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April 29

Angel Number 123 Meaning, Why Do You Keep Seeing It?

Angel Number 123 Meaning

Are You Seeing The Angel Number 123 Everywhere You Go?

  • Perhaps you're seeing in on a street sign.
  • Maybe you were stuck in a traffic jam and saw it on a cars license plate.
  • Perhaps you notice 1:34 on the clock every day
  • Maybe your morning coffee was $1.34

Well, regardless of when or how you're seeing it, it's important to know that the angels are trying to communicate with you and send you a (positive) message!

As you likely know now (because you searched for info on this and found my blog!), some numbers exist that imply more than just numerical value.

These numbers appear to you repeatedly in a span of time and you are unsure if that is for a reason or just to write it off as a coincidence.

Deep inside your heart and soul, you know that it is more than just a simple accident that these numbers keep popping up.

These are angel numbers. Numbers that are sent to us by the Ascended Masters whose purpose is to watch over you and guide you through life's difficulties.

You must know the meaning of Angel number 123 in order to grasp what your guardian angel is trying so hard to relay. In these numbers are the message that carries the potential to make your life better.

The angel number 123 is one such number. It is a number that is sent to you by your angels for a highly important reason.

Knowing what it means, what it symbolizes, can better help you to internalize the message and apply you as needed to your life.

What is the meaning of Angel Number 123?

It has been stated that angel numbers are more than just numbers. They are the frequencies of vibrations emanated by the divine.

These vibrations are carried over time and space like ripples in a disturbed pond. Decoding the vibrations can lead you to the intentions of the ones who sent it - your guardian angel.

The angel number 123 bears with it a significant message of starting fresh and going about the process inherent to all things that lead to success.

Angel number 123 that tells you that you must be willing to take it slowly and really on your innate human talents and abilities to achieve success. There is no other, easier route to take to get the things you want.

The angels watching you wants you to know that life is not a linear path to greatness. There are road bumps and setbacks and that's ok.

Your guardian angel does not want you to fall into the traps set by the media about people who achieve greatness or wealth without hard work.

True success is earned from hard work and the honing of your own talents.

If you put in the work and give 100% of your energy all the time, then there is nothing stopping the heavens from opening the flood gates of rewards and prizes.

Your life will become richer, fulfilling, and inspirational if you go about the attainment of success the right way.

Some other common Angel Numbers beginning with 1 are: Angel Number 1234, Angel Number 1222, Angel Number 1122, Angel Number 11, Angel Number 1010, Angel Number 1212 and of course Angel Number 11, Angel Number 111, and Angel Number 1111

What Does Number 123 Say About Love?

Angel Numbers and Love

Depending on the current situation, the angel number 123 can mean different things for love.

If you are in a stable long-term relationship, then the angel number 123 is a sign that you need to do something to refresh your relationship and keep it exciting.

Inject some new romance in order to maintain the bond you both share and make it even stronger.

If you are one of those people who find that their relationships end shortly after it's started, maybe you need to reevaluate how you go about those relationships.

Think hard and be honest to yourself about what it is exactly that you lack and work on that. It is never easy to admit to oneself the shortcomings one has in the ending of a relationship but doing so is important.

No one is perfect and by admitting the ways you are not, you allow yourself to grow and become a better part of the person you end up with in the future.

Self-honesty is a very attractive quality for those looking for long-term relationships.

If you are single and keep seeing the Angel number 123, it might be that someone special is about to come your way.

Prepare yourself for the right person to enter your life and be sure you are mature enough emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to receive that person.

This could potentially be the relationship to last your lifetime so long as you are willing to be honest, communicate, and genuinely want to make your future partner happy.

What Does 123 Say About Your Job Or Career?

Angel Numbers and Carrer

Stagnation in the workplace is really one of the hardest things to deal with in terms of one's professional life. It really isn't that different from a relationship that has lost some of its romance.

You feel that you are in a position where it just does not do anything for you anymore or you are not being rewarded for the effort that you feel deserves the promotion.

The angels sees this and sends the Angel number 123 to point out one of two courses of action: either you quit and start fresh doing something you actually care about or find a way to make your current job pleasurable again to you.

Only you can know which of the two the best route to take is.

What matters most is that you feel spiritually and emotionally satisfied with your decision. Sometimes we need to work to pay the bills.

This leads us to put up with a job that does nothing for our souls if not harms it. You angels might be sayings it's time to work on your true purpose here on earth and start something new.

It could also be that you are doing the work that you love but you are at a loss at how to move forward and make it better. This is where perhaps some retraining can help. 

