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March 19

Green Aura Meaning

Green Aura

Those with green auras have a natural affinity with nature and usually have strong healing abilities.

To discover more of the key traits which people with green auras, simply continue reading.

This is especially important if your aura is green or you're interested in better understanding a friend or family member that has one. With that, I present my guide to understanding green auras.

What Does A Green Aura Say About Somebody?

They Are Natural Healers:

Green Aura

They are natural healers but are more likely to work with alternative forms of healing than they are to become doctors as they are deeply spiritual. 

Some possible careers which they are likely to consider including becoming a Reiki healer, a meditation teacher, or a breathwork instructor.

Others others may help people heal their minds and bodies as a yoga instructor.

They Have A Loving nature:

Everything that they do, they do out of love.

For example, they won't tell someone that they love them unless they actually love them.

While some people won't think twice about telling someone that they love them in order to get what they want out of them, those with green auras are sincere with their words and actions.

They Have A Strong Desire to Connect With Others:

They have a strong desire to connect with others and tend to have social personalities.

That being said, they much prefer spending time with friends in small groups or for one on one catchups where they'll able to have deep and meaningful conversations with their friends.

They're Extremely Generous:

They are extremely generous with their time, energy, and money.

They are the type of people who will pay for all of their friends' meals at a restaurant or who will spend an entire weekend helping a family member move to a new home.

They Are Goal Orientated:

They tend to be goal orientated and will take all the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

They'll even come up with detailed plans in order to reach their goals.

Ability to deal with change:

While people with red auras find it difficult to adapt to change, those with green auras thrive when they are faced with change.

One of their goals in life is to experience as much growth as possible and growth is often achieved through periods of change. Many people in this group are natural-born innovators, who come up with innovative ideas which change the world.

They're Quite Lucky:

They are extremely lucky and are often in the right place, at the right time to take advantage of rare opportunities.

Despite the odds, they also win more than their fair share of lotteries, raffles, and competitions.

If you believe that your aura could be green, it's well worth entering as many free online competitions as you can as your luck may help you win a few, valuable prizes!

They Manifest Prosperity:

They have a strong ability to manifest prosperity and are unlikely to experience money issues.

Instead they tend to be successful no matter which career path they choose to follow.

Some will even find success as entrepreneurs.

They Have A Strong Connection with nature:

Nature Lovers

They thrive when they're able to spend time in nature and are often drawn towards outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, 

They are also likely to lead green, eco-friendly lives and to support charitable organizations which are focused on protecting and nurturing the environment. If your aura is green, you may want to connect with nature by practicing yoga in scenic locations or taking a yoga class on a stand up paddleboard.

Challenges They May Face:

One of their key challenges in life is to prevent jealousy from consuming their thoughts and emotions.

While most people who experience jealousy, are jealous of other people's success, luck, appearance, or material goods, they usually become jealous due to control issues.

For example, they may get overly jealous if strangers look at their partner on the street, as they may not have enough confidence in their relationship to trust that their partner won't leave them for someone new.

Crystals That Benefit Them:

Crystals for Green Aura

They benefit from meditating with green crystals such as jade and green malachite. Being that their primary chakra is their heart chakra, they should try meditating with a green crystal on the center of their chest to help energy flow through it. 

Their Love & Relationships:

They make desirable partners as they are usually devoted, generous, patient, and loving. One of their few challenges in relationships is that sometimes they get in relationships with people who don't reciprocate the time, energy, and devotion that they give.

Sometimes they may lose themselves in a romantic relationship and will forget that they need to love themselves and to put themselves first in order to have a healthy relationship. 

In a long-term partner, they look for individuals who have balanced personalities, have a creative side, and enjoy spending time exploring nature.

Types of green:

Just like there are different aura colors, there are different shades of green in which auras can manifest themselves, let's take a look at the more common ones!

Dark Green Auras

Unfortunately, people in this group tend to struggle with overwhelming feels of jealousy and bitterness and need to spend time healing their heart chakra.

As a blocked heart chakra can cause them to let their jealousy take over their life.

Emerald Green Auras

This group has the strongest healing powers and have a life mission to heal as many people as they can.

They usually have a well balanced heart chakra and have a calm presence that people enjoy being around.

They also enjoy being social and connecting with other people on a deep level and avoid making surface level friendships.

Yellow Green Auras:

People who have yellow streaks in their aura are creative, easily inspired and expressive and are likely to play an instrument or to create art in their spare time.

While others are gifted poets or writers. One of their goals in life is to share their story with others through a creative medium.

Blue Green Auras

They tend to practical yet compassionate and are particularly well suited to careers in the medical industry. Especially as they're able to connect well with their patients.

In conclusion:

Those with green auras have many gifts and are likely to be successful as they goal orientated, lucky and have strong healing abilities as they have generous, giving souls they are also likely to enjoy rewarding friendships and relationships.

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