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June 7

Interview with Dr Linda Salvin, A Psychic & Metaphysical Clinician

Interview with Dr. Linda Salvin, A Psychic & Metaphysical Clinician

Today I have the great pleasure of chatting with Dr Linda Salvin, a metaphysical clinician and psychic with powerful healing abilities.

She combines her scientific background with her spiritual gifts into a unique holistic method that will assist you on your life journey and help you find the answers to your most burning questions.

Linda, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today, let’s cut to the chase and get started!

When did you first realize you had unique abilities?

I was not psychic as a child or growing up. We all have an intuition that is very different from psychic abilities.

I was in a commercial airline plane crash on February 17, 1981. I was on company business when the plane crashed.

As I slid down the emergency ramp, a ‘whoosh-whoosh sound was heard and
a voice spoke to me I’d never heard before. I ran on the grass and when I stopped, I turned around to see the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles, then the paramedic beacons, turned again and saw the airport terminals and finally, as I turned again, I saw the
737 plane on its belly, cracked in half, on fire, and smoky.

I had a premonition of the plane cracking in half 90 minutes earlier while sitting with my partner in San Jose Airport’s coffee shop.

I mentioned it to him. He thought I was too tired and seeing things. As I stood there, I noticed the left side of my body was 50 feet above me; that split lasted about 4 months. I became a walk-in that day; whatever entered me changed me forever.

I’ve had other psychics explain it to me. I researched and after many years, I integrated and accepted the ‘gift’ which is also a curse.

When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

I did not know psychic work was my calling for many years after the plane crash in 1981. In 1982, I had my 2nd near-death experience when my car was hit by a firetruck and in 1984, I totaled a car. During that accident, I had the white light experience. This was 1984. I heard that voice again and it said, “You can come with us now or stay and do your…”

I was given a message. The paramedics got me out of the car and took me to UCLA medical. I screamed, “They want me off the planet”. I knew something was constantly happening to me beyond my control. I became more and more spiritual. One day, I just threw my hands in the air and screamed to the universe, God, the source, “what do you want me to do?”

Once I let go, I was lead to a 900 line, then their TV infomercial, radio for nearly 20 years, many TV shows, and a few movies. I started my own practice in 1994 when I was on KBIG 104 FM radio. I grew from there and continue today. The doors kept opening, people kept seeking my services and the 1000s of testimonials of my work flooded my mailbox, email, and phones.

The inspiration came from helping others, sharing about life, God, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, incorporating practices to be at peace, making predictions and in the end, many people expressed gratitude.

I believe this is a first for me, but you’re an actual Doctor, and you > incorporate your background in epidemiology with your psychic abilities. Can you tell us a bit about that, please?

Yes, most people say that. Few psychics are as educated as I am.

I hold a BA in Health Education from San Francisco State University in 1975 and then went to the University of Michigan for a Master’s in Public Health, Epidemiology. I graduated in 1977.

The big word of today with the Covid Pandemic is Epidemiology, the study of epidemics and disease in a human population. I worked in Industrial and Environmental health after grad school.

While working for an insurance company, I was out of town on business and the plane crashed on the landing when we returned. That again was 1981. Fast forward, I ended up on radio as a psychic and after many years working in spirituality, metaphysical healing, and developing a candle magic line, I decided to integrate my science with what I call the ‘woo-woo’ and earned my Ph.D. in Metaphysics in 2008, 31 years after grad school.

It is never too late. It was part of my calling. Now, I’m more clinical and not just spiritual; I integrate the two different worlds to help people become whole with the purpose, mind, body, spirit, and inner self, not just making predictions.

How have things changed for you during the pandemic, and how have you adjusted?

My work stayed basically the same as I have worked from home since the 90s while on radio and developing my private practice. I published several article on the pandemic during the last year which went out on the internet via the Associated Press. In one of my articles, I called the pandemic a ‘hallway of transformation’ and that it was not just the virus and contamination but during the lockdown and isolation.

We were all given an opportunity to get closer to ourselves, God, what
is important and our priorities. For me, I closed doors on friendships that we no longer satisfying, I made new friends, caught up on some shows I never watched, read books, took more walks with my dog to get outside. I adjusted most of the time as the wave of the pandemic went over us.

All the controversial theories, the elections, the vaccines are there. For the average ‘awake’ person, spiritually we see and know the truth. On the other side, unfortunately, suicide, mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse, food addiction, and domestic violence went up.

I’m glad I could stay focused spiritually through most of it. Family and friends online and the phone certainly helped pass the time, especially during scary moments. Isolation is not easy for anyone. We got through this together, didn’t we?

What do you love the most about what you do?

When people call or write to express their excitement that predictions came true, my healing work helped them more than some of their doctors or the magic of my candles proved to help their personal lives, I have fulfilled.

The positive rewards are from the gratitude I receive. I like to help and I know I have unique gifts that the average psychic and healer lack. I know, I’ve been to many. I often joke I wish I knew someone as accurate as me. I created Wicks of Wisdom spiritual candles to enhance love, legal, love, health and luck issues.

The 1000s of testimonials continue to flood my mailbox. I am at a point now I am looking to license my brand and formulas and let someone else take over. Perhaps one of your readers would be interested. Anyone can feel free to contact me via

Any final words of wisdom or parting thoughts for our readers in these trying times?

People say we are going through ‘trying times’. I am launching an internet station where I’ll be replaying many of my old shows from 1994-2009. Without a date stamp, the listener would not know there are 20 plus years between then and now. Life is life, there is always something to tackle, challenge and overcome.

Disease and epidemics are not new. Earth is a warrior planet. We will never have peace. Relationships, finances, the stock market, politics, fashion, spirituality, etc. is
always here. Different generations have different chapters.

What we do with the lessons is up to us a community. To effect change anywhere, we
need to start within ourselves. Slowly, we progress and slowly we change. Then we see no change at all.

I do know that everything happens for a reason and that we are all lead to the same place at the end of the journey. Finding self-worth, peace of mind, and unconditional love has been the greatest accomplishment for most while achieving the outside goals of success. We need to take care of each other, the animals, and understand that we all have red blood.

We really are one. The lesson is to see and embrace it. I believe as a metaphysical psychic and healer, I help by shining a flashlight on the path. Those who are closed-minded cannot hear or see the message.

I see God as simple as a butterfly and encourage people to let them guide them. Butterflies can be a wink from God, a messenger that all is right at the moment…

Editors Note: Wow, this was amazing, thank you, Linda! For more info on Linda, visit her online at

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