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April 4

How to Astral Project, Astral Projection Guide

How to Astral Project

Have you ever wanted to have an out-of-body experience and to travel beyond the confines of your body?

If so, you may be interested in learning how to astral project.

Believe it or not, regardless of psychic abilities one does or does not have, everyone has the innate ability to astral project and with practice, learning how to astral project through meditation or through your dreams is a realistic goal.

What is astral projection:

When you practice astral projection, your consciousness will leave your physical body and can travel to other places and points in time.

Not only can you astral project to different locations around the world but you can also travel to different dimensions.

Although, it's best to start off with traveling to destinations that you know well and have visited on numerous occasions.

How to astral project:

Practice meditation on a daily basis:

If you're a first-timer, it's a wise idea to practice meditation on daily basis, in order to learn how to focus and calm your mind.

In order to astral travel successfully, you'll need to get in a focused, trance-like state.

Even if you lead a busy lifestyle, if you take a few minutes out of each day to meditate, over time you should find it easier to focus and to drown out the distractions of the physical world which will allow you to astral travel.

If you have little experience with meditation, it's a great idea to listen to guided meditation sessions, which will teach you the fundamentals of meditation.

This will help you get more out of your solo meditation sessions.

When you first start practicing meditation, you may find it hard to block out noises from the world around you such as birds chirping, the wind or cars driving past your house.

  • So, to focus your mind, pay attention on slowly breathing in and out. 
  • Make sure to notice the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out.
  • To get into a relaxed state, you may also want to try holding your breath for several seconds before slowly exhaling for several seconds which will decrease your heart rate.

Have a clear destination in mind:

Astral travel meditation

Once you're comfortable with meditating and cutting your mind off from the physical world, you'll be ready to use your meditation skills in order to astral travel.

As this point in time, you should have a clear destination in mind.

In order to astral travel, your consciousness needs to know where it is going.

For your first astral travel experience, it's a wise idea to try to travel to the location of a close family member or friend.

As you'll be able to focus on their energy in order to visit them and it's easier to astral travel to locations which you've visited on numerous occasions.

As an example, imagine that you're going to astral travel to your grandma's house.

  1. Close your eyes and focus on the front door to her house. imagine that you are actually standing outside her house.
  2. Notice how it's the same time of day, that it is in your physical reality.
  3. Notice the small details of the front of your grandmother's house such as the color of her door and the plants which are in her garden.
  4. Relive the feeling that you experience each time that you're standing on her front porch.
  5. Next, open the door in front of you and walk into her home.
  6. Pay attention the smells, sights, and sounds that tell you that you're standing in your grandma's lounge.

Practice connecting with a loved one while you're traveling:

Using the example of astrally traveling to your grandma's house, once your consciousness has successfully left your physical body and has traveled to your grandma's house, try to connect with your grandma's spirit.

Instead of projecting where you think your grandma will be, such as in the kitchen or in the garden, simply wander her house in your mind until you find her. As if you focus on your grandma's scent and aura, you may be able to connect with both her physical body and her consciousness.

For example, once you locate your grandma, tell her to ring you. In order to make sure that she gets the message, speak slowly and connect your energy with your grandma's energy.

If your mission is successful, your grandma will call you in the next 10 minutes as on a 5D level, her higher self will have communicated with your spirit and is well aware that you'd like her to call you.

Use physical objects to strengthen your energetic link to your chosen destination.:

astral projection

If you're having difficulty with astral travel, you may find that you're able to strengthen your energetic link to specific places and people using physical objects which are tied to each destination or person.

As an example, if you want to astrally visit your grandma's house you may want to hold a photo of her which is taken in her current home, while you astral travel.

Alternatively, if you want to visit an overseas location which you visited on a special family trip, you may want to hold a souvenir from your trip, to strengthen your energetic link with the destination which you've chosen.

Try meditating in the dark:

meditating in dark room

Many people find it easier to astrally travel while they're lying in the dark. As it's far easier to forget about the limitations of your physical body if you can't see your physical body.

You should also find it far easier to stay in the 5D world if you're in the dark and there are no distractions that could pull you out of the 5D world back into your physical body.

Consider listening to special audio recordings which aid astral projection:

woman in headphones listening music with closed eyes.

Many beginners find that it's useful to listen to special audio recordings which have been created to aid astral projection, which is recorded at specific audio frequencies which can make your brain more open to allowing your consciousness to leave your physical body.

If you're interested in listening to free audio recordings, it's well worth visiting YouTube. Where you'll find countless videos which you may find useful.

Create an intention to astrally travel while you sleep:

Another way to astrally travel is to try and travel while you sleep. You may find it helpful to purchase an astral travel journal, in which you can write the destinations of the places that you want to travel to or the names of the people that you want to visit.

As your subconscious mind will remember what you write down, right before you go to sleep. If you astrally travel during your dreams, make sure to make notes about your trips in your astral travel journal. You may even want to place your journal underneath your pillow, to increase your chances of being able to successfully astral travel.

Sleep or meditate with a crystal in your hand:

Many people have success with astral projection by meditating or sleeping with a crystal in their hand.

There are specific crystals that can help you unlock your innate ability to astral travel.

Some key examples of which include sapphire, amethyst, and red jasper all of which are readily available online or from your nearest crystal store.

If you don't have much luck astral traveling with a crystal in your hand you may want to place a small, smooth crystal on your third eye.

Opening Your Third Eye

When your third eye is activated you're able to access your subconscious and your higher self, which will allow you to astral travel with ease.

What are some of the major benefits of astral travel?

Being able to astral travel is useful in order to connect with important people in your life as you'll be able to connect to the energy of loved ones who you haven't seen in a long time.

You can even use astral travel in order to meet and communicate with your twin flame before you meet them in the physical realm.

Some individuals even use astral travel to reunite with loved ones who have passed on. Alternatively, you may just enjoy being able to astral travel without your physical body as a form of relaxation.

For example, if you're ultra stressed you can astral travel to Waikiki Beach in order to return to your body feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of everyday life.

Another key reason to practice astral projection is to be able to form stronger bonds with your higher self and to evolve as a spiritual being.

Instead of being confined to your physical body for your entire life.

The more often that you practice astral projection, the stronger the rest of your innate spiritual powers will become.

For example, you may find that you're able to receive more psychic insights in your dreams as a result of awakening your spiritual gifts.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have been curious about whether you had the power inside you to successfully travel outside of your body, it's well worth practicing meditation as well as lucid dreaming in order to focus your mind enough to astral travel to any destination or realm of your choosing. 

As everyone has the innate ability to astral travel and with practice, astral travel will become second nature.

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