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Yasmin Cunha - Founder

Medium Finder founder Yasmin Cunha  is an internationally recognized Psychic Medium who also works as a spiritual counselor, life coach and inspirational speaker. 
Yasmin Cunha Psychic

Yasmin has appeared on TV in Brazil, Portugal and India. Yasmin's deep connection to Spirit Guides, Angels and other divine entities enables her to offer psychic readings that are both insightful and empowering for the client.

Yasmin was born with an inherent ability to communicate with those who have passed away.

Within seconds of meeting someone new she will be able to connect with them psychically by reading their energy field or aura which surrounds them like an inner light body. 

This allows her see or sense what they might not consciously know about themselves even though it may be playing out in their lives at the time being.

While she is NOT actively working with new clients or giving readings at this moment, her website is full of helpful information for those who may be seeing answers.  

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