November 10, 2020

Aura Colors & Their Meanings: How to ‘Shed Light’🔦On Your Aura

Aura Colors & Their Meanings

Thank you for visiting our Aura Colors Guide.  Your aura is your energy field and can sometimes be seen around your body. 

If you've seen a bright, colorful light around a person, you've seen their aura.

Regardless of whether or not you can see your aura, you always have an aura which will give you valuables signs about the current nature of your spirit.

As each different color aura has a different meaning.

However, it's important to note that your aura may not stay the same color for your entire life and as you grow and evolve as a spirit, it's possible for your aura to change color.

To learn about the distinct aura color meanings behind each one, simply continue reading in order to shed light on your aura.

As once you work on connecting with your higher spirit by using spiritual tools such as meditation, you should be able to see the color of your aura.

Aura Colors Meaning:

Aura Colors Chart


If you have a red aura your spirit has a strong, passionate energy. Typically individuals with red auras are very grounded and self assured. 

Those with red auras also tend to be courageous and fearlessly pursue their dreams. As an example, if you have a red aura you won't have any difficulties taking the necessary steps in order to be offered your dream job.

However, if you have a red aura, you may forget to nurture your spiritual side. If you're well aware that you have a tendency to focus too much on the physical world and neglect your spiritual side, it's a great idea to use spiritual tools such as crystals, singing bowls, tarot cards and meditation to connect with your higher self.

As when you connect with your higher self you'll start gaining intuitive insights that will guide you to your life's purpose.


If you have an orange aura it's likely that you're a thrill seeker who loves adventure and isn't afraid to take risks.

If you have an orange aura just be sure that the risks that you take are calculated and that you avoid taking risks which may have dangerous consequences. In order to avoid making easily avoidable mistakes.

One advantage to having an orange aura, is that individuals with orange auras are extremely creative and are able to come up with unique, innovative ideas that can change the world.

Another advantage of having an orange is aura is that you can easily focus on your creative projects and have a strategic mind. So no matter what projects your drawn to, you'll be able to use your innate creativity and logic to your advantage.


Individuals who have yellow auras are usually happy go lucky, free spirits who have a positive outlook on life. One of the greatest benefits of having a yellow aura is to be able to find hope in any situation. 

If you have a yellow aura, you have a generous spirit and instantly brighten any room that you walk into. It's highly likely that you have a great sensor of humor and know exactly how to cheer people up and to make them laugh.

In fact, due to your friendly nature and optimism it's likely that people gravitate towards you and that you make friends easily.

One of the only downsides of having a yellow aura is that you may act childish at times and may struggle with making mature adult decisions.

For example, you may struggle with having the motivation to climb the ranks of your chosen career path.


Individuals with magenta auras tend to their wear their heart on their sleeve are aren't afraid to love boldly.

For this reason individuals with magenta auras are usually happiest when they are around other people. 

Especially as people with magenta auras love being the center of attention and tend to be extremely popular.

However, if you have a magenta aura, although you have a big heart you're probably a free spirit and an individualist and aren't afraid to put yourself first.

One downside of having a magenta aura is that while at your best you may be kind, loving and understanding at your worst you can be impatient with your loved ones and may treat others cruelly due to your frustration.

So if you find your patience wearing thin, it's a great idea to spend some time by your self in order to rebalance your energy.


If you have a green aura, you're intellectually gifted and have a powerful mind. Individuals with green auras often make excellent teachers as they know how to inspire others.

People with green auras also find it easy to balance the different facets of their life such as their work life, social life and home life. As well as their physical state and their spiritual state.

The only draw back of having a green aura is that you're prone to experiencing ego related issues such as jealousy and envy.

To prevent yourself from feeling envious of others, try to list 10 things that you're genuinely grateful for before you go to sleep each night. So that you train your mind to focus on gratitude instead of toxic emotions such as jealousy.


Those with blue auras tend to spiritually gifted. A lot of individuals with blue auras are empaths as they are kind, generous and sensitive.

Due to their traits most people with blue auras are loyal to a fault and are deserving of the trust that people give them.

Interestingly enough individuals with blue auras tend to prize relationships and human connection above all else and are inspired by the idea of connecting with other people on a deep, spiritual, emotional level.

If you believe that you may have a blue aura, just be sure to monitor your mood as it's easy for those with blue auras to feel depressed or upset.

If you know that you are easily upset or often feel moody for no reason, taking time to meditate on your own will help you quickly improve your mood.


If you're fortunate enough to have a violet aura, it's highly likely that you're divinely guided at all times by your spirit guides.

As an added bonus, you may be spiritually sensitive and to pick up spiritual signs from your spirit guides. Those with violet auras are often described as being slightly mysterious and it's not unusual for individuals with violet auras to have a magical quality about their spirit.

People with violet auras are likely to see themselves as humanitarians. If you have a violet aura you may be a visionary, with big ideas on how to change the world.

As there are unique strengths and weaknesses associated with each different color aura, if you have a violet aura make sure to stay grateful and humble and to avoid becoming arrogant.


If you often have your head in the clouds and have been told that you're a daydreamer you may have a lavender aura.

Individuals with lavender auras have many innate gifts and are usually intelligent, imaginative and creative. If you identify with having a lavender aura you're more likely to continue making life altering decisions and switching your life path over the years.

For example you may end up following several different career paths instead of continuing to work in the same industry.

If you have a lavender aura and are gentle and sensitive, it's a great idea to work on developing your self esteem so that don't fall to pieces when you're not treated with respect.

As while those with lavender auras are careful about the way that they treat others, not everyone extends them the same kindness and those with lavender auras often feel hurt by those that they care about.


It's pretty simple to tell if you have an indigo aura as those with indigo auras hold themselves to higher ideals than their peers and are extremely principled.

So if you live your life by your own moral code, you could have an indigo aura.

Most individuals who have indigo auras are peaceful and non judgement and are well liked by their friends, family members and colleagues.

Despite the fact that those with indigo auras are likely to enjoy spending time alone, in order to focus on their spiritual quest to obtain higher knowledge.

If you have an indigo aura it's highly likely that your primary motivation in life is to courageously follow your inner guidance and your higher truth.


A low percentage of individuals have white auras. If you have a white aura you have an unusually pure spirit and have innate wisdom about the universe, which you may be guided to share with the world.

Individuals white white auras aren't motivated by wealth, fortune or fame and are strongly drawn to spiritual arts such as meditation, manifesting and tarot reading.

In fact, if you have a white aura your soul mission may involve accessing spiritual wisdom which you can use to help mankind evolve. Lastly, those with white auras usually have opened up their third eye chakra and can easily connect to their higher self.

In conclusion:

If you are interested in finding out more information about your spirit's attributes and life purpose hopefully you find the aura colors guide which is listed above enlightening.

As your aura color can provide you with valuable insight into who you are at your core. Just remember, that as you grow and evolve it's possible for your aura to change color. 

This may happen if you've learned all you can from one part of your life and are about to go through a spiritual transformation.

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