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May 13

Interview with Jill Beiler, Psychic Medium

Jill Beiler, Psychic Medium Interview

Today I have the great pleasure of speaking with Jill Beiler, from

Jill Beiler is a psychic medium, energy healer, spiritual advisor, life coach, and numerologist. Jill has SINGING GUIDES that often sing her a song for her clients & within that song is a VERY DEEP & PROFOUND MESSAGE that is meant to be life-changing for her clients.

Jill helps clients heal from grief, illnesses, and relationships by going to the core of the issue or problem & releasing that energy. This release helps clients transform into the person necessary for them to full fill their life purpose.

Jill channels Spirit, Angels, and Spiritual Guides in order to guide others to the path of intuitive development, personal power, awareness, and healing.

Whether your goal is to find true love, achieve outbreak financial success, foster your psychic abilities, or attain holistic healing from a traumatic event in your life; Jill offers private readings, group sessions, and a series of workshops tailored to assist you.

Jill, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to chat with me!  Let's get started!

- When did you first realize you had unique abilities?

I have had this gift ever since I was a child. For a long time, I was known as a lucky person.

Then at age 40, I began to think how lucky can one person be?

  • Why am I also so lucky?
  • Why do I just wake up knowing that something great is going to happen?
  • Why did I suddenly get out of a car and then 20 minutes later the person driving the car gets into an accident?
  • Why do I have anxiety or panic attacks right before someone I know or love is about to get hurt?
  • Why do I always feel like a higher being is protecting me? I always feel safe no matter what.
  • Why did I walk away scratch-free from an accident when my friend was severely injured?
  • Why did my car stop within a centimeter of the car in front of me?
  • How did I possibly avoid hitting that car in front of me when there was nowhere to go?

Where did that bright shining light come from that is now beaming brightly on the road when I am driving down the road in a terrible blizzard just praying to God that I make it home safely.

  • Why do I know so much about a person I’ve never met.
  • Why do I feel like I know someone and we are great friends when we have never met before?

I had way too many questions that needed to be answered so I set sail for a journey that would later change my life.

- When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

It was June 23rd, 2005. My mother’s best friend suddenly became ill and it was life-threatening. I started my day off by being very excited for I had just signed mortgage paperwork to purchase my new dream home.

During the signing, I started getting sick and having flashes that something was terribly wrong with my mother’s best friend. The more I tried to resist it the stronger it became. By the time the signing was over, I got the call from my friend’s husband that she was rushed to the hospital and fighting for her life. She was scheduled for emergency surgery and only had a 40% chance of survival.

That night when I went to bed, I asked my children to pray for her. However, at 12:55 am I was woken up to the most horrific nightmare that I would not wish on anyone.

Turns out this wasn’t a nightmare. Since I’m not sure if children will be reading this post, I will not go into detail as to what happened as to not scare anyone. I was so freaked out that I could not sleep after this horrifying experience.

At 7:00 am I went rushing over to my neighbor’s house banging on her door and explained my horrible nightmare that felt so real. It was almost 6 hours later and I was still in panic mode and could not calm my breathing. That’s how petrified I was.

My neighbor listened to me and said, “Oh wow, that sounds like the exact same stuff that Alison Dubois goes through. Have you read her new book?” I said no. I’ve never heard of it. She then gives me her new book. I rush home and start instantly speeding reading this book of which I am fascinated by it.

As I am reading this book and it talks about if you have had or currently have any of these experiences you could be a psychic or a medium. Well as I am reading all of this I am like, check, check, check, and check some more. I could either do or have done everything listed in this book. When I finished the book, I go back over to my neighbor’s house and hand the book back. She says well? I said I can do all of that but how can that be?

You see I was raised a strict Catholic so they don’t believe in any of this or so they say. However, I realized years later that everything in life is just a label. The Catholics really do believe in this stuff but they label it different and that was my key to being accepted by my family and my friends.

I started to read anything and everything to make sense of all of this. I went through a training class where I met others like me. Then a friend of mine who was a part of the Find Me Program where they find missing people sent me a photo of a young girl.

She told me to go look at it and see if I got anything. Without thinking I responded back to her from my work email, with my name, and address on it. What I didn’t know was that my friend forwarded my information to the detective working the case.

