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April 8

How to Open Your Third Eye INSTANTLY

How to Open Your Third Eye.  Your third eye or your mind's eye, is your psychic eye and can be located underneath your skin, between your eyebrows. Right above the ridge of your nose.

If you want to be able to unlock your higher self's intuitive powers and to be able to use clairvoyant gifts on a day to day basis, it's critical to work on activating and opening your third eye.

In this article, we're going to cover multiple methods used for centuries for opening ones third eye, we hope you find them "eye opening".  😏

By the end of this article, you're going to learn:

  • To tap into more of your intuition
  • To unlock the power of you higher self
  • How to activate & open your third eye

How to open your third eye:

Place a purple or blue crystal on your third eye:

Opening Your T hird Eye With Crystal

Did you know that crystals can be a useful tool to help activate your third eye?

It's true, If you lie down and gently place a purple or blue crystal such as amethyst or sapphire on your third eye, you may be able to open your third eye through peaceful meditation.

As you meditate focus on your third eye and any images or thoughts which may naturally arise.

Experiment with using different essential oils:

Specific essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender, white sage and frankincense can help you stimulate your third eye.

You may want to add your choice of essential oil to a hot bath or to rub your essential oil onto your wrists in order to activate your third eye.

You can even purchase beautiful necklaces which feature diffuser balls which you can spray essential oils onto.

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Use a singing bowl:

Singing Bowl

Singing bowls can help you relax into a deep meditative state which will increase your chances of opening your third eye. 

You may want to purchase a metal or crystal singing bowl to experiment with as the sound which will vibrate off your singing bowl will give you a sound bath.

Additionally you can purchase specific singing bowls to open up your chakras which will aid your quest to become more intuitive.

Alternatively, if you're not interested in purchasing your own singing bowl, there are plenty of free singing bowl sound bath meditations on YouTube to listen to.

Trust in your intuition:

Trust In Your Intuition

As your third eye is responsible for your insight and higher vision, if you take note of ideas and feelings which come to you intuitively and trust in your insight, you'll become more adept at activating your third eye.

For example, if your intuition tells you that you should apply for a specific job or to contact a friend that you haven't spoken to in months, follow your intuitions as your higher self is trying to guide you in the right direction.

Listen to guided meditations:

Another way to access your third eye is to listen to third eye focused guided meditations which you can find on YouTube.

While regular meditation sessions are still useful for getting in tune with your third eye, often provide useful visualization techniques which will help you access the power of your third eye.

Some guided meditations will also feature music or singing bowls which feature a specific pitch which will open your spiritual third eye.

Listen to third eye focused meditation tracks while you sleep:

You can also work on developing your third eye's powers while you sleep by creating a playlist of third eye meditation tracks which you can listen to before you fall asleep and during your sleep.

As your subconscious will be activated by the third eye frequencies which you're listening to, even if you're fast asleep.

This one below is truly amazing, and at just over 2 hours long should be quite useful in helping you awaken and open your third eye.

You may even be able to find third eye focused meditation tracks, which are speech free which are 8-10 hours long.

If you don't want to compile a playlist of shorter tracks. If you have wireless headphones, you may want to use them to listen to your chosen tracks, so that you don't disturb anyone else in your home. Although if you live alone, feel free to listen to your tracks through your smart phone's speakers instead.

Write down as many details from your lucid dreams as possible:

If you find it difficult to open your third eye when you're awake, you may want to start off by accessing your third eye when you're asleep and more open to receiving spiritual insights.

When you wake up from a lucid dream and can remember specific details from your dream, immediately write down as many details from your dream as possible. As your higher self may be trying to give you valuable advice through your lucid dreams.

In order to increase your chances of having lucid dreams, it's a great idea to meditate before you go to sleep. You may even want to add an essential oil to your bath, before going to sleep to encourage lucid dreaming.

Practice yoga on a daily basis:

Man and Woman do Yoga Together

Some yoga poses can help you open your third eye. Such as child's pose, a pose which is well suited to beginners and involves placing your forehead and your third eye on your yoga mat.

When you press your forehead into the ground, focus on your third eye to see if any insights come to you. Make sure to take deep breathes in and out while you rest in child's pose.

It's a great idea to get into the healthy habit of completing a short 10 minute yoga practice as soon as you get out of bed in the mornings.

Yoga poses to try out include downward facing dog and the hero pose both of which will fire up your third eye.

Consume healthy foods which will help you detox your pineal gland:

Acai Bowl with Goji Berries

As your pineal gland which is a small gland in your brain is linked to your third idea, it's a smart idea to try and consume foods which will help you detox your pineal gland.

Some great examples are:

  • goji berries
  • raw cacao powder
  • apple cider vinegar.

You may want to try preparing a smoothie which contains goji berries and raw cocoa powder or drinking hot water which contains apple cider vinegar and honey each morning in order to detox your pineal gland and to boost your innate spiritual powers.

Add healthy purple foods to your diet:

Purple foods can help you keep your third eye balanced and should enhance your intuition and spiritual gifts.

Some examples of healthy, nutritious purple foods which are well worth adding to your diet include purple kale and cabbage, eggplants, grapes, blackberries and blueberries.

Learn about the benefits of tapping:

Opening Your Third Eye

If you want to know how to open your third eye it's a great idea to try tapping.

Tapping is useful exercise which is used in reiki, which can help you open your third eye.

Try tapping the spot on your forehead where your third eye is repeatedly, making sure that your tapping is light and gentle.

When you tap on your third eye, imagine a stream of bright yellow light entering your third eye to enhance the benefits of your tapping session.

Book a session with a certified reiki practitioner to heal your chakras:

By undergoing a reiki session with a certified reiki practitioner you'll be able to work on healing your chakras which will unlock your ability to use your third eye in your daily life.

If you're never had a reiki session, you'll lie down and shut your eyes with your chosen reiki practitioner works on healing your chakras and energy by hovering their hands over your body and using their own energy to heal each of your chakra points.

When you're searching for a reiki practitioner it's well worth selecting a reiki master who has completed several training courses to hone their skills.

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This can also be done with guidance from a reiki practitioner. You can chat with a Reiki Master Here, for FREE! 

Online reiki masters & teachers.

Practice seeing auras:

Practice Seeing Auras

Another way to become more intuitive and to sense the unseen using your third eye is to practice seeing auras.

If you're unfamiliar with auras they are an energy force field around the human body. Different individuals have different aura colors depending on their energy.

For example:

  • One person may have a yellow aura as they are creative, relaxed and friendly another
  • Another individual may have a violet aura as they are wise, independent and intelligent.
  • Some individuals aura boasts numerous colors.

It's a great idea to practice seeing your own aura by meditating in-front of a mirror.

You may find that you can see your aura more clearly by squinting your eyes slightly.

If you find it difficult to see your own aura, try to sense the aura of other individuals as some individuals have strong auras which are easy to pick up on.

Start wearing an amethyst pendant:

amethyst pendant for opening your third eye

As amethyst is a crystal which boasts healing properties, you may be interested in wearing an amethyst pendant on a day to day basis.

As throughout the day you'll be able to lift it to your forehead and your third eye.

As you work on healing your third eye, you'll be able to get rid of any blocks which you may have when it comes to opening your third eye.

So, What Next?

So if you'd love to be able to harness your innate spiritual gifts and to unlock the tremendous power of your third eye in order to become more spiritually intuitive, ensure to test out all of the powerful third eye tips which are listed above.

You can always chat with a live psychic for further assistance.  

You can book your free session here and learn how to open your third eye:

Online reiki masters & teachers

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