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April 19

Interview With A Spiritual Technician, Audie Rose

Audie Rose Interview

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Audie from  Audie is an empathic, intuitive, spiritual life coach and is here to offer some sound spiritual guidance and wisdom to walk you through your rough times.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Peace, peace everyone.

My name is Autumn, but I go by Audie.

I am a life coach and a spiritual technician.

My goal is to help you find clarity in your situations and to help you become unstuck.

When did you first realize you had special or unique abilities?

Looking back, I've always seemed to have the ability to see through to others true intentions, but it wasn't until after I got out of the military did I accept my gifts and try to hone them.

From a little girl, my grandma always encouraged me to see beyond what was being said and done.

She was a Scorpio Moon like me and seemed to be the only person who understood me.

She gave back to the community and helped wherever she could.

She loved astronomy, astrology and all things angels.

She also had a passion for dream interpretation and numbers.

We had a special connection. She always told me to embrace my strengths. All of that rubbed off on me.

I'm all about encouragement and infinite possibilities. I'm actively learning how to make my life better and I love sharing the knowledge.

When did you know that it was your calling, and what inspired you to start your business?

It was after my military career did I truly accept myself.

In 2012 I was still scared to tell people that I love things metaphysical and astrological, so I continued to learn and study in private.

In 2015, I decided to go public and professional.

Going to the military was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.

I was stuck in my hometown and I knew I was destined for much better than I was allowing for myself.

I took the opportunity to go through the fire of military life to have a better existence.

It was the hardest /worst time of my life, but I'm better for it.

I was so close to death in my mind that all I had left was myself and the Universe.

Getting the help I needed has increased my ability to help others.

The Universe has opened up to me here in Virginia Beach and now I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am loved and protected and have a job to do here on this earth.

What is the most popular type of reading with your clients?

My Destined for Greatness Reading is my most popular reading service.

It seems to cut to the core of what people are going through and gives the answer to what's most pressing in people's lives.

I'm able to get creative and utilize all my gifts for the client during this 3 part service.

I get to dabble in tarot, astrology and get to make videos!!!

It's a fun time for me and a helpful service for others.

Could you explain the difference between tarot card and oracle card readings?

Audie Rose's Tarot Tecks

To me, there's not much difference in the way you go about getting answers from the two decks of cards.

And to be honest, the way they're making beautiful oracle and tarot decks nowadays, they seem to compliment each other very well.

I have close to 100 decks and I love them all for different reasons.

They're able to tell a complete story when they're used together.

How have things changed for you during the pandemic, and how have you adjusted?

In 2020, my business as a psychic entertainer did very well.

I had my safety glass available as well as my masks, of course.

The beautiful homes and places I was invited to gave me an entire space to myself to set up, which made the experience so much better.

In 2021, I had to redirect my attention to my home as my sewer line collapsed and we had to dig up our entire downstairs floor. (You can read about it on my Dear Audie blog on my website. )

It was truly the Tower card made manifest. I'm writing books and journals now, since my house is in disorder.

Hopefully by April 15th everything will be back to normal and I can get back out there bringing insight to people and have an office again.

Any parting words of advice for our readers in these troubling times?

I just want to remind everyone that we are ALL going through this time of upheaval and transformation together. In a lot of ways, we are all getting what we wished/ask/needed.

I hope as Spring blossoms right in front of our eyes that we all take time to appreciate all the new beginnings coming our way.

Keywords for April... Be encouraged and grateful.

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