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May 4

Interview with Psychic Intuitive Guide Matt Derickson

Matt Derickson Psychic Interview

Today I had the great pleasure of speaking with Matt Derickson, a psychic intuitive guide who uses intuitive/claircognizant abilities to help you discover what your truest desires and needs are in your current stage in life!

Matt, thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to chat with me, let’s cut straight to the chase and get started!

– Tell us about yourself, please!

The closest description for me on the psychic spectrum is intuitive empath. I’m able to ‘feel’ what is going on with people in terms of their life path, more so than ‘seeing’ it. In this way, however, I am able to ‘see’ potential future timelines for clients. As a person, I also have an interest in film, literature, geography, gardening, hiking, biking, cooking, as well as blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This is in addition, of course, to the typical new age-related interests such as ancient civilizations, ET/UFO phenomena, and crystals, etc. I’m part of the millennial generation. I am also a cat lover, self-identify as queer, and consider myself politically ‘purple’ rather than left or right. Purple is also my favorite color.

– When did you first realize you had special abilities?

I started having out-of-body experiences between the age of 4 and 6, and also experienced kundalini awakening around that time. I mostly forgot about those experiences fir a while, but then began having precognitive dreams about world events when I was 18. Dreams continue to be a very big part of my spiritual experience.

– When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

After meeting other people in my soul group and noticing that they were all experiencing a lot of the same challenges that I was in terms of finding their place on this planet (a lot of which has to do coming to terms with their sexuality and deciding on a meaningful career), I decided that I wanted to start honing my abilities to one day be able to help others navigate the same path of awakening that I had to go through.

This sense of urgency has grown within me gradually over time. I began formally doing readings for other people about six years after my intuitive abilities began to awake in earnest, which happened just before I turned 30. So I’ve been doing readings since I was 35. My path into this type of work was not as direct as for some, as these abilities and experiences had been a part of my life long before I started sharing them with others, but this is because it took me a long time to actually understand what I was experiencing. I wasn’t raised in an environment where these types of phenomena were well understood or accepted.

– Your website says you use intuitive/claircognizant abilities to help people. How is that different (if at all) from other psychic readings?

As I alluded to above, it’s more accurate to say that I ‘feel’ what is going on with other people (and the world), more so than ‘see’ it. Although I do see spirits, energy fields and non physical beings from time to time (and also connect telepathically with physical and non physical beings and extraterrestrials), what is more ever-present for me is a sensitivity to energetic frequency.

– What is the most popular type of reading with customers?

I only do one type of reading for customers, which is the straight-up intuitive/clairecognizant type we discussed above. Sometimes, upon client request, I’ll introduce cards but I don’t generally rely on those. For me, the frequencies that I’m feeling from clients offer a more direct line to help shed light on their life path. But the cards can sometimes spice things up just a bit, especially for those who are very visually oriented, as I use a beautiful tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti called Legacy of the Divine, that includes a lot of amazing and dreamy landscapes.

– How have things changed for you during the pandemic, and how have you adjusted?

I do not believe we are having a real pandemic. The virus unfortunately is real, but the survival rate is extremely high and those who unfortunately are succumbing to this illness are those with other, hidden or unaddressed underlying issues. I think the governmental response has been in many ways wrong, and should concern anyone on a spiritual path who values taking responsibility for their own life an choices.

It will be very tricky for people to continue on a path of spiritual growth if they give in to media fearmongering and surrender their personal sovereignty, which will be challenging to get back for those who do. The better approach would be for society to focus resources on those who are most vulnerable, instead of restricting everyone else’s freedom and spiritual growth by depriving them of the economic resources they need to efficiently continue that growth. Those kinds of restrictions and fear-based peer pressure are not reflective of a social consciousness that values personal sovereignty and responsibility, which is a key and unavoidable ingredient for spiritual growth and Earth ascension. They also reflect a lack of awareness surrounding the laws of attraction/creation and the fact that we create our own reality, and are not simply or hopelessly at the mercy of any outside actor or calamity, no matter how frightening at first glance.

That said and to answer your original question, yes, business did decrease sharply after the beginning of the worldwide lockdowns, but did bounce back a bit a few months later. The bounce-back was sudden at first, but since then recovery has proceeded only gradually. I am confident, however, as many of the higher-dimensionals have also stated, that all in all we are actually on one of the most positive timelines that could have been hoped for for humanity around this time, because we have as a collective adopted a more hopeful outlook and made higher choices.

A lot of the darkness on this planet is now be exposed, and a new light of healing will come in. I can feel this light very strongly. As it does so and more people begin waking up (or continue waking up further, in some cases), I foresee that interest in and demand for our services as intuitives will actually increase a lot. So, as they say, buckle up buttercup.

– What do you love the most about what you do?

The biggest satisfaction I get is from being able to help people see how there is a much bigger story to their life than what they may have considered previously or may be aware of at the moment. This is especially true when their life isn’t currently working out to their liking.

That’s how I started out, too. I was very unhappy with my situation and was having panic attacks and worrying about the future, after having had an interesting childhood but sort of an unhappy adolescence and young adulthood. My life hadn’t turned out the way I had hoped up to that point, but there was a bigger, and much more interesting story that I couldn’t see at that point with my current perspective and the tools available to me at the time. My aim is to help people have a bigger perspective and give them additional tools, concepts, and vocabulary to help them see that there is a much bigger story to their life than what they can see in the moment, and a much more interesting and fulfilling future is possible if they expand their perspective and make the most of new paths and opportunities that maybe they didn’t realize they had.

– Any final words of wisdom or parting thoughts for our readers in these trying times?

Always trust in yourself, in the truth and the light. Don’t believe everything you hear or everything you think. Not all of your thoughts are actually yours (you pull in a lot of mental chatter and static from mass consciousness and the limiting beliefs and judgments of others). Your heart and your body, on the other hand, will never lie to you. Your heart speaks only the language of the soul, and the body always understands.

Many things in the world are not what they seem, especially now. The Earth is changing, and people are waking up. This includes young and old, gay and straight, brown and white, left and right. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those coming from a different background or original perspective. In the near future, we’re all going to have to work with people who think a bit differently than ourselves. But the future depends on it, and we can do it, as long as we remember that each of us, in a sense, is just trying to find their way ‘home’ spiritually, even if their vision of what ‘home’ is looks different than ours.

I wish you the best on your journey, and I leave you in the Light.

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