Perhaps you can also bring in fresh ideas and new practices to your job to make it more enjoyable or get past that barrier of stagnation. Doing so will get things back on track and might even impress the boss.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 123?

Spiritual Meaning of Angel Numbers

In terms of your inner self, the angel watching over you says that the neglect of your soul's purpose has gone on for long enough.

You must take some time to step back and reassess your life. Make decisions that are beneficial for you in the long run for a change.

Do this instead of seeking instant gratification or trying so hard to please others.

It might be scary to drop the things and people who are causing harm to us emotionally and/or spiritually. It could also be hard to step outside one's comfort zone.

That being said, you need to focus on what's good for you, and that in turn will help you be a positive presence for others.

Only by caring for yourself can you begin to know how to care for others. In that, you must take time to meditate more and relax.

Detach yourself from overbearing concerns and try to get the negative emotions out of your system.

Talk about it with a friend, family member, or partner. Stay away from unhelpful patterns of thought and incessant worries.

Symbolism of Angel number 123

A lot has been said concerning the meaning of angel number 123 in different aspects of your life.

To fully understand why one arrives at these interpretations as well as know-how to ready other angel numbers, you must look into the symbolic meaning of each digit of the angel number 123 according to angelic numerology.

Angel Number 1

This is a significant angelic number for it indicates new beginnings and starting new adventures. It is the day God decided to create the universe.

For this, it can also mean the illumination of a new path to take or the adoption of a new mindset in life. This number is shown as a foretelling of a need for reinvention or of a change that must occur shortly.

Along with new beginnings, angel number 1 also tells of taking leadership - either of other people or of one's own life. It is the steering of your own life towards new and rewarding things.

It takes real leadership to be able to handle change and weather the storms that can come in life.

Meaning of Angel Number 2

In Angel number 123, 2 tells of the duality and opposing forces that balance each other out. It is an indicator of the equilibrium that we see in nature and in the universe.

Because of this, it is a strong vibration of communication, the reconciliation of differences, and of partnership. It is an angel number that hints at finding the balance in all things in life.

This angel number says to communicate with others and with yourself. Do not think that everything is at odds with you but instead see those supposedly opposite things as complimentary. After all, the moon is not the enemy of the sun.

Be open and honest with others and with yourself. Doing so can only be beneficial as it will minimize conflict and provide you different perspectives in life.

This makes you more mature and better well-rounded too as a person.

Meaning of Number 3 in Numerology

The number three is the number of creativity and the natural abilities we are all gifted with. It tells of the emancipation of your own self from the restrictions found in the world around us.

The number 3 in an angel number usually hints at the importance of allowing the inner creator inside of you to come out and affect the situation you are in.

This creativity can prove very beneficial at work, in love, or in the general pursuit of your own happiness. Your creativity and ability to express are but an extension of your soul.

The angel watching over you is trying to get you to let out some of that to give your spirit some space to move.

The Number 123

Now that each of the angel number's digits has been thoroughly looked at, we can now begin to look at the meaning of the angel number 1234 as a whole.

It is clear that the angels, who seeks to guide you and show you the way, is trying to tell you that in order to achieve the success you must go about the steps set out by the angel number.

You need to start fresh if need be, do not be afraid to communicate with others around you and with yourself, and most of all is your natural creative self.

This could ably to anything in your life but it should follow those specific steps.

Success is a road paved by hard work and dedication - not by being something you're not or hiding the part of your soul that's a little weird but deeply creative.

Let this part of yourself out and you'll not only be happier, but more successful for it.

What To Do If You See 123?

What to do when you see Angel numbers

An angel number can come out anywhere and at any time. Anywhere there are numbers an angel number can be shown.

If you keep seeing  angel number 123 then, armed with the knowledge of what it means, the path ahead is clear.

Your guardian angel wants you to look inwards and think hard on what is it in your life that could do with a little revamping.

Usually, people know the right ways ones looking up the meaning of an angel number what aspect of their life the angels is referring to.

It's essential to identify the area concerned in order to know what actions to take specifically.

After you have identified the part of your life the angels wishes you to address, it's then time to address it accordingly.

Think about how you can improve this part of your life: whether it's your work life, love life, or overall spiritual health.

Do the main steps laid out by the angels in sending you the angel number 123: start fresh if you need to or take back control of the situation, communicate openly and honestly about your wants and needs, and use your inner creativity to work out the best solution.

Final Thoughts

Change is never easy. As hard it is to understand fully the wishes and plans of the divine, executing those wishes and plans can be even harder.

Know that the angels only wants what's best for you in sending the angel number 123. Be strong in the knowledge that you are not alone.

You have a friend to help you in the hard but fulfilling path called life.

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