Angel Number 55 Meaning, Why Do You Keep Seeing it?

Angel Number 55 Meaning, Why Do You Keep Seeing It?

Are you seeing the angel number 55 everywhere you go, and maybe wonder what's going on and what it means?

  • Maybe you're seeing $x.55 on your coffee receipt for your morning coffee.
  • Perhaps You keep seeing 55 on your clock.
  • Maybe you were stuck in traffic behind a car with 55 on their license plate.

Regardless, you're in luck, this is a very common number to see and in this post, I'll be giving a very detailed overview of the meanings and symbolism intended by the angels in sending the angel number 55.

Certain forces are operating around us - rarely seen but deeply felt. Forces that are an extension of the heavenly and divine realm.

These forces cannot affect our world physically, they cannot make us do anything against our will.

All they do is try their best to guide away from pain and danger and into happiness and enlightenment.

There is a name for these forces: Angels. These angels, ascended and divine beings, try to communicate us important truths and words of wisdom to help us lead the best life possible.

For those who know how to read angel numbers, they can hear the echo of the vibrations that permeate all things. These vibrations carry the messages from the divine.

If you keep seeing angel number 55, a number of great meaning and importance, then the guardian angels looking after you have a few things to say.

If you are willing and ready to decode it, you can unlock insight into how best to lead your life and deal with the challenges you face.

By the end of this article, you're going to learn:

  • The 3 MAIN Meanings of this number
  • What it means spiritually, and in numerology
  • WHY you keep seeing it, and what you should do

3 Diving Messages From Angel Number 55

There are times to play life cautiously and times to let loose and take life by storm. Often in the media, we see things that are designed to scare us and keep us from doing what we love.

We fear taking our life into our own hands for free of losing our job, security, and status in society.

There is an old saying that goes "the brave may not live long, but the cautious do not live at all".

If you keep seeing angel number 55, then the vibrations are telling of a need to make positive life choices.

The time has come for you to be curious and adventurous, to break the mold, and have the drive to do things that make you happy for a change.

Your guardian angel wants you to be happy and free from the shackles that restrict you from carrying out your soul's mission.

As a Master number - a number that carries a higher frequency of vibration than other two-digit numbers - the angel number 55 relates to determination and fearlessness. 

The people who resonate with this number are usually headstrong and adventurous, they crave experiences and would like to see as much of the world as possible.

If you keep seeing this angel number, then there is a strong chance you are either one of those who resonate with the Angel number 55 or you are in a position in your life that requires more freedom and willingness to be brave.

Listen intently to your guardian angel. In sending you a Master Number, the Ascended Masters are looking to you to be greater than your current self.

1.) The Meaning of 55 in Love

Angel Number &  Love

Concerning love, the angel number 55 and the people who resonate with it can be quite complicated.

Opposition is seen with the two aspects of your personality. The balance will be needed in order to come into harmony with their loved ones.

The people who resonate with this angel number are usually great communicators and are very understanding.

You are not afraid to open up and share your trouble with them for they have seen and experienced all kinds of things. This worldly attitude makes them the most mature of partners.

On the other hand though, if you see the Angel number 55, it might mean something other than an affirmation by the angel of your great communication skills.

People who resonate with the Angel number 55 have a hard time settling down. They have a fear of marriage or anything that binds them permanently.

It might also extend to a fear of moving in with someone or compromising a part of their own freedom to make their partners happy.

Your adventurous nature might be what's preventing you from taking the next step in the relationship with your partner.

And you should also keep in mind the day might come when your partner will grow impatient and frustrated with your aversion to commitment.

Though you might want to experience more things before settling down, marriage or the like is not something to be avoided.

Marry at the right time but also know that marriage is just another adventure - an adventure taken with the person who has supported and loved you throughout your relationship.

2.) Meaning of 55 in Work

Meaning of Angel numbers in Work

Like in a relationship, your work life might be making you feel fearful of losing the freedom and adventure you so desire out of life.

If your work is unfulfilling, then it is inevitable that your spiritual health also suffers as you labor day-in-day-out for a cause you are not passionate about.

The angels see this and might be sending you the Angel number 55 to let you know that it's ok to let go.

You are allowed to take risks in life and one of the most important risks one can take is pursuing one's dreams.

If your job does not give you the satisfaction you need to stay motivated, then it's high time you find a job that does.

On the other hand, it might also be a sign that your angel wants you to bring your unique ideas and free spirit out into the workplace.

Perhaps instead of leaving, you can turn your unfulfilling job into one that actually feels worthwhile.

You are bright and creative and if you let that out, both to your co-workers and/or superiors, then there's a chance things might turn around.

