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November 12

Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism, What Does a Dragonfly Symbolize?

Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism, What Does a Dragonfly Symbolize?

In this post, we go in depth into Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism.

Whether you suspect that dragonflies could be your spirit animal or you're interested in discovering the spiritual significance of dreaming about a dragonfly or why a dragonfly visits you, you've come to the right place.

As listed below is a comprehensive guide to dragonfly symbolism and the different spiritual messages which you may get from dragonflies both in real life and in your lucid dreams.

As dragonflies often serve as spiritual messengers and have wise messages for you, that are well worth listening to.

Dragonfly Meaning & Symbolism - What Does It Mean When A Dragonfly Visits You?

dragonfly symbolism

That you're being called to be flexible and adaptable:

If you watch a dragonfly flying you may notice that it keeps changing its flight pattern. For this reason dragonflies often are a well needed reminder to be flexible and adaptable and to be able to quickly change your plans in order to thrive.

  • For example, if you don't get offered a job that you're fixated on, you may want to adapt by launching your own business.
  • As another example, if your relationship is toxic and is coming to an end, you may want to take the opportunity to follow your dreams and to travel overseas.

Remember that everything happens for a reason and if the universe doesn't provide you with what you want, they have something better waiting for you.

All you need is to be open to new opportunities and to be open to any signs or opportunities which the universe presents you with. 

Dragonflies have existed for 250-300 million years and outlived dinosaurs. This is due to the fact that dragonflies are quick to adapt and therefore survive.

Imminent change is on the horizon:

Whether you see a dragonfly in a lucid dream or you spot a dragonfly in real life, it may be a sign that you're about to undergo a huge change in your life.

While seeing a dragonfly could mean that you'll move cities or start a new job, in most cases seeing a dragonfly signifies changing your thought patterns and evolving as a spiritual being.

For example, seeing a dragonfly may predict that you're about to rethink your life purpose, which will change the path that you're on.

If you're curious about why dragonflies are associated with rapid change, for hundreds of years dragonflies have been symbols of both death and light.

So it's natural that dragonflies represent rebirth, transformation and significant life changes.

Another key reason why dragonflies are associated with change is that dragonflies begin their lives on small bodies of water such as lakes and ponds and end up flying through the sky.

To search a little deeper:

As dragonflies can often be spotted near the surface of small bodies of water such as ponds, seeing a dragonfly may be a sign from the universe to look deeper and to see past the surface of a person, opportunity or circumstance.

For example, you may be called to reassess your opinion of someone who you've just met for the first time.

As while an individual may seem arrogant or aloof, their behavior could be influenced by their insecurities and once they get to know you they may we willing to show you who they really are.

To get rid of illusions that don't serve your highest good:

Dragonflies may appear in your life, to encourage you to contemplate whether there are any illusions which you believe to be true, that don't serve your highest good.

For example, you may frequently tell yourself that you're not loveable due to past events in your childhood or with your romantic partners. However, if you keep telling yourself that you are unlovable is your spirit really open to being loved passionately and unconditionally?

If you feel spiritually connected to dragonflies, they may be trying to tell you to be brave enough to see past the illusions which you've created.

As while you may have created illusions to protect yourself from pain, in the long run your illusions may be preventing yourself from experiencing joy.

That your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you:

Your spirit guides, ancestors or guardian angels may send a dragonfly your way to remind you that you're never alone and that you're always protected and guided.

For example, if you've been waiting for a sign on whether or not you should take a job in a new city, seeing a dragonfly could be a sign from your spirit guides that you should accept the job offer which you've been offered.

To be open to experiencing joy:

what does it mean when a dragonfly visits you

Dragonflies are a symbol of joy and a reminder to appreciate life as the gift that it is as dragonflies live relatively short lives.

Remember that even in challenging times, there is always a reason to be happy and to find joy in the little things in life.

As examples, sometimes enjoying a phone call with a friend or going for a walk on the beach, can lift your spirits.

So if you've been taking life too seriously and are becoming hard hearted seeing a dragonfly may be reminder to be open to experiencing joy.

Especially as everything in the world is comprised of energy and if you focus your energy on joy, you'll be able to attract more joy into your life.

Remember, that often in life what you think about, is what you attract into your life.

To let go of negative thoughts and feelings:

turn your back on negative thoughts and feelings,

In Native American culture dragonflies are a spiritual symbol to turn your back on negative thoughts and feelings, which may be preventing you from achieving the success that you dream of.

Understandably sometimes it's extremely difficult to get rid of negative thought patterns, that you may be using as a form of self protection.

However as dragonflies are symbols of hope and seen as dream keepers in Native American culture, if you see a dragonfly or keep seeing dragonfly symbols it's a clear sign not to give up on your dreams.

As if you focus on positivity, you can fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

That good fortune is coming your way:

In Japanese culture dragonflies are seen as happy, courageous creatures and are looked upon as good omens.

So if you see a dragonfly or feel connected to dragonfly spirits, expect good fortune in your future.

Especially if you've faced hardship and are waiting for a positive opportunity or blessing to come your way.

That you will be victorious:

In Japanese culture dragonflies are also a sign of victory which is why historically many Japanese armies had dragonflies engraved on their soldiers' armor.

So if you wondering if you're going to be victorious in your efforts, the answer is a resounding yes.

For instance, if you're worried about whether your fledgling business will thrive or whether you'll win a court case, the answer is yes.


Dragonflies are a spiritual symbol of maturity as by the time you notice a dragonfly flying through the air it has reached its final, mature form.

Sometimes dragonflies may enter your life in order to honestly assess your current behavior.

Have you been acting like a mature, responsible adult or have you fallen prey to your ego or your insecurities? 

As seeing a dragonfly could mean that you've made great progress and have evolved in a mature, enlightened individual or that your higher self is trying to tell you that you've been acting petty or immature.


As dragonflies are associated with both water and air, they may be trying to tell you to accept your duality as a spirit and to embrace your lightness and darkness. Your triumphs and your failures.

Sometimes dragonflies can be a wise reminder that you don't have to pick and choose pieces of yourself to be acceptable to others and that it's possible to love and accept yourself for your duality. As all spiritual beings are multifaceted.

Potential danger:

While 9 times out of 10 dragonflies are positive spiritual omens, occasionally dragonflies may try to warn you about impending danger.

From a spiritual angle as dragonflies can often be found near murky bodies of water, from time to time dragonflies are trying to warn you that something under the surface of the water is not as it seems and is a potential danger.

In the physical world, the hidden dangers which you may not see could be a friend or family member who is nice to your face but doesn't want you to succeed or dating an individual who is friendly in public but is controlling and manipulative the second that they're behind closed doors and they can drop their good guy or good girl act.

However, don't get too frightened if you dream about seeing a dragonfly or see a dragonfly as you only have reason to be concerned and to suspect that there is hidden danger if your intuition tells you that the dragonfly is trying to warn you about an impending threat.

In conclusion:

So next time you dream about a dragonfly or are lucky enough to spot one or more dragonflies in real life, it's well worth referring back to this handy guide on dragonfly meaning & symbolism.

In order to discover why a dragonfly has crossed your path and what advice they have to give you. As dragonflies are mystical, spiritual creatures who often appear when you need guidance in your life.

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