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March 25

What is a Karmic Relationship?

What is a Karmic Relationship?

What is a Karmic Relationship? I’m glad you asked! 😊

If you're unsure of what a karmic relationship is and how it differs from a soul mate or a twin flame, you've come to the right place.

Please continue reading to discover everything that you need to know about karmic relationships, including how to recognize one and what to do if you think that you're in a karmic relationship.

This is important in order to help you avoid a cycle of dating toxic men or women who all exhibit the same signs of a karmic relationship.

As a bonus, if you know how to avoid karmic relationships you'll also be far more likely to attract your soul mate.

What is A Karmic Relationship?

Are Karmic Relationships Bad?

A karmic relationship describes a relationship between two people who are destined to challenge each other to grow as individuals.

Some people believe that souls who enter a karmic relationship have soul contracts with each other, which need to be fulfilled in order to help each person grow and realize their full potential.

For example, if you're in a karmic partnership where your partner takes your relationship for granted and doesn't make you a priority in their life, your lesson in life may be to be more selective with the people that you let into your life.

In this circumstance, the universe may be pushing you to make yourself a priority in your own life, as you may have a habit of always putting other people first.

Even though it may be painful to learn a karmic lesson, in the long run you'll be better off as you'll be much happier if you learn to love yourself enough to value your thoughts, goals and dreams.

Even in non romantic relationships such as platonic friendships and familial relationships, if you put yourself first your family members and friends will have more respect for you.

Remember, people respect those who are confident, self assured and practice self love.

You may even find that the life lessons that you learn in a karmic relationship, can help you in other areas of your life, such as in business.

Some people also find that their health improves as a result of the life changes that they make following a karmic relationship.

How long do karmic relationships last?

Unlike soul mate connections, who often have a lifelong bond, those in karmic relationships are usually in each other's lives for a shorter period of time.

Once two people in a karmic situation fulfill the obligations of their soul contract, the end of a karmic relationship will come quickly.

While it's extremely hard for soul mates or twin flames to part ways when it's time for people in karmic scenarios to cease contact, the transition will be smooth.

While karmic relationships are usually intense and involve strong feelings, once the relationship has ended the people involved will no longer feel a pull towards their ex-partner, as there will be no unfinished business left.

What is the main difference between a twin flame connection and a karmic relationship?

In a twin flame connection, two people mirror each other's experiences, insecurities, and actions.

In this type of relationship, if one person works on healing their insecurities or trauma which they may have, due to their spiritual connection their twin will start to work on healing and bettering themselves.

When one twin takes positive action, their counterpart will be inspired to do the same, no matter how far apart they are.

The connection between twin flames is extremely strong and already exists in the 5D world before it exists in the 3D world.

The biggest difference between twin flames and karmic relationships is that twin flame relationships are usually healthy and are inspirational in nature, while those in karmic relationships are usually in unhealthy relationships which push them to grow.

For this reason, some soul mate relationships are also twin flame connections but karmic relationships are never soul mate connections.

Why are karmic relationships unhealthy?

WHy Are Karmic Relationshps Bad?

One of the biggest red flags that you may be in one is if you're in an on and off-again relationship, where your partner keeps exhibiting the same problematic behaviors.

If you feel insecure and unhappy in your relationship and your relationship brings out the worst in you, there's a high chance that you're in a karmic relationship.

Remember, in a healthy relationship you should never feel anxious or insecure.

Sometimes the universe puts you in a karmic relationship to teach you to prioritize your own happiness or to focus on self-love so that you can later experience a healthy partnership with an individual who is genuinely supportive and whose love you'll never doubt.

What to do if you are currently in a karmic relationship?

In order to decrease your chances of getting back together with your karmic partner or inadvertently starting a new relationship with another karmic partner and repeating the cycle that you're going through, it's important to learn from your experience.

Otherwise you'll be trapped in an unhealthy cycle as the universe has a habit of giving people the same experiences, until they learn from their experience and grow as a person.

In order to escape the cycle that you're in, identify all of the negative aspects of your relationship and write them down in a journal.

Make sure to list the toxic behaviors and patterns which you can identify as well as how they make you feel. Next to each negative aspect of your relationship, use a second color pen to write down the opposite trait which you'd your next relationship to boast.

For example, if you realize that your partner lacks compassion and is argumentative, you may want to attract a partner who has great communication skills and a high emotional IQ.

Once you're aware of the negative qualities of your karmic relationship, you'll be able to manifest a healthier, loving relationship in the future.

It's also a great idea to work on addressing any insecurities which you may hiding.

For example, if you're in an unhappy, copedent relationship and have lost your sense of self, you may want to work on healing yourself by pursuing interests that once brought excitement and passion into your life.

As another example, once you've ended your relationship you may want to take up dancing, painting or hiking again.

Why you may keep attracting the wrong partners:

Those who fail to learn the life lessons which the universe is trying to teach them through karmic relationships are likely to keep dating men or women who exhibit many of the same negative traits.

So if all of your ex partners have been unsupportive, selfish or augmentative, you're not doomed when it comes to love, you just have to break the cycle through reflection and self healing.

Once you've healed from a negative karmic relationship, it's a great idea to work on manifesting a partner who has all of the positive traits which you're looking for in a partner.

This is especially true if you're a huge believer in the law of the attraction

As you know, the LOA works on the premise that the thoughts that you give all of your energy to are the thoughts that manifest in your reality.

It's well worth analyzing your self talk, in order to see if you have a habit of thinking self limiting thoughts.

For example, if you keep dating men or women who are emotionally unavailable, your problems may stem from the fact that you may keep telling yourself that you're unlovable or that every person that you meet is emotionally unavailable.

If this is the case, tell yourself that you're lovable and a great catch throughout the day.

"Remember, the more often you think positive thoughts about yourself and your love life, the easier it will be to stop attracting karmic partnerships and to manifest your soul mate or twin flame." - Yasmin Cunha

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Why you shouldn't return to a karmic relationship:

Even if you regain your sense of self, you shouldn't return to a karmic relationship even if your ex partner seems to have matured.

Due to your soul contract, it's likely that you'll both revert back to your old, natural habits & behaviors.

While twin flames and soul mates may separate for a period of time, in order to grow and reunite at the right time, karmic relationships are never healthy and should be avoided at all costs.

While you can be happy for your ex partner's successes, it's important to realize that you'll both be happier if you focus on your own lives and leave the door open for your soul mate to enter your life.

In conclusion:

Whether you keep finding yourself in unhealthy relationship cycles or you have a strong suspicion that your currently in a toxic karmic relationship, it's well worth figuring out what the lesson that you're meant to learn is.

In doing so, you'll be able to grow as a soul and to get one step closer to meeting your soul mate, one who will be supportive, loving and caring and who will make you feel like the luckiest man or woman in the world!  

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