love the delightfully different personalities of all of the animals I meet, and I feel a sense of service and purpose when I see a person’s relationship with their companion animal transform from troubled to temperate, from mundane to magical though a simple communication, sometimes combined with energy work.

When people can see inside the minds, bodies, and souls of their pets, everything can change. 

Any final words of wisdom or parting thoughts for our readers in these trying times?

Take the time to experience wonder and joy with your companion  animal or animals every day. Try to remember what it was like when you first brought her home, and recreate that excitement. In a multi-pet home, it is important that everyone has a different job and they all get a little private time.  

For more tips, workshops, and to understand the process of animal communication better,  follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and join my private Facebook Group, Animal Whisperer!

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