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May 7

Interview with Medium Silana Lundin

Silana Lundin Medium Interview

Today I have the great pleasure of speaking with Silana Lundin, a (primarily) intuitive medium for women!

Using her natural intuitive abilities and background in education, Silana has been doing transformational work with individuals and groups for over 20 years. She’s been a featured radio and TV guest expert on the topic of healing, manifestation, and balancing the sacred feminine and masculine energies.

I'm very excited to be speaking with her today, so let's cut to the chase and get started!

Silana, thank you SO very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me.

- Tell us about yourself, please!

My name is Silana Lundin and I am primarily an intuitive medium for women, yet I draw upon my training as a Light Language practitioner and Resonance Repatterning practitioner to support my healing work with individuals. About a year ago I was blessed to marry my Soulmate and moved from the U.S. to Germany. I have a global client base.

- When did you first realize you had special abilities?

I realized I had special abilities at the age of 5. My mother suffered from migraine headaches and I placed my hands on her head and the pain reportedly disappeared. I could see angels and Spirit guides around people. I could also perceive negative thought forms which appeared like dark clouds.

I was extremely sensitive to energy fields and could actually see them. As a child, I recalled and described my past lives to my mother and shared details about my “conversations with God” which always pertained to spiritual lessons God wanted to teach me, such as doing unto others as I would have them do unto me, and living from a certain standard of spiritual ethics. I was aware that I was somehow different, but did not understand the nature of my abilities till much later in life.

- When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

I recognized my calling as a healer and medium at the age of 18 when I began receiving messages from the departed loved ones and Spirit guides around people.

The more I allowed myself to be a channel for these communications, the more people began requesting my services. Yet being very young and inexperienced, I lacked the tools to create healthy boundaries for myself and quickly became overwhelmed. Out of self protection and fear, I shut down this ability for many years.

I became a school teacher, but after a few years I discovered it was not the right fit for me. I then worked as a nutritional consultant in the natural health field. As an entrepreneur, I also began several online businesses, one of which was helping Disabled Veterans find subcontracting opportunities.

Eventually, feeling dissatisfied and lost, I had to face the fact that I was not fulfilling my calling by keeping this door shut. I decided to stop running away from my gifts and started my business by doing free readings. Word spread and once I made the commitment to put myself out there, the invitations and opportunities flooded in. I was invited to participate in Live Global Telesummits, seminars and events. Going “public” was both terrifying and transformational, as it forced me to let go of my fear of being “seen” and trust in the greater calling for my life--knowing that we are always guided. We are never alone.

- You wear many hats, including Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Healer, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, and Intuitive Soul Coach for women.  What is the most popular type of reading with your customers?

The most popular type of reading my customers request are past life readings that help them break free of long standing issues or patterns. I am able to read the Akashic Records very easily, so these types of readings seem to flow naturally.

Current problems we face in life almost always have their roots in past lives. I allow Spirit to show me which lifetimes are relevant to my clients’ issue, then together, we release the unresolved energy around the experience, uncover the Divine lesson, and thus, create more freedom and abundance in the present. Along with these readings, I practice an ancient system of clearing and healing the inner bodies, known as “Etheric Cleansing.”

This clearing work is based on an in-depth understanding of the inner bodies and chakra system. I also create Sacred Mayan Light Language Grids for my clients, which helps them feel more grounded, protected, and connected to Source.

- For you, what is the most DIFFICULT part about your work?

The most difficult part of my work is usually that people don’t realize how loved they are and that every challenge is a spiritual lesson and gift. I also find it challenging when someone has a misunderstanding about healing and would rather have their problems magically taken away than learn the spiritual lesson behind it, which is empowering.

- How have things changed for you during the pandemic, and how have you adjusted?

With so much uncertainty in the world, people are looking for answers and for security in their lives. My sessions have naturally become more focused on helping people gain tools to find inner security and a deep core of inner certainty and peace based in knowing their True Self, Soul, the eternal being that is greater than any circumstance.

I am also working with my Spirit Team to help remove a lot of the chaos and attachments that keep people stuck in a lower state of being. I help them to reconnect to their Higher Self.

In order to truly help others, I have recognized the need to personally step up and “walk the talk.” These stressful times have shown me where my own blind spots are and the places where I get triggered or stuck. These challenges/gifts are the reason I have grown exponentially in the past year, and I am applying this growth to my work daily.

- Any final words of wisdom or parting thoughts for our readers in these trying times?

No problem is permanent. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Life is always happening FOR you, not TO you. So SHINE YOUR LIGHT! Let’s make a difference and create a better future!

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