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March 13

Blue Aura Meaning

What Does A Blue Aura Mean?

Are looking for information to better understand yourself or a partner, friend, or family member, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find a handy guide that discusses the unique traits and abilities that are commonly shared by people with blue auras.

What Does A Blue Aura Mean?

Those with blue auras are compassionate and highly value loyalty and devotion. Some may even put their loved one's needs above their own. While many individuals like to maintain countless friendships, they prefer having a close group of trustworthy friends that they can rely on.

In their circle of friends, they tend to take on the role of a parent and are the first person their friends turn to when they are upset or require wise, reliable advice.

As a group, they also care deeply about justice and won't think twice before assisting an individual who is the victim of wrongdoing. For this reason, some naturally gravitate towards careers as lawyers or judges. In order to bring much-needed justice to unfair situations.

They are also a spiritually focused group and have strong intuitions that continually guide them on their life journeys.

For example, if they are given two different options instead of being guided by their logic or their heart, they will usually let their intuition choose a path to take. They trust that the universe or their higher selves have their best interests at heart.


Their primary motivation is to lead lives that benefit the whole of mankind. Unlike people that are motivated by personal success, money, status, or fame, they genuinely want to make the world a better place, for both individuals and society.

What makes them unique, is that often people who are focused on making a large impact on society, have little interest in helping people on a one-to-one basis.

However, these individuals will always take time from their busy days to help one person who needs a helping hand. They believe that each person matters and should not be neglected in favor of the bigger picture.

The gift of communication:

One of their natural gifts is communication and for this reason, it's not unusual to see them pursue careers as singers, public speakers, leaders, counselors, politicians, or philosophers.

While other individuals may struggle to speak confidently in public situations, these individuals are able to get their key points clearly and articulately across.

Better yet, as they have a natural charisma and magnetism, when they speak, people instinctively stop and listen. In many cases, they are able to inspire individuals to make important changes through the power of their speeches.

Even in disagreements, they can keep cool, calm, and collected and are unlikely to raise their voice or to resort to throwing insults.

Instead, they'll be able to find the right words to get their point across in a non-confrontational manner.

If you're curious as to why they are gifted speakers one of the primary reasons is that their throat chakras are usually balanced and allow words to effortlessly flow out of their mouths.

Whereas other individuals often have issues with their throat chakras, which need to be healed.

Innate creativity:

They also are blessed with innate creativity and are inspired to use their creative gifts, to make the world a better place. For example, one person may use their gift of creativity to order to plan a large-scale event to raise money for a charity that is close to their heart.

While another person may use their creativity to write songs that inspire societal change, as each person is different the way that they channel their creativity will be unique.

Different Shades:

Did you know that that the shade of blue auras can differ and can signify different traits, life purposes, and abilities?

To learn about the traits and gifts of each distinct shade of blue, continue reading, as you may find that you personally identify with a particular group.


This group of people are natural-born healers and often become reiki healers or energetic healers. They also do well as therapists, psychologists, and counselors as they are empathetic and highly sensitive and are able to help individuals heal repressed trauma.

Royal blue:

This group includes those who have the rare gift of clairvoyance and have the useful ability to gain knowledge about a person, place, or situation through extrasensory perception. As a group, they also are open to exploring new opportunities and don't let fear get in the way of personal growth.

Sky blue:

It is thought that the lighter a person's aura is that the more positive and peaceful they are. This group is comprised of people who are serene and remain cool, calm, and collected no matter what obstacles life throws at them. Out of all the different shades, this group includes the strongest communicators. For this reason, they make great leaders and are particularly well suited to a career in politics.

Cloudy blue:

This group includes people who have not embraced their gift of communication and unknowingly self-sabotage their own throat chakras as well as people who try to silence their intuition. Unfortunately, these individuals often get into cycles of self-sabotage and can become anxious as a result. Thankfully, it's possible for people in this group to clear up their auras by working on listening to and accepting their intuition and freely expressing their opinions.

Indigo streaks:

Those who have streaks of indigo in their auras tend to dive headfirst into spirituality and are strongly drawn to spiritual practices such as meditation, singing bowls, crystal healing, and breathwork

Out of all the subgroups, this group is the most likely to have deep, emotional feelings and to blindly trust their intuition the reason for this is as they have zero doubt that their intuition will serve their higher purpose.

In conclusion:

Whether you believe that you may have a blue aura or you're simply looking to better understand a partner, friend, or family member, hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how an aura that is primarily blue, can influence a person.

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