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May 11

Interview with David & Trudy Brown, Psychics, Mediums & Spiritual Counselors

David & Trudy Brown Interview

Today Is a double whammy!  I get to speak with David & Trudy Brown, Psychics, Mediums & Spiritual Counselors.

They're married, they work together, and with that comes your benefit, consider it a bonus, you get two approaches and views with each reading and event!

Very cool, and I'm very excited to speak with them, so let's get started!

Thank you BOTH so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to chat with me.

- When did you first realize you had special abilities?

David & Trudy were both born with their abilities.

David’s mother, Nell Brown, was a phenomenal psychic & medium herself and never encouraged or discouraged David’s ability. Growing up in a family where it was “normal” David did not realize he was “different” until the neighborhood kids basically told him he was. He was not shunned for his ability and continued to grow in many ways throughout his life. 

Trudy had a different experience, having realized she was “different” when she was around 4-5 years old after “hearing” a nonverbal patient in a coma shouting out for a family member and telling the nurse the patient wanted that specific family member, who was in fact of that name, was told by her Grandmother that she was never to “do that” again. Trudy thought everyone could “hear” and “see” the same things until that day, years later she embraced her gift and has since joined with her husband to help others move forward in this life and the next.

- When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

We were both in our 30’s when we started doing it as a business, we had been previously helping family and friends and people in need of our services it just kept growing by word of mouth from there until it was too much to continue as a “side business” of sorts.

- What is the most popular type of reading with customers?

The most requested is mediumship- connecting with those that have passed.

- Do you have any special or memorable sessions or readings that stand out in your mind? Any Celebrity ones you can share with us? 🙂

We have done so many that really have been amazing and unbelievable, yes, even for us! We don’t share client information as in WHO we have as clients or have done work for, we adhere to a strict code of ethics in that way.

Our favorite thing to do is to help others move forward in whatever way they may need.  We love to help children with abilities as we have 5 children of our own and 4 of them have the ability, so we are very invested in making children have a safe and welcoming experience when trying to sort out their gifts.

An interesting twist we had in our line of work occurred several years ago. We were working with a family and Police Department to find a body of a woman that had been tortured and murdered in the most brutal ways. The murderer committed suicide when he was found. Several months later we were contacted for a session by a woman that wanted to connect with her fiancé that had passed, the murder was the fiancé.

He was the first “person” that was able to hide half of who he was for a good 10 min into the meeting with his fiancé from both of us. We saw two totally different people in that individual. We saw the one that we connected with to find the body and we saw the one that was a loving devoted fiancé.

Every session is memorable, we get to meet new people both in this world and the next and we are grateful for every interaction we have.

- How have things changed for you during the pandemic, and how have you adjusted?

75% of our business was done online virtually prior to the pandemic, currently, now 100% is done that way. Pre-Covid we were very active in helping to raise money for historical sites, volunteer organizations and charities doing paranormal investigations and gallery events, etc. to benefit them. We had just started free support groups focused on different areas of healing in partnership with several therapists which had to cease as soon as it began due to COVID. We are looking forward to getting that going again.

- What do you love the most about what you do?

Simple- Helping others move forward in this life and the next.

- Any final words of wisdom or parting thoughts for our readers in these trying times?

Take this time to reflect, grow and move yourself and those around you forward. That is the ultimate purpose of our existence, we all just do it in different ways.  This time will pass in one way or another and once again we will all be caught up in the whirlwind that is life, appreciate the time we have been given for ourselves, our friends, and family, and use it to further yourself to be the best version of you.

Dreams and goals are there because they are attainable, they are put there for the purpose of giving us something to reach and aim for, you are only limited by yourself, allow yourself the grace, time, and love and invest in YOU!

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