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March 23

How to Read Palms

How to Read Palms

How to Read Palms: Many people believe that you can tell a lot about a person's future from their palms. If you're curious about what your own palms can tell you about your fate, it's well worth learning how to read palms. Especially if you want to understand who you are on a deeper, subconscious level or are excited about the possibility of reading your friends' fortunes.

The history of palm reading:

People have been using the art of palm reading to predict the major events in their lives for centuries. While it's believed that palmistry first originated in Asia, it quickly spread throughout the world. In fact, Aristotle and Alexander the Great, were both fascinated by palm reading. Today palmistry is still commonly practiced in India, Nepal, and China and has found a new audience amongst modern-day fortune tellers around the world.

How to Read Palms:

Learn about the five key lines:

Palm Lines

While your palms may be covered in lines, there are five key lines that you should pay attention to:

  • Your head line
  • Your heart line
  • Your life line
  • Your sun line
  • Your fate line

In order to read your palms, it's important the learn the location and the significance of each of these lines.

Head line:

Your head line or wisdom line begins between your thumb and your forefinger and crosses the center of your palm.

If your head line is straight, you're likely to be relatively conservative and to follow a traditional path.

For example, you may have chosen to go to college, in order to pursue a high-paid career.

However, if your head line curves you're more likely to be innovative and progressive and to forge your own path in life.

Another example, you may choose to forgo college in favor of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.

Next, take a look at the length of your line as the longer it is the more interests you're likely to have.

For instance, if you have a particularly long head line, you may complete multiple degrees and may have a long list of hobbies.

You may even pursue multiple careers in your lifetime.

Whereas if your head line is relatively short you may prefer to specialize in one or two interests.

On top of this, if you have a long head line you may be interested in music, sports, cooking, dancing, and science while if you have a short head line you may focus your energy into learning health and fitness and leading an organic lifestyle.

Take a look at how deep your head line is.

The deeper it is the better your concentration is likely to be.

If you have a faint line, you're more likely to have difficulty concentrating and may be a day dreamer.

Heart Line

Your heart line or love line can give you valuable insight into your romantic relationships, friendships, and whether or not you're likely to be a loyal partner.

  • If your heart line seems to begin below your index finger you are likely to be satisfied in your long-term relationships and are unlikely to cheat on your significant other. 
  • However, if your heart line starts under your middle finger you are more likely to find it difficult to commit to a monogamous relationship.

How deep your heart line is will signify how significant romantic relationships are to your soul's journey.

The deeper this line is, the more impactful your long-term relationships will be on your life, and the more likely you are to settle down with a soul mate.

Who you share a deep, connection with. Next, look at how long your heart line is. The longer it is, the more time you'll get to spend with the love of your life.

If you're lucky enough to have an extremely long line that crosses your palm, it's highly likely that you'll get to spend many happy decades with your chosen life partner.

Lastly, see if there are any breaks in your heart line, as each break may signify a difficult or significant break-up.

Life line:

Don't worry having a short life line, doesn't mean that you won't get to enjoy a long, happy life.

In many cases, having a short lifeline simply predicts that you're likely to be highly independent, as the length of your life line reflects how much influence other people will have on your life.

If you want to see how likely you are to have lots of adventures and soul-enriching experiences, take a look at how deep your life line is. The deeper it is, the more adventurous your life is likely to be.

Sun line:

If you want to find out when you'll achieve major success or whether or not you're destined for stardom, it's a smart idea to study your sun line.

Your sun line is the vertical crease that you should find towards your little finger. If your sun line is far apart from your fate line, you're likely to achieve success through your own efforts.

However, if your sun line is parallel to your fate line or crosses your fate line, you may achieve success or fame as a result of luck or fate. If your sun line is deep, you're likely to receive help in reaching your goals from other people, who'll support your dreams.

Fate line:

Your fate line or your destiny line starts in the middle of your palm and is a vertical line. If you want to discover how your career or businesses are likely to turn out, make sure to pay attention to your fate line.

If your fate line is deep and doesn't have any breaks or crosses, you're in luck. As when it comes to success and material abundance, you're blessed and should have no trouble building a successful career or business empire.

However, if your fate line is faint or broken or has numerous crosses, there's no need to panic as out of all of your five key lines, your fate line changes the most over the course of your lifetime. So if you're able to address any issues which you have in regards to unhealthy beliefs about money or low self-esteem, it's possible that your fate line will become stronger over time.

If you are lucky enough to have two fate lines, you're likely to be highly creative and skilled and may be able to earn double the income of the average person.

Look at the overall shape of your hands:

Image Credit: Sage Aune,

The overall shape of your hands can also give you clues about your life's journey. In total there are four distinct hand shapes that correspond with the four elements, earth, fire, water, and air.


Earth-shaped hands have square palms and short fingers and tend to be fleshy. People with Earth-shaped hands are usually grounded and practical but have trouble with planning for the future as they are too focused on the present.

If you have Earth-shaped hands it's a smart idea to write a list of long-term goals which you'd like to achieve, followed by realistic steps which you can begin taking in order to manifest your dreams.


Fire-shaped hands have longer palms with short fingers. Individuals with fire-shaped hands are self-assured, passionate, and driven.

However, they often have difficulty relating to others and tend to lack emotional intelligence and empathy.

If you have fire-shaped hands, it's a great idea to work on becoming a better listener in order to strengthen your relationships with your loved ones.


Water-shaped hands typically have long palms and long fingers. Although their hands tend to appear narrow. Those with water-shaped hands are highly intuitive and are usually blessed with psychic abilities.

They are also lucky enough to be creative and imaginative. However, they are highly sensitive and are easily upset by brash individuals who don't think before they speak. If you have water-shaped hands, work on becoming more assertive and sticking up for yourself when others try to push you around or talk over you.


Air-shaped hands are defined by square palms and long fingers. Many people who have air-shaped hands have bony fingers or predominant knuckles. They tend to be highly intelligent and logical and have exceptional communication skills.

Their primary weakness is that if their brain isn't stimulated they can become anxious. If you have air-shaped hands, always make sure that you have projects that you're passionate about, to keep your mind occupied.

You may even want to take up yoga, meditation, or breathwork in order to drastically reduce your anxiety levels.

Remember that your future is not set in stone:

Remember that your destiny is not set in stone and your palms merely reflect personality traits that you're likely to have and scenarios that may eventuate if you keep following the same life path.

If you don't like what you discover while reading your palms, you have to power to influence your destiny and to take control of your fate.

Instead use the information which you receive in order to better understand yourself and to make wise decisions that will help you lead a joyful, meaningful life.

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