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April 20

Interview with Seth & Jenny from DynastyElectrik

Dynasty Electrik Interview

I'm speaking today with Seth & Jenny from

They believe the vibrational power of sound has the ability to transport the listener to a state of deep meditation and relaxation where the chakras are balanced and the energetic body is harmonized. That is what Dynasty Electrik is all about, but I know they can clarify further for me!

Seth and Jenny, Thank you SO very much for taking the time out of your busy day to be with us here!  I appreciate you sharing your time & energy with us!

Can you please introduce yourself/yourselves to our readers?

Hi Yasmin, Thanks so much for inviting us to be a part of your blog!

We are Seth and Jenny of Dynasty Electrik, a music and sound healing duo originally from Brooklyn, currently living in the mountains of Southern California.

For those who may not be familiar with it, can you explain what a sound bath is, how it works, and how you incorporate it into what you do?

Seth & Jenny, Dynasty Electrik

A sound bath is a kind of musical concert in which the audience is typically laying down with their eyes closed and the intention is to relax rather than dance or socialize.

Instead, the listener is focused on the internal sensory experience of the sound.   The sounds are designed to soothing and meditative rather than high-energy or beat-driven.

Music is comprised of invisible geometric waveforms that have the ability to penetrate and influence every layer of our being from the physical and mental to the spiritual.  Because of this, certain music can induce powerful states of deep relaxation, meditation, and healing.

In our own journey, we started off as an electronic rock band, playing late-night loft parties in Brooklyn, which I believe is a kind of ecstatic, cathartic aspect of sound healing.

Around 2012, we met a professional sound healer named Lisa Ishwari Murphy who was helping people heal from difficult conditions like MS, cancer, etc. with shamanic energy techniques and sound healing.

It was very influential for us, and we started incorporating singing bowls and gongs into our music.

Over time, we eventually stopped playing dance parties and started performing sound baths at yoga studios and festivals. It actually happened quite naturally and just felt right.

What should somebody expect from their first sound bath?

Sound Bath

Every sound bath is going to be a bit different, and each person will experience a sound bath in their own way.

However, most people experience a deep sense of relaxation along with some kind of inner sensory experience such as seeing colors, shapes, or dream-like visions.

Many people also may experience light physical effects such as a feeling of floating, or a tingling sensation in the limbs.

Others may experience emotional release from past traumas and may cry.  And others may fall asleep, which is perfectly acceptable, and normal at a sound bath.

What benefits does a sound bath offer?

Essentially a sound bath is a technique to establish general wellness, and when our well-being is restored, we can potentially heal from any malady.

Rather than “attacking” specific symptoms, a sound bath seeks to restore harmony and balance to the physical, psychological, and energetic layers of the listener. When the layers of our being are harmonized and balanced, we experience health and vitality.

If we can clear discordance from someone’s energy field, we can keep it from manifesting as an illness.  If the discordance has already progressed into the physical or mental layers, music is still a valuable tool for helping to vibrate the body back to a state of health, it just may require more time and effort to move the energy.

We found this beautiful Pleiadian Sound Healing on their Youtube Channel, give it a listen! <3

When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

Seth: When I was a teenager, I kind of stumbled upon the healing power of music through the work of certain jazz musicians, specifically John and Alice Coltrane, Albert Ayler, and Sun Ra. I was able to find relief for anger, anxiety, and depression by closing my eyes and listening deeply to their music.

It would even transport me into spiritual states of consciousness.  After that, I knew that I wanted to be involved in music.

Later, when I was at Wesleyan University, I had the good fortune of meeting and studying with the jazz master Anthony Braxton, with whom I experienced telepathic and mystical states through free improvisation and rhythmic trances.

He also introduced me to the business side of music and gave me my first professional opportunities.

Later on, interestingly enough, it was the difficulties that Jenny and I encountered in the music business that led us into sound healing. 

After years of dealing with difficult record labels and promoters, we felt exhausted and broken.  

Sound healing offered us a way to heal ourselves and to continue playing music.

And we just started sharing it with others.  

The whole process has been very natural and organic.

Do you have any special or memorable treatments that stand out in your mind?

Every sound bath tends to special in it’s own way and I always love the stories that people share with us about how the music has benefited them.  Sometimes they share fantastical visions, creative breakthroughs, or relief from physical or emotional injuries.

From my perspective, sometimes when we are musically in “the zone”, I have out-of-body experiences where I can see myself playing music below while I’m floating above the crowd.

How have things changed for you since the start of the pandemic?

We were living in L.A. near Venice Beach at the time and we were performing at Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery every Friday night. 

The gallery closed down and all of our events were cancelled so we gave up our apartment in the city, and moved to our mountain cabin in Crestline, California about 90 minutes east of L.A.. 

Now we live in a national forest surrounded by ancient trees and wildlife.

If looks like you offer online sound bath sessions.  Has this always been your "normal", or was this brought about with the pandemic?

We were pretty much exclusively performing live sound baths before the pandemic.  We very quickly had to transition to online last year, and I’m happy to say that we have continued our Friday night sound bath series this entire time without missing a week.

It has been a big learning curve for us and for all of us, but after trying out Zoom, we’ve settled on YouTube where we are able to get the best sound quality and streaming experience.

We have been pleasantly surprised by how well the sound bath translates, especially if the listener uses headphones or connects to a speaker system.

Any parting words of advice for our readers in these troubling times?

Make sure to take time for self-care. Eat well (lots of fruits and veggies!), make sure to get some exercise and fresh air every day, and try out a sound bath sometime.

It can be as easy as listening to some relaxing music, closing your eyes, and letting yourself drift away with the sound.

Since you can find sound baths online now, you can even take an actual bath while you’re listening!  Healing music can really help with anxiety, insomnia, depression, anger, and some of the other side effects of this period of time.

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