Either way, the message is to be yourself and do work that feels right to you. Take chances and make the most of the gift called life.

3.) Meaning of 55 in your Spiritual Life

Meaning of Angel Number in Spirituality

It can be easy to feel like you're having your spirit stifled by the world. In this day and age, everything seems to be set up in order to make profits and serve material gains.

It can feel like we are nothing but pawns in a large game made up of less than rewarding things.

As one who is affected by the angel number 55, you feel these restrictions more acutely than others. Your naturally free and active spirit is being chained and held down by the numerous obligations and requirements the world and other people demand of you.

Guardian angels seek to keep us pure and in the best state of mind. They hate to see us less than happy with our current predicament in life.

That is why the Ascended Masters send you this Angel number. They are looking to remind you of who you are and what you need to do to achieve your soul's purpose.

Seeing this Angel number means you must meditate and think hard about the things that are restraining your spirit.

See if they are valid or not and decide on the things you can cut out of your life. Sacrifices made now will mean rewards in the future - rewards prepared by the divine for all those who deserve it.

Symbolism of Angel Number 55

To more easily decode the meanings of an angel number, you must understand what each digit means.

Then learn what they mean as a combination. Then internalize the messages that come to the surface after reading beyond the symbolism.

Meaning of Number 5

The angel number 5 hold great importance symbolically in relation to Angelic numerology.

The number 5 represents bravery and fearlessness. For those who see it, don't take life for granted but seek to make the most out of all its offerings.

On the 5th day, it is told in Genesis that God created the birds in the sky and fish in the sea.

The noble animals are well known for their ability to roam the earth and live freely. Creatures that call the whole globe their domain.

If you resonate with this number, then you are such a creature. Your spirit longs to be free to roam and see all that it can in the time that you have.

A consequence of this thought might be your inability to focus your energy on a single task until reaching the end goal.

Number 55

As a master number, the implications of the angel number 5 are doubles exponentially. This is also the case with Angel number 555 or 5555. The angel is placing emphasis and stress on the importance of your understanding and internalizing the meaning.

Your spirit needs to be unleashed and applied to the situation you find yourself in. Doing so will lead to a ton of benefits - some you might not foresee right now.

Life has a way of making our step towards uncomfortable territory worth it. So no matter in what situation you find yourself, if you apply the lessons of the angel number 55, the angels will reward you accordingly.

The Significance of the Number 55

There are several interesting facts about the Angel number 55 that lend credibility to its interpretation as an angel number.

For alchemists, for instance, believe that its double nature lends to its two-sided meaning. For them, Angel Number 55 represents opposing forces trying to achieve balance.

In chemistry, the Angel number is the periodic number for the element caesium - used in compounds to make optical glass and used as drilling fluids in the petroleum industry.

What To Do If You See The Number 55?

What to do If you se Angel Numbers

When you see this number repeatedly, try not to assume that it's simply a coincidence. It can be shown in anything from magazine covers, clocks, billboards, or ads.

When you see Angel number 55 you must think hard about what it could be referring to. Your guardian angel does not send you messages without importance or purpose.

Take some time in the day to meditate on what in your life requires the influence brought by the angel number 55.

It might be so that your work life, love life, or spirituality is restricting you from your true self.

Your heart and mind are suffering from the shackles holding it down. You must take the step to rectify this either by being open about your needs or cutting the negativity from your life altogether.

Doing so is encouraged by your guardian angel as it is the best thing for you in the long run.

If you are to achieve your fullest potential and do what you were put on the earth to do. You must be able to be your free, adventurous, and experience-hungry self to truly find what makes you happy.

Alternatively, you might already be a free spirit and pursue all your fancies without apprehension.

In cases like this, the angel number 55 might be a reminder for you to stay grounded on the core of your goals.

Having a fount of experiences and wisdom is all fine and well, but do not let it distract you from working hard to get the things that offer stability and lasting happiness.

Seeing Angel Number 55 might be that you are losing sight of what matters in your work, love, or neglecting your spiritual health. Try not to go overboard with the fun and stay in touch with the ideals your angel exemplifies.

Final Thoughts

We all long to see and feel everything possible. We see the lives led in movies and hope to have our own be as exciting and dangerous as the heroes on film.

Although we can't do everything as we see it in the movies, there is no reason why we can't live life to the fullest see be the heroes of our own stories. Take charge of your life and make great choices.

Your guardian angel wants you to be the best version of yourself possible. You, like all of us, are born with the capacity for greatness that must not go unused.

The angel number 55, a Master Number, to say the least, is shown to those who have it in them to achieve greatness and lead a most remarkable life.

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