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March 27

How To Read Minds Like A Psychic

How To Read Minds Like A Psychic (9 Simple Steps)

The Goal of this post is to teach you wow to read minds, but first – the basics.  

As you no doubt already know, reading minds is a powerful ability which will allow you to connect to other people on a deeper level and which will help you to better understand those who are close to you.

How to read minds:

If you're interested in developing your ability to read minds, continue reading in order to discover a step by step guide which will guide you through the process of learning how to accurately read minds.

For example, you'll learn a few of my favorite (but super simple) telepathy exercises which you can easily practice with a friend.

Practice mindful activities:

Man and Woman do Yoga Together

Man and Woman do Yoga Together

In order to be able to successfully read another person's mind, you'll need to learn how to empty your mind of distractions in order to focus on sensing  your subject's thoughts.

Some examples of mindful activities which you may find useful include:

  • Yoga
  • Breath Work
  • Meditation Sessions

It's also well worth practicing mindful activities in order to calm your energy.  

It's important to remember that order to ensure that others feel comfortable enough around you to share their thoughts with you, your energy needs to be calm, supportive and positive.

Remember,  if you're closed off to others, they'll sense your energy and will try to protect their thoughts and feelings.

When you do try to connect with an individual in order to read their mind, telepathically let them know that you don't mean them any harm and are just interested in getting to know them on a spiritual level.

Work on increasing your emotional intelligence:

People who are empathetic and sensitive, generally have a far easier time learning to read minds than people who find it difficult to feel other people's emotions.

Remember, the art of mind reading has a lot in common with the ability to connect to an individual on an emotional level because both experiences rely on your ability to connect with another person's energy and to use your innate intuition in order to interpret the messages which you receive.

Accept your own emotions:

If you have hidden emotions which you've repressed, it's highly likely that you'll struggle to pick up on other individual's thoughts, feelings and emotions.

If you're not in touch with your own emotions, you may want to consider undergoing energy therapy such as reiki or chakra therapy in order to heal your repressed emotions and to get in touch with your emotions.

Practice telepathy with a willing friend:


One of the simplest ways to learn how to read minds is practicing basic telepathy activities with a willing friend.

  1. To start off with, it may be easiest to practice telepathy in the same room as your friend. 
  2. You may want to try getting your friend to hold a coin behind their back and to use a telepathic connection to tell you which hand the coin is in.
  3. If you want to decrease the pressure which you may feel or awkwardness which you may experience, close your eyes and see if you can hear your friend's voice in your mind telling you to pick their left hand or their right hand.
  4. Once you successfully guess the right answer, it's time to swap roles and to use your mind to tell your friend which hand your coin is in.
  5. You may want to clearly repeat the word left or right in your head and to imagine a left-pointing arrow or a right-pointing arrow in your mind's eye.
  6. You may also find it useful to keep your eyes open and to imagine a left or right arrow floating from your mind, to your friend's mind.
  7. Once you successfully complete the coin test, ask your friend to secretly choose a number from 1-10 and to use telepathy to tell you which number they chose.
  8. There are two ways in which you may receive their telepathic message.
  9. You may hear their voice in your head, telling you their chosen number or you may see an image of the number which they have selected in your mind's eye.

Move on to practicing more advanced telepathy exercises with a friend:

When you're confident that you've mastered the simple exercises which were listed above, you'll be ready to experiment with more advanced exercises.

  1. To start off with, stay in one room in your home such as your living room or bedroom, and get your friend to head to your kitchen where they will choose a single food item. 
  2. Once again your friend chooses their item they will try to send a telepathic message to you.
  3. Your job will be to write down the item which you think that they have chosen on a piece of paper.
  4. When they return to your room, they can show you their chosen item before you reveal to them the item which you wrote down on your piece of paper.

This exercise will strengthen your mind-reading abilities as you'll test your mind-reading abilities when you can't see the person whose mind you're trying to read.

It's also an advanced exercise as there are a long list of items which your friend can choose from so you're unlikely to guess the item which they've chosen, unless you've successfully read their mind.

Practice reading multiple people's thoughts:

Once you've got the hang of reading one person's thoughts, it's well worth testing out the same telepathy exercises with other individuals.

In order to see whether or not you have the ability to read anyone's thoughts.

When you feel confident about your telepathic skills, you may want to try reading the mind of a loved one who lives in another city or country.

Focus on your subject's energy:

A Persons Energy

In order to successfully read someone's mind it's important to make a connection with them and to see them as they really are.

For example, instead on focusing on details which don't matter such as their age, gender or fashion sense.

Focus your energy on the energy which they radiate. In order to connect with their authentic self, their spirit.

Your subject's energy can also tell you a lot about the thoughts which they may be having:

  • For example, you may notice that your subject has excess nervous energy which is a clue that their mind may be full of worries.
  • Alternatively, if your subject has a compassionate, loving energy they may be thinking about a romantic interest who they have recently started dating.

Be make sure to pay careful attention to the vibe which you get from each subject's energy.

If you have the ability to see or read auras, it's also worth reading a person's aura in order to get a glimpse into their mind.

Remember, auras often change color over time and can reflect the challenges which an individual is currently facing.

Be receptive to any thoughts which enter your mind:

In order to receive as much information about a person as their spirit is willing to share, you have to be receptive to any thoughts or feelings which they may share with you. Instead of having a preconceived idea of what they're thinking and feeling.

You may be surprised at how different your perception of a person is, from the person who they really are.

For example, if you try to read the mind of a friend who is vocal about their disinterest in relationships, you may find out that they crave a romantic relationship.

On the other hand, if you read the mind of a friend who achieved a high degree of professional success which you envy, you may find that they feel unaccomplished and insecure about their achievements.

Trust your intuition:

Trust In Your Intuition

One of your greatest assets when it comes to reading minds is your intuition.

Your intuition is linked to your higher self as well as your subconscious and can provide you with valuable information which your logical self may struggle to pick up.

Your intuition can even pick up on information from your environment that you might miss or overlook.

If you practice following your intuition when you work on your mind reading skills, you should find it easier to pick up on other people's thoughts and feelings.

Don't try to force your way into someone's mind;

If you sense that a person doesn't want you to access their thoughts, you should respect their right to privacy, since they may have private thoughts, feelings or insecurities which they'd prefer to keep hidden.

After all, how comfortable would you feel if another person tried to access your thoughts and feelings against your wishes?

If you're curious about how you can tell if someone doesn't want you to access their thoughts, you should feel a mental and emotional block if someone is aware that you're trying to read their mind and tries to prevent you from accessing their thoughts.

Never use your ability to hurt others:

As psychic gifts should only be used for the greater good, you should never use the information which you gain to hurt others for your own personal gain.

Instead you should only your ability to better understand other people and to form deeper, more meaningful relationships with other people.

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