Never in a million years did I think on my first try I would actually pick up on anything. Turns out my information matched exactly with another famous psychic and the police department called my house wanting me to go out on a search and research. However, at that point in time, I was petrified of dogs. Yep! I was completely petrified of dogs and they want me to go out with a lot of dogs searching in the desert for a missing child.

A couple of months later, I took my family to Universal Studios in Florida. However, on this particular day, the weather was hot, humid, & miserable and the lines at the park were so long that we decided we wanted a refund for the next day of which we had already prepaid. I took my family back to the guest services of which there was a really long line.

At the doorway was this young Brazilian girl who kept opening the door, leaning her head out the door, and crying. I was instantly drawn to her. I knew something was wrong. When I got up to the counter, this poor girl was still shaking and crying. I asked what was wrong with her? The girl at the counter replied she is a young foreigner who lost her party a few hours ago. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for her.

Out of the blue, I walk over to her and ask her, what happened? She explains her story while she’s crying. I look her straight in her eyes and these words pop out of my mouth without be even realizing it. I say to her, “ I am a psychic medium. If you allow me to hold your hands, and we can calm your breathing down, I might be able to help you find your missing party.”

The girl quits crying. I look deep into her eyes, then shut my eyes, and almost instantly I know where her tour leader is. I dropped my hands and say I know where she is. I will be back. I walk out of the guest services and my kids are waiting outside. We are on the main path. We walk straight up the main path to the point where it starts to branch out. I say to my kids one of you looks left and the other looks right. I know she is right here.

I no sooner said that and my oldest daughter yells out, “Mom look there’s a lady holding the sign like the tour guide.” Sure enough, that’s the missing girl's tour leader. I go over and ask if she is looking for a young Brazilian girl. She answers yes. I then proceed to tell her that she is at the guest services. I say when you get there can you tell her that the crazy psychic lady sent you?

That day changed my life. I knew then that I was meant to help people. There was no more denying it.

- What is the most popular type of reading with customers?

My most popular reading is helping people figure out their life path and how to lead a great life even when horrible things have happened to them. I help people release that negative or traumatic energetic experience.

You see it’s not what happens to us in the past but it’s where we are heading in the future. Anything, and everything is possible. We just have to believe in ourselves. My most famous saying in life is “Never let a label define who you are.”

- For you, what is the most DIFFICULT part about being a Psychic Medium?

The most difficult thing about being a psychic medium is also being an empath and being able to feel other people’s pain. For this reason alone, I don’t always like to do give mediumship readings especially when someone has committed suicide. Spirit will start to show me what happened but then I can actually feel that pain.

Unfortunately, that pain doesn’t just go away when the client leaves. It often lingers and stays with me for several hours and sometimes a few days. I often get lightheaded and need to rest for the rest of the day.

- How have things changed for you during the pandemic, and how have you adjusted?

During the pandemic I started giving free counseling classes to people. I quickly realized that many people were becoming depressed and the suicide rates were up with too many people losing their jobs, and being stuck at home. This wasn’t just an issue in my city but all over the world. During this period, I had to travel to take care of sick loved ones with Covid.

Everyone was tired of being stuck home. Many elderly people lived alone. Worse yet, for fear of getting the virus, their loves ones quit coming over to their home. I started having virtual online hangouts and chat sessions with people. My sister liked to call them Virtual Happy Hour parties.

They were actually pretty cool. We had people on the call from the US, France, Australia, UK, and Italy. Thank goodness for technology. Not only did these online chat lift people’s spirit but we started helping others around the world. It was such a great feeling to know that even in the worst of times we could still help make a difference in this world.

- Any final words of wisdom or parting thoughts for our readers in these trying times?

Yes, even in these trying times with all the darkness and negativity, I like to focus in on positive things every day. I like to do one small act of kindness per day for someone who really needs help but isn’t expecting any help.

Then, ask them to do me one favor. Please pass this along and do one small act of kindness for someone else who really could use it.

You would be surprised how many people will call you back and tell you how good it made them feel to help others.

Editors Note: This was AMAZING, thank you so much, Jill!  You can learn more about Jill or schedule an appointment at her website,

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