How To Do Telekinesis For Beginners

How To Do Telekinesis for Beginners

In this article, I plan on teaching how how to do telekinesis, but first let me cover the basics.

What IS Telekinesis?

what is telekinesis

Telekinesis describes the psychic ability to physically manipulate items, without touching them, using mind power.

A more well known example of this is bending spoons without touching them, but there is much more to telekinesis than just bending spoons. 

If you'd love to be able to practice telekinesis and to discover how powerful your mind is, simply continue reading to discover a beginner's guide to telekinesis. 

You'll even discover some of the scientific ideas behind the psychic practice of telekinesis.

How To Do Telekinesis:

Have an open mind:

Crucial Step: If your subconscious doesn't believe that there is a chance that you can successfully use telekinesis to physically manipulate an item, you won't be able to successfully move your chosen object. 

As telekinesis relies on energy, you'll need a positive mindset if you want to move a physical object with your mind.

Practice in a quiet area where you won't be disturbed by potential distractions:

A Quiet Place to Focus

Pick your location carefully.

For example, it's not a wise idea to practice in a busy lounge or in a garden next to a busy road.

Instead, it's preferable to practice in a quiet bedroom or to drive to a scenic park to practice.

Practice meditation and breathwork:

In order to increase your chances of getting into the right mental state to be able to move objects with your mind, you'll need to learn how to clear your mind and to focus on the object which you want to move.

One way to increase your focus is to practice breathwork in order to decrease your heart rate, which will allow you to become more relaxed and more open to moving objects with your mind.

Practice with a lightweight object:

A Match

As a beginner, you should choose a lightweight object which will take less energy to move.

Examples of which include a match stick, a feather, or a single piece of paper.

You don't have to start with trying to bend a metal spoon, on your first day practicing telekinesis.

Notice as many details about your chosen object as possible:

  1. Look at your object and try to notice as many specific details about your object as possible. 
  2. For example, if your item is a feather, notice whether it's a singular color or multiple colors as well as the length and width of your feather.
  3. Next, close your eyes and try to recall as many features as you can remember.
  4. Once you're able to accurately see your object in your mind's eye, you'll be able to establish an energetic connection between yourself and your object.

Establish an energetic connection with your object:

Atoms & Particles

The next part of the process is the most critical and involves establishing an energetic connection with your object.

At this point, it may help to understand the science behind telekinesis.

As you may know, your body is formed of atoms as is every physical being and object in the universe.

Following this theory, it should make logical sense that an object such as a feather, a match stick, or a piece of paper is also made up of atoms, just like you are.

Even the physical space between yourself and your object is made up of atoms.

As atoms are always moving, your energy is always flowing and interacting with the energy of the environments with which you interact with and the people and objects that you interact with.

Some scientists even believe that have discovered the presence of atoms that exist in multiple places at once and if the energy of one atom changes in one location it will influence the second atom.

To put this idea into perspective, think about how often a specific person will call you or message you when you think about contacting them.

For example, have you ever had a person's contact number pulled up on your phone to call them, only to have a call from them pop up on your phone?

If you believe the notion that the universe is more connected on an energetic level than you first imagined, it's feasible that if you connect with the energy of an item and your energy mixes with its energy.  

If this is true, then you may be able to move a physical item using your mind just as you interact with an item, even on an energetic level, part of its energy will flow through your energy.

While visualizing your object as clearly as you're able to, imagine your energy mixing with the energy between you and your object and the atoms which comprise your object.

Instead of seeing the physical boundaries which most people fixate on every day, keep blurring the boundaries which you see, until you see your energy as one with the energy of your object and the space between you.

Remember that you're not trying to force an item to move:

Don't invest your energy in trying to force an item to move, instead work on letting your energy flow with your item's energy, so that you'll be able to guide your object to move.

As energy naturally flows and every being and object's energy is connected to each other. Think about being one with your object and controlling it as effortlessly and naturally as you're able to move your finger or blink.

Decide how you would like to influence your chosen object:


In your mind's eye visualize how you would like your chosen object to move.

For example, you may want to visualize your feather moving an inch to the right or you may want your piece of paper to float off the edge of a table onto the floor.

Don't visualize your item moving in different ways as your intention must be clear in order for you to successfully move your object.

Experiment with influencing the results of random acts:

If you struggle to move an object, you may want to start off with influencing the results of random acts.

For example, you may want to experiment with influencing the result of a simple coin toss.

  1. Before you attempt to manipulate your toss, spend a few minutes meditating with your coin in your hands so that you're able to let your energy mix with the energy of your coin. 
  2. Next, keep visualizing yourself tossing your coin and getting the same result, either heads or tail.
  3. Remember to connect with the energy of the air around you too, in order to manipulate your coin toss.
  4. When you feel ready open your eyes and toss your coin, just as you visualized.

If your coin toss was successful, throw your coin two more times, in order to try to influence the outcome of your coin toss, three times in a row.

While the probability of getting heads or tails is 50% per toss, the probability of throwing three heads or three tails in a row is significantly lower.

If you fail with your first flow, meditate with your coin in your hands for a few more minutes and try again.

Alternatively, you could also practice getting a spinning wheel to fall on a certain tile or getting dice to fall on a particular number. You could even try influencing a spinning top to spin to a certain area of your table.

Experiment with altering the flame of a candle:

Candle Flame

Another exercise that is well worth practicing is influencing the flame of a candle.

For example, it's possible to use telekinesis to get the flame or your candle to grow larger or to move to the left or right.

This is a great exercise to try before bed as when you're tired from a long day your subconscious is more open to the possibility that it's actually possible to control the flickering flame of a candle.

If you find it difficult to move an object that is 100% stationary, it's a great idea to practice this exercise on a daily basis.

Once you gain confidence from successfully moving flames, you'll find it easier to move a small object such as a feather.

Try getting a pencil to roll off your table:

One exercise which many people have success with is getting a pencil to roll off your table.

As pencils easily roll, it's not difficult to believe that you can get a pencil to fall off your table. So you should have the confidence to successfully master this task.

Take regular breaks:

While you may be tempted to keep practicing the same exercise over and over when you're physically tired and emotionally tired, you'll find it a lot more difficult to move your items.

So don't be afraid to take regular breaks, in order to keep your energy levels and morale high.

So what are you waiting for?

So if you truly believe that you have the ability to control objects using your mind and are willing to put the effort into practicing some of the exercises which are mentioned above, you should be able to master the art of telekinesis.

Just remember that just with any other activity, practice makes perfect and it may take some time to develop your innate ability